Cleaning Rust Off Of A Sink

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Cleaning Rust On A Sink

From: Sarah R.

Hi Tawra and Jill!

First of all, I would like to say that I am a new wife and your tips and money saving tricks have been extremely helpful now that we are trying to make it on are own! So thank you!

My question is… I left an empty can in the sink and now there is a circle of rust. I have tried using baking soda and scrubbing the heck out of it but it didn’t even fade! Any ideas how I can get this stain out of my stainless steel sink?

Thanks so much!



Try Comet. I had one and it got it out of mine. If that doesn’t work Try CLR.


Let a paste of lemon juice and salt set on it over night and then gently rub.



  1. Anonymous says

    Bar Keeper’s Friend is a great rust remover on sinks. I even use it on my Corelle plates (my old dish washer had a few spots where the metal rack was rusting and if the plates touched it, they were marked forever).
    Thanks for your blog!

  2. ChrisM says

    I second the Bar Keeper’s friend. It works wonders. It will get metal marks off of a porcelain sink, rust off of toilets (from a can of air freshener) It is safe on stainless and will remove the rust. It’s great on stainless pots/pans if you want to shine them up again.

  3. Marcia says

    I have used either Comet or SOS pads with good results to get rid of rust. I have used a paste of baking soda and a lemon half to shine up my sink before (aside from the rust stain) and it works great. Not only gives it a nice buffed shine it also helps deodorize the drain when you flush it down!

    • says

      Yes I love Comet and most people don’t know you can use it on everything but glass and ceramic tiles. It is so much better then Bon Ami or Bartenders Keeper because it takes care of rust and it bleaches and disinfects which those don’t do as well so I too love my Comet.

  4. Bev says

    So, hate to plug a company…. But here goes…
    I use Norwex Cleaning Paste. It is the equivalent to Comet but totally Environmentally friendly!
    I also use their Micro Cleaning Hand Pads, their equivalent to Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (again Environmentally Friendly).
    I started using Norwex when our twins were born… completely cleaned out the house of “Chemicals”, that was 10 years ago!
    So, Thank you for this site! And keep the Home Made Recipes coming! I especially love your ‘Poo-Free Shampoo’!!! Thank you!!!

  5. darren says

    left a metal can in the sink overnight and it left a ring and normal cleaning did not work.i used lysol toilet bowl gel and a magic eraser which i had around the house and it came right out, no waiting.

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