Fun Halloween Recipes

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Fun Halloween Recipes

Pumpkin Marshmallows

Large marshmallows
Lollipop sticks*
Orange melting chocolates wafers

Put a stick in each marshmallow and place on a cookies sheet that is covered with wax paper; freeze. While they are freezing, melt chocolate according to directions on package. Dip in chocolate and place back on cookie sheet setting on bottom or with stick in the air.You can decorate them any way you like.

  • You can find lollipop sticks in the cake decorating/craft section at Wal-Mart and stores like that.
  • These marshmallow treats can be made for other holidays using different colored chocolate; red for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day, pastels for Easter or red, white and blue for the Fourth of July.
  • White chocolate can be colored by adding gel or powdered food coloring, but not liquid.
  • Buy your baking chocolate wafers after the holiday for next year. Baking chocolate keeps for ages.



Halloween Spiders

1 (12 oz) package chocolate chips
1 medium can chow mein noodles
1 package M & M’s

Melt chocolate chips. Stir in chow mein noodles. Drop by spoonfuls on to waxed paper and decorate M & M’s for eyes. You could save back some of the noodles for legs.


photo by: katerha


    • says

      Bea did you see the pumpkin and cake mix recipe? You posted the same one a few weeks back I think. I thought it looked familiar and we had it somewhere on the old website but couldn’t remember for sure. We have literally thousands of recipes and ideas and I lose track of them so often.

      Just this week some one said something about making their own enchilada sauce and I thought “I need to find a recipe for that” Duhhhh. Not only was it in with the article but we have a recipe in Dining. There are days when I wonder if my brain is even functioning at all.

      Anyway when you first mentioned this pumpkin cake mix recipe you said it was good. I didn’t know if you knew you could use different flavored cake mixes with it or not. This is such a good recipe now because pumpkin goes on sale for almost nothing this time of year so it is good to stock up.

      Plus speaking of marshmallows. Tawra found some this summer in Colorado when she was back there. They were huge about 2-3 times the size of a normal big marshmallow and they were unbelievably creamy. They were so cool. They were in a bag like normal ones and she found them at walmart but they said they were seasonal. What season I don’t know but they were so much fun so you might keep your eyes out for them.

  1. Bea says

    Jill, Yes I did see the pumpkin and cake mix recipe. In fact I made it last week in a bundt pan, and then made a glaze of confectioners sugar and also put about 6 candy corn candies on top to decorate it. It was so good. The candy corn I found in an outlet store, and I bought candy apple flavored ones and spicy pumpkin ones. They are so good and different. I also noticed some stores have chocolate candy corn too. Yummy. I think the next time I make the pumpkin cake I will try a chocolate cake mix. That should be real good. I also wanted to tell you that I forget too which recipe is where. I’m always thinking recipes, and it can get out of control sometimes, and that’s why we forget where they are. I get a lot of recipes from this site in addition to the ones in the cookbook, so sometimes I forget where to look. I’ve begun writing down some of the recipes right in the cookbook to know where they are. It helps. Also, I wanted to tell you that I was hungry for chocolate over the weekend, so I made the cooked fudge recipe from the cookbook. It is so good, and I had all the ingredients at home, so that made it easy. I didn’t have to buy anything. One more thing. I shared my peanut brittle with some friends and they said it’s the best they tasted EVER and want me to make more. Isn’t that great?

    • says

      Bea you wear me out you are so busy cooking. HA!HA! You had some really good ideas. The fudge in the book is good but we will be posting (I think on the 5th of Nov) my all time favorite fudge from my grandmother in law. It is sooooo easy too and creamy beyond belief. When we first wrote the book we didn’t use all of my favorite recipes because we felt some of them had too expensive ingredients in them but we have since found out what I think is expensive and the normal world does is two different things so we are now posting my favorites more often.

  2. Bea says

    Jill, I like to cook and bake, and have been trying a lot of recipes since it’s gotten cooler, because for about 3 months it just was too darn hot and humid to want to, so I’m making up for lost time. Also, I’ve been trying recipes so I can see how they turn out, because it’s not a good idea to want to make a food gift, until you see if you can make the recipe to begin with. Waiting to the last minute to prefect your technique for me is not a good idea. I want my Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts to be great, so I’m practicing now and eating and sharing the results. I really will be looking forward to that creamy fudge recipe. Can’t wait! I love creamy fudge.

    • says

      I’m the same way. No cooking until it cools down. I have been dying to bake some cinnamon rolls this week but Tawra and Mike are out of town which means I would have to eat the whole pan by myself with no one to share with. I’m sure that would be torture having to eat them all by myself. HA!HA!

      You are so right to practice this stuff first. I even tell everyone who has not done a turkey dinner before to do a trial run with a chicken, stuffing, gravy etc. a few weeks before thanksgiving.

  3. barb~ says

    I love your recipes that only need a very few ingredients. I can’t wait to get pumpkin at cheap prices in the next couple of weeks. You’re right-gotta stock up!
    One of my easiest holiday candy is a recipe from my mother in law. She just called it “candy”, but really it is toffee, like Heath Bars. You only need:
    1 1/2 sticks butter or margarine
    1 c. sugar
    Combine in heavy skillet and cook over high heat, stirring constantly.
    Wait til it turns dark brown, or toffee colored, and pour quickly out onto a pan. Spread out evenly. Scatter a handful, or more of chocolate chips on top. When soft, spread over candy. Cool til hard, and break in pieces.
    I make this often and would like to sell it at holiday time. What do think I could charge for a batch?

  4. Bea says

    Jill, Those cinnamon rolls sound so good. I love cinnamon rolls. Did you ever put marshmallow cream on cinnamon toast? It’s so good. I bought some cinnamon bread at Price Rite and toasted it, and then put marshmallow fluff on it. With a cup of coffee, good for breakfast, or a snack. Also Barb, just go online and search out prices for candy to see what they sell for, or visit a candy shop. That should give you some idea of the going prices. Which are usually pretty high, unfortunately.

    • says

      No I haven’t tried marshmallow cream on cinnamon toast but I bet it would be good. Marshmallow cream on almost anything is yummy. Oh by the way the fudge recipe I mentioned has marshmallow cream in it. Yum.

  5. Lauren says

    Great idea to first freeze that marshmallows before dipping them in the chocolate! I love Halloween Recipes because they are so creative. I love making all of the cute little treats for my kids and see them enjoying them. I work with Better Recipes so I am always reviewing recipes but I think I love Halloween the best because there are so many great ideas out there, from the really complex and involved to the really simple and quick.

  6. rose says

    those halloween spiders recipe? .. i make those .. but i use butterscotch chips and the chow mein crunchy noodles .. i normally make those for christmas gifts too ..

    and who doesnt like chocolate covered marshmallows? .. we used to buy them at the store .. and evrey holiday had them but this yr i didnt see them at all .. its from the hershey brand .. so this yr .. the kids asked me to make some .. but i wasnt sure how to do it if the marshmallow melted from being dipped in the chocolate if its warm ..
    freeze them! .. thanks for the idea lauren .. i really do appreciate it ..

    they want rice krispie treats too but for the life of me, mine come out horrible .. the alredy made one from the box comes out better tasting .. ehhehee . …

  7. Monette says

    The pumpkin muffin recipe sounds great, but I am a little confused. Do I just add pumpkin to the cake mix, no eggs, oil, anything? Thanks! I really love pumpkin and want to try this with my grandbabies.

    • says

      Yes you just add the pumpkin and nothing else. It is a little like the recipe where you use just one can of pop to a cake mix and bake. Now the dough will be just a little thicker so don’t panic if it looks different.

  8. Monette says

    Thanks so much, Jill. I can’t wait to try it. I have just recently found out about your site and now I am finding so many ideas to help with our frugal lifestyle. I think I need to get your recipe book!

  9. rose says

    but the muffins are sooooo delish . my daughter made these with just the pumpkn and chocolate chips . and she told me they came out great ..
    i just use the pumpkin to the cake mix and just top with cream cheese frosting ..
    the house smells wonderful and with a nice hot cup of tea, its a nice treat ..
    and its pureed pumpkin i use (not the can of pumpkin pie) ..
    thought i would share

  10. Donna B. says

    I tried an experiment over the weekend. Used a carrot cake mix, skipped the oil, used the 2 eggs, the water( a little less than the directions said) and used a container of that greek yogurt. It came out really dense but good. next time I would use the pineapple flavor. like the greek stuff when on sale, fills me up longer and 15 grams of protein. Had company and they liked it with cream cheese frosting.

  11. Stacey says

    Awww, how did I miss the pumpkin cake recipe? I love pumpkin anything. I think I need to do a search to find it. hehe.

    • says

      Stacey we have a few pumpkin recipes but I think the cake one you are maybe talking about is where you take a spice cake mix and 1 small can of pumpkin and mix. The batter will be thick and it is a moist cake. Bake according to the directions on the back of the cake mix. Frost with cream cheese frosting.

      We have several pumpkin desserts too like our Pumpkin Crunch.

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