Cookie Bowl

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My son sent me this neat idea from – a cookie bowl.

Just turn a muffin tin upside down, grease it, press cookies dough around each muffin cup and then bake as usual. 

You can fill these with ice cream, pudding, mousse or even fill with candies for the different holidays. Use you imagination and go for it.




  1. Grandma says

    that is a great idea. fun and portion control all at the same time.
    I keep these small ideas and when I am stuck with what to do for a dinner I pull all or some of them out.

    mini quiches.
    mini sausage or weiner rolls.
    small potatoes pushed down topped with cheese and broiled.
    those little dipper dorito chips filled with taco stuff.
    mini chicken balls
    onion bits and blobs.
    you can make a meal from them or use them for appetizers for parties.
    keep them coming so I can add to my list.
    just wonder where these were when I still had teens at home.

  2. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    You can use a large bakeable glass or metal bowl to makes these. You can even cut stars out with cookie cutters and fill them with wrapped candies, nuts, whatever you have that looks nice.

    EXCELLENT inexpensive gift for someone who has everything.

  3. Maggie says

    I saw Melissa D’Arabian on the Food Network use muffin tins in a similar way. She cut the crusts off of white bread, rolled out the slice to make it flat and stuffed it inside a muffin cup to make a nice pastry. Then, she filled it with a bacon and egg mixture and baked. It looked great. I’ll bet you could use bread but put it on the bottom, like these cookies and get a nice crunchy pastry for holding lots of fillings. I am thinking that sprinkling the bread with cinnamon sugar and then adding something like a french toast batter might be lucious. Guess I’ll have to try that this weekend.


    Maggie, I think that bread’s tendentacy to retain its shape would force you to put it inthe muffin cup. It wouldn’t retain it’s shape you molded it to outside the cups. I’ve seen raw eggs cracked into them and backed. Looked yummy. I don’t know if french toast soaked bread would get done enough me for to want to eat. I wouldn’t cut the crust off though. I PAID for that crust so I’m eating it! Besides, my grandmom PROMISED that eating it would make my hair curly. It did! After only 51 years!

  5. Grandma says

    Grissly, if I had known it was the crusts that made curly hair I would have given them up years ago.
    I hated my curly hair because all the styles were for long straight hair and my short curly hair just won’t grow.
    So at 56 now I know the culprit but I like the crusts so I guess I am stuck.
    You can mould the bread into the cups using muffin cup papers and then toast them empty. take them out and fill with whatever you like.
    I have done it bread and filling together and the bread always seemed soggy. So I toasted them a bit in the oven first and then added the filling and they tasted much nicer.

  6. Ashley says

    So smart! You could scoop vanilla ice cream in them and then put the whole thing in the freezer. Your dessert would be ready, the guests could top them as desired, and everyone would think you were so smart and creative. :)

  7. Grandma says

    You remember the song by Sammy Davis Junior called Candyman.
    these cookies reminded me of it.
    the line where you can even eat the dishes.
    lots of foods now sort of have their own plates or bowls for serving.
    oh well aged myself well there didn’t I.
    have a good day.

  8. Bea says

    Jill, I just wanted to tell you that I made the oatmeal cookies from the cookbook a few times, and the last time I pressed a piece of leftover, cut up, chocolate Easter bunny, into each cookie after they came out of the oven and the warmth melted the chocolate just enough to stick and be gooey and yummy.

    • says

      Oh lemon curd pies would be so good. I imagine you could do pie crust or sugar cookies for this too. It called for cookies dough but I don’t know why a person couldn’t use pie crust. If that would work that would open up another whole world.

  9. Jelaine Zastrow says

    I like the bread slice flattened and shaped over the backside of cup. To keep it there why not try a canning ring or something similar dropped over the slice before baking. For savory ideas use bread like whole wheat or rye. etc.
    Make your own cookie dough recipes and roll into the size that will allow a slice to fit in or outside of a cup. Freeze til you need them.

  10. donnab says

    for a savory brunch idea, I’d toast the cups first, then put in a little scrambled egg mixture, a teeny bit of minced onion, then a tiny bit of deviled ham, then top with choice of grated cheese and bake til done. make ahead and keep in the freezer. no more buying those boxed hors d’oerves.!!

    • says

      You make them with cookie dough but turning any muffin tin upside down and molding the cookie dough around the cup part of the muffin tin. Muffin tins you can buy any where pans are sold.


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