Tacos In a Bag Recipe

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Easy Tacos in a Bag Recipe

These easy tacos in a bag are so much fun for a kids, teens or adult party or a picnic for something easy and different. This is especially great for picky eaters because everyone can mix and match and make up their own bags. No plates needed or having to do a balancing act with your plates because you can easily hold and eat everything out of the bag.

Tacos in a Bag Recipe

Individual bags of Frito’s corn chips
Bowls of taco fixings like:

Lettuce, finely chopped
Tomatoes, finely chopped
Cheese, grated
Hamburger, cooked and crumbly and seasoned to taste
Onions, chopped
Olives, chopped
Taco sauces

Set out bowls of fixings and bags of corn chips. Each person takes a bag of corn chips, crushes the chips slightly with their hands then opens it and adds all the fixings they want right into the bag. Give them a fork and they are set to eat.



  1. Sam says

    Love this post! I’ve done something similar like this before, but instead of Fritos we use Doritos when we run out of tortillas and still have the taco fixings left. Can’t wait to try it with Fritos!

  2. Barbara says

    I remember these growing up. They used to call them Frito Pies when they were sold at church fund raising dinners. They also would sometimes use chili fixings (onion, cheese, and chili)over the Fritos.

  3. Betty says

    We did this for a fundraiser at work. at home I use tortilla chips in a bowl and add the toppings for a spoon friendly “taco”.

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