How To Clean A Ceramic Top Stove

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Cleaning a glass top or ceramic top stove is a very easy process. That can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Here are a few tips in keeping the ceramic stove top clean once you’ve got it sparkling again.

How To Clean A Ceramic Top Stove

How To Clean A Ceramic Top Stove


  1. Clean it right away– as soon as your stove is cool, wipe it right away with soap and a dish rag.

  2. Clean it every day– if you wipe it up each day after you’re done cooking it will be a lot quicker, like 30 seconds, rather than spending 5 minutes doing a big clean up.

  3. Let it soak– If something is stuck on you can pour some water on and let it soak while you are doing your dishes. A lot of times it will just wipe right up.

I don’t polish my stove, just because it’s an extra step and my stove looks fine without the polish. If you want to polish it after you clean you can buy some commercial polisher and polish it after you clean it.

Now, here’s how to clean your ceramic top stove when you have a big burned on mess.


I was cooking some rice and it boiled over so I decided to run with it and poured some milk on the rest of the burners, turned them on and let it get good and burned. Yes, my house stunk!


The supplies needed to clean the ceramic top stove are:

Baking soda
Dish soap
Scotch Brite or Chore Boy Scratchy pad

This is what the scraper looks like. I found mine in the paint section of the hardware store for .98.

To start cleaning your glass top stove after it has cooled, first wipe as much as you can with just a wet wash cloth and some dish soap.


Then take your scraper and hold it at an angle and just scrape off as much burned on food as possible.

About 90% off the burned on food will come off simply by scraping.


Afterward you will have what looks like a big mess but…


Just wipe it clean with a rag and then you can see what’s left to scour.


It’s best to use an older rag for this job.


If you don’t have a green scratchy pad or a Chore Boy then you can use baking soda to clean your glass top stove.
Just pour a little baking soda on a wet rag.


Then scrub with baking soda until all the burned food is off.


I think these Scotch Brite green scratchy pads work the best. Just squirt a little dishsoap on it and then scrub away.

Just scrub and…

scrub some more until it comes clean.

Here is half the burner cleaned on top and the bottom half I still need to do.

Here is the entire burner cleaned. The residue is because didn’t get all the baking soda off but I didn’t realize it until after we took the picture.


Here you can see the before and after.

Not too bad and it only took me 5 minutes to do it! Now I have a fresh clean stove ready for the next boil over, which is why I have this sign hanging above my stove! -Tawra

I kiss better than I cook


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  1. Theresa Dove says

    I use alot of the store brand Clorox Clean Up w/Bleach. (Store brand is a 1.30 a bottle & name brand is 2.50. I use 1 bottle a month.) I spray my entire stove top down w/that. Let is sit for at least 5 min. Then i get one of those plastic scrubbers (the kind that look like a sea urchin) & wet it w/ hot water & scrub the heck out of my stove top. Wipe away any left over goop, then I “polish” it w/ glass cleaner & a paper towel. It turns out as clean as I’ve ever seen it. :)

  2. says

    I am surely going to try this. I have put a paint scraper on my list,along with some green scratchy pads. I was afraid to do something like this for fear of scratching my stove. But since yours looks fine, I will try it. Thanks!

  3. Marilyn says

    I have been working on my stove top on and off for days afraid to use anything that would scratch it and make things worse. Thank you for the timely info.

  4. Stephanie says

    The first time I cooked bacon something got on the stove and I’ve bought the Scotch brand stove top cleaner and it doesn’t do the job. It even came w/the little plastic scraper. My stove top is all black and not sure if it’s the same as yours. Just wonder about the metal scraper —-will it leave scratches?

    • says

      Stephanie my daughter in laws is black and she uses the metal scraper with no problem. One thing I do in cases like this and am concerned about something is I try it on a small spot towards the back to see what happens but like I said she has done it with no problem.

    • Ruby says

      The metal scraper will not scratch the glass top. When I bought my stove it came with a scraper just like one I had in my painting supplies.

  5. Sandi P says

    One important thing to remember is to keep the surface wet when working with a scraper or scotch brite scrubber to prevent scratching the surface.

  6. Heather says

    One thing to remember when using a scraper is to always use a good blade, and always scrape in the same direction and you’ll avoid scratches. I use it on my granite counter tops too! I use Cerama-brite to clean my glass cooktop, and although it works great, it’s a pain. I’ll have to try the baking soda and dish soap tricks. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Does that paint scraper have a bronze blade like it appears? Yes? Than purchase another and use it to scrape ice and snow off of your windshield. Bronze doesn’t scratch glass.

  8. JoyAnn Holsten says

    I really, really like my solid stove top. After cooking for 4 children and always cleaning those coils, I wish I had the stove top then. Rather than using a scraper for hard to rwemove stuff, I use SOS pads. They are a very fine steel wool and DON’T scratch. I do use a stove top cleaner too, applying it with a Scotch Brite Green pad.
    Thank you everyone for your useful hints and ideas!!!

  9. Tena says

    I got a glass top stove about 3 yrs. ago and the manual said not to use a sharp blade on it. I would recomend reading your manual before using a blade on it. I use sos pads on really burned on stuff.

  10. Kelly says

    For us, this is so timely. We need to vacate our house soon, and I was wondering how to clean our stove top. Now I know. Thanks!

  11. Sunnybrook says

    A paste of Barkeeper’s Friend powder and alcohol works well. Scrub it all over the stovetop, then let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Redampen with water, etc. and scrub again. Rinse off. A blunt knife blade wrapped in a rag does a good job removing small burned-on places. After it dries the last time, buff it with a soft dry cloth.

    • Bill says

      I have used this product and it worked very well. Now I want to buy a new one but I don’t know where to find it because the store I used to buy this product is not in business anymore. Please show me where to find it.
      Thank you.

  12. kay says

    Help! I burned a pan on my ceramic top and I’m afraid it damaged the surface. Previous cleaning methods were of no help. It looks like it burned the finish off.

  13. dabeegguy says

    Your sign might need to be modified. I remember this one at a family friends home as a child – – “Kissin’ don’t last – – cookin’ do!!!”

  14. Grandma says

    I was cleaning the fan above the stove and the windex was all over the stove. I had been told windex was bad so I was trying to wipe it up quickly when I noticed it there.
    Well the spots it landed were clean so I sprayed more on the really tough spots used the scraper and it actually came off.
    Now my stove looks like a neat cook has used it. Instead of looking like the clumsiest person around cooks here a lot.
    Nice change.

  15. rose says

    speaking of stoves .. our stove, well .. i’m down to one burner now .. the two on the left side never worked (i’ve been renting this house for like almost 8 yrs now) .. and when i told the landlady i said it was ok, i could function with just two burners) .. well, lo and behold the third burner just went out .. now i am down to one burner .. sooooo .. bc i do not wish to sign another lease here (another story) and bc i know for a certain they are going to replace the stove when i move (and the oven still works… knocking on wood .. and even when that goes, i still have a toaster oven and crockpot.. i didnt use the oven except for one hr from march 1st until nov 20th, so if the oven does go, i will be ok) .. so instead of bothering the landlady and her “reminding” me of hte lease, i just went out and bought one of those burners .. hubby thinks i should call her and i told him NOOOOOOOOOO .. bc my goal is to be out of here no later than may 1st .. our roof will not make it another hurricane season here in florida .. its so bad that a good gusty wind will take the roof right off . i kept telling them about it but they said it was fine .. i told hubby .. this is it .. i can not deal with this place anymore .. they dont care so why should i? ..
    so when i saw this about the stove .. i just had to share . that even tho my oven does work and if the burners do go .. walgreens sells those hot plate burners for $10 (well they do here, not sure about anywhere else tho) ..
    and our neighbor across the street, when he lost his electricity, he cooked on his gas grill.. boiled water too ..

    • says

      Rose we had a place like that I sure feel for you!! It’s the WORST when a landlord won’t fix anything!!! BTW, I LOVE chocolate covered cherries too!

  16. VCorbin says

    WOW People please read your manuals for the NEWER cook tops!!!! DO NOT USE A SHARP BLADE TO CLEAN THIS COOK TOP! If you nick the glass AT ALL you have ruined your cook top!!! It will crack, if not shatter completely! If y’all are like me you can’t afford to replace this with a new one! SoS pads are the best I have found so far to use on burnt on messes. If you wet the SoS pad( with it still dripping) run it over the burnt spots and let it sit for a bit, the areas come off just fine and it leaves no scratches.

  17. D.T. says

    i use a plastic scraper that you can buy from Pampered Chef or Rada…they are sold for non stick pans, stoneware but work great on your ceramic stove top. I prefer the Barkeepers Friend, which i spread on and make a paste and then use my scraper to finish the job….good luck!

  18. Dawn says

    After reading that some people use alcohol (as in booze not rubbing) to clean their bathrooms I thought I’d gove it a try. Neither ny husband nor I drink so we have a few bottles of clear liquor in our pantry left over from our wedding.I clean my ceramic stove top with gin and it works great at getting any greasy residue off. Good way to recycle something we’ll never use!

    • says

      That makes sense because I use rubbing alcohol to clean my bathroom sometimes. The alcohol cuts grease and disinfects at the same time. Which made me think, I am getting ready to write a post on the myths of cleaning products. Vinegar has become the latest “god” of cleaning cleaning products and even though I use it too all the time there are many things it can’t do but people think it can. Vinegar can’t cut grease. It you don’t think that is true try mixing your own salad dressing and look what happens. Oh well that is for another whole article. : ) : )

  19. Jay says

    Great ideas I use oven cleaner on my stove top. Just spray some on the burnt stuff let set a few minutes then wipe off does a real good job. Be sure to have a lot of windows open it does smell.

  20. says

    I always use Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser pad/sponge. It is like magic without the gritty cleanser mess. I also us a scapper of some kind…either plastic or a blade. You HAVE to try these Magic Eraser’s. And not the copy cat ones. They are not as good.

    • says

      Ronnie each stove is different of course but I have had 2 glass top stoves and have used my iron skillet on both of them. I think the main concern why they say not to use iron on it is because if you hit it hard enough it might break the glass. I am pretty careful so don’t worry overly much. My problem is if I buy or have something and I have worry and stew and baby it all the time it is of no good use to me. If it tends to make my life harder rather then easier what is the use of it.

      I’m careful to a point but not overly cautious. I am the same way with my pans. I hate using plastic or wooden utensils. They never seem to really scrape the bottom of a pan when I am stirring things in the same way metal does so I buy non stick pans but carefully use my metal utensils on them with very little problem. I know people who think I am crazy for doing this but those same people burn their pans all the time and that does way more damage and affects the use of it then a metal spoon does but they don’t seem to worry or think about that.

      It really is up to you to decide. Some people say it messes with the warranty but I know longer have a warranty and like I said if I have to worry over and take more care of it then my new born then what use is it.

  21. Annette says

    This is my 2nd glass top. I loved my first one so much I had to get another one. I now have copper bottom pots too which I didn’t have with my first one. The problem I am experiencing is that the glass top has like burns in it that won’t come out. I have tried everything for hours and nothing is bringing these out. I am wondering if my copper bottoms have something to do with it. The book said it may cause metal marks and I can’t figure out for the life of me what those are. My other glass top i never had this happen so i am thinking it is from the copper bottoms. Anyone have any idea? It really looks nasty.

  22. Betsy says

    Annette, I have the same discoloration on my ceramic stove top and it was caused by my using a black cast iron skillet. The discoloration is like it is inside the glass not on top of it as it feels smooth to the touch. I have used numerous
    products and nothing will remove it and it makes the stove top look bad. I have researched this over and over and there are no answers. Thankfully , it is only one eye though.
    I would love to hear from others if they have this discoloration . My stove top is white with grayish eyes originally.

    • Marsha says

      I have the same problem with my white top. I have tried everything. The salesman told me to let dishwashing liquid boil over and then clean it up, this is now a bigger mess than it was before. Please any suggestions? I am having my kitchen updated and this stovetop looks awful.

      • says

        Marsha I don’t know if this will work for you or not but I have had a couple of ceramic stove tops including the one I have now and the people who lived here before left it in pretty bad shape. As you can imagine we have had a ton of different suggestions but I still find the method I have used for years to work the best. First part of the secret is to never let a burnt on mess set or get burnt on more. Clean it up right away. Now I have had a few times where I couldn’t get at it right away but this method still works for me.

        Every time or at least the meals when I cook on the stove quite a bit, I fill my sink with hot soapy water for dishes and before I start my dishes I take the dish rag and slosh (I think that is a word : ) hot soapy water all over the stove top and leave it while I do the dishes. When I am done with the dishes and wiping everything down I take my little cloth – I think they are called Chore Boys and they are a little brown cloth thing that is very nubby- and I scrub away at the burners where all the soapy water is. Then take the dish rag and wipe up the excess water and dry it off.

        I don’t do major stand on your head and keep at it for 5 hours scrubbing either. I just rub over it 5-6 times really hard and call it good. Now all the gook may not come off at this first scrubbing but usually by the end of the week it will be gone. If you do this like I said each time. it should stay nice and clean. It is the soaking, scrubbing and keeping it up each meal that is the secret. I have boiled over rice, had grease from deep fat frying and it works on all of these things. You can get the Chore Boys in by where most places sell the sponges. If you can’t find them at Wal Mart most hardware stores sell them. Of course like with anything test a spot first.

    • jessica kiefer says

      Betsy and Annette….. I, recently, bought an old farmhouse and the stove was one of the first glass top stoves that came out. It was a mess!!! Around every eye there was a black ring that covered almost the whole eye. Caked on grease and burned food were left for years. So, I got on Pinterest and here is what I did and the order I did it… Because it worked, even the stuff that looked like it was under the glass and smooth. You will need the following items…. baking soda, a scraper, apple cider vinegar and lemon furniture polish….1st..sprinkle stove, liberally, with baking soda. Then, spray vinegar over it, causing it to boil up(I wet it good)… then wait an hour(I had to go to town and it took that long).. take a scrubber of your choice(I use a Scott’s Brite- green or red) and scrub it like you mean it!!!! Then, clean all that off with a rag and water. Now, last, spray on the lemon furniture polish and let it sit for 30 minutes…. scrub again and that’s it. Use a real furniture polish not the cheap kind… Liquid gold has a lemon but, it’s hard to find. Just make sure it’s oil and has lemon in it… Well, I guess you can go to the refinishing department and buy lemon oil…. That would be best. Oil breaks up oil and the lemon is acidic. Try that and see if it helps you. I use iron skillets on mine because a Southern cook wouldn’t be caught dead without one!!!! Ha Food just doesn’t taste as good without my iron skillet! I hope this method works for you as good as it did for me. Oh, and use gloves…. My hands were a mess after all that stuff!!!

  23. says

    Annette and Betsy, I also have a smooth top and over the years (15) gradually there has developed discoloration like you are describing. I have never used copper bottom cookware on it but the stains are there none the less. There is nothing to be done according to the salesman where it was purchased.

  24. Doris Hofmann says

    I thought you were not supposed to use soap on ceramic stove tops. I used to use the cream, but got tired of that and just use a scraper and a wet cloth to clean the top and it looks fine. Maybe things have changed since I bought my ceramic top stove when it comes to the soap. Let me know if I am wrong. Would love to use good old soap.

  25. gracie says

    Doris, I own a cleaning co. and we use soap all the time. We use a few different items to clean the tops.
    1) Ivory bar soap makes a great cleaner but must be rinsed. It’s 100% soap and breaks down the grease. You can run a scrubbie pad under water and then rub the bar of soap until it lathers. Take that pad and scrub the top, rinse when complete.
    2) Dawn dish washing detergent is used the same way. Let the mixture sit on the stove for 20 minutes and it will help loosen the debris.
    3) Fabric softener works the same way. You can apply a little full strength from the bottle, scrub and let sit. Check after 30 minutes, that allows enough time for the product to soften the baked on mess. You might have to repeat but we have removed some terrible messes with this method.
    If you ever burn the inside bottom of your pans you can add a fabric softener sheet with some water to the pan. Let this sit over night and it will loosen the burnt on mess so you can clean it out.
    We use the scrubbie pads that are blue, the green ones can damage overtime.

  26. celesteve53 says

    I just use bar keepers friend and a blue scotch brite sponge. No paste no waiting no scraping. At times people make an easy job harder than it needs to be.

    • Mary Merka says

      I use dry BarKeepers friend no paste making and dry paper towel will do it. Razor blade if needed. Grease and burned on grease disappears like magic

  27. Doris Hofmann says

    Thanks so much Gracie and celesteve 53 for your advice. I will be so glad to use soap now that you all say it is okay.

  28. Cheryl Leui says

    I was told to use a gentle blue scrubbie ONLY, never ghe green ones and certainly never an SOS pad!!! YIKES!!! Our stove top is all black so its harder to keep shiny and clean all the time as opposed to the all white ones…We do use a small straight edge razor scraper with great success, but other than we only only use the safe blue sponge/scrubbies and some mild abrasive for ceramic tops.

  29. jim says

    I placed alunimum foil under a pressure cooker and it melted on the ceramic stove top. I can not remove it. Any suggestions? tx, J

  30. Ann says

    Have my Frigidaire ceramic stove now for two years (have had a GE one before) and this is how I clean it after using it: Soap up your sponge/cloth with liquid dishwasher soap and rub all over the whole stop top. Rub until everything comes off. Then the parts that have not come off, I treat (gently) with Scotch Brite or Chore Boy Scratchy pad and the liquid cleaner both came with the stove. Now I found that Scour Off from Shaklee works the same as the liquid cleaner and it is a whole lot cheaper. And, no, I am not a Shaklee salesperson but have been using this cleaner now for 25+ years. It also works on fiberglass, bathtubs, toilets, walls and considering how long it lasts, it is definetely an economical purchase.

  31. Donna says

    Sorry ladies but you should not use anything abrasive on these surfaces as you will compromise the glass.When you get pits and scratches in it the dirt will stay stuck in it.The manufacturers recommend dish soap and hot water immediately after spilling or cooking and that’s with any stove.I own a professional cleaning service.The same thing goes for glass shower doors.Wipe them down after showering and never use steel wool or abrasive cleansers on them.

  32. jaycee says

    i was under the impression that you are to never use anything abrasive on a glass top because similar to a porcelain sink, once you use something abrasive it becomes that much easier to absorb stains.

  33. ann howard says

    Betsy and Annette
    Instructions that come with my stove indicate not to use copper bottomed pots and cast iron skillets with ceramic tops.

  34. Steve S. says

    I set down one of those plastic spoons you are supposed to use with Teflon coated pans. But I it was a little too close to the burner, and it melted about a one-inch square of the plastic on to the burner. That stuff really sticks! I tried all the things suggested, but the only thing that worked was the single edge razor blade at a 45 degree angle. Got the goop up in less that a minute, and no scratches!

  35. Donna says

    I had some liquid spill onto my ceramic stove on two burners.I own a cleaning company,and the way we remove these horrible 1/2″ thick messes, is too mix up a small amount of DAWN with extremely hot water.Then put it on the burned up area and let it soak.Depending on how bad the spill,it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours and a lot of scrubbing with the PROPER cleaning supplies. I’ve found that Weimans Ceramic StoveTop Cleaner,and the Weimans Ceramic Scratchers are the best for cleaning.You DO have to change out scratchers frequently but the burnt on messes do come off.Tonight, I’m using the Dawn and Hot Water method. I’ve also found that sometimes if you turn the burner on to a low setting and let the burner get a bit warm,turn it off and then use the dawn solution,lettimg it set,rinse, repeat if necessary,to be the best way to get these burns off. You should NEVER use anything other than products made specifically for a ceramic stove.Including,abrasives,scrappers,bleach windex,just to name a few.You might not see the damamge now but in a few years you most certainly will.

  36. Shirley says

    My husband got a dish towel too close to the hot burner and it melted on the burner I have always used a scraper to clean stubborn soil. when I tried to use it for this it removed a thin layer of my glass top so my top looks awful. My stove is 6 yrs old and looked like new. Now I am embarrassed to have anyone see it.

    • says

      That is sickening when something like that happens Shirley. You might try keeping a cute tea kettle sitting on that spot or something if it is in the right area where this would look good.

    • D'Ann says

      Sorry to hear what happened to your stove top.

      I did something like that once, I wasn’t thinking and quickly grabbed a dish cloth to wipe up a mess, and the burner was still on. The cloth quickly melted to the burner. I tried soaking and scrubbing with anything I was sure would not damage it, nothing would get it completely cleaned.

      Untill one day when a pot overboiled and I went to wipe it up like before, but instead used a paper towel (they will not melt to the burner) To my surprise the melted remains of the dish cloth wiped right up without leaving a trace. I imagine the hot burner must have softened up the melted mess and helped it to come off.

  37. Michelle McGee says

    I would like to know how to get a white water stain off the burner. I have tried everything in the above discussons. I am wondering if Limaway or CLR is safe. I have a new black top that is about 2 years old. Plus the “pitting” doesn’t seem to diminish either.

    • says

      You could try letting a little vinegar soak on it for several hours (like over night) if that doesn’t work then yes try the Limaway or CLR. If there is pitting then that may be something that isn’t cleanable because the top maybe damaged and scared. I had to boil a pot of stuff for a long time on top of my stove with the lid off. When I was done the back part of my stove had turned white. The constant hot steam on it had discolored it real bad and there is no amount of cleaning that will fix it.

  38. valerie says

    I have a brand new ceramic glass cook top stove. I was making cooked jam and it boiled over. Now I have a thinring of black that wont come off. I have tried all suggestions…. any new ones out there??.

    • says

      I use a razor blade it gets all my burned on stuff off. Then I use something like the green scratchy and it works really well.

  39. Georgie says

    I used fine grade (000) steel wool on the pipes on my bike to remove burnt rubber & worked like a charm. So i had the idea that since ceramic is a hard, shiny, non-painted surface, maybe I could use steel wool to remove boiled over food stains. Again, it worked like a charm!
    However, my wife thinks that fine steel wool leaves tiny scratches (that apparently I can’t see). Could it be that the store-issue ceramic stove cleaner is just abrasive enough to leave scratches? It’s not like I use it on the entire cooking surface, just where there’s food burnt on

    • says

      I really don’t know that much about ceramic stove cleaners and like many things I suppose they are all different. I have always used only hot soapy water and soaked the stove then used a Chore Boy which is a small brown cloth with nubbies on it. Maybe some of our other readers will have an answer.

  40. Elizabeth says

    My sweet Hubs is our cook. Yesterday he cooked spaghetti which boiled over on white ceramic stove top. Was thick and black, because it cooked unnoticed for several hours. I thought maybe ruined, but I was confident. I have used razor blade before on less severe messes. Blae didn’t seem to want to tackle this one. Barkeeper’s Friend with vinegar is my usual magic formula. Came to this site and read all the comments, then went on the attack of the ‘black peril.’ I don’t usually use dryer sheets in dryer so had a good supply on hand. Took enough to the stove to cover the black burned gook; then poured hot water over them. Planned to leave overnight, but in less than ten minutes, the blade was like a hot knife cutting butter. The Hubs was so impressed he called me “magic woman.” I had been trying to tell him that for years. ;}

  41. cathy says

    Thank you so much for the lesson on ceramic top stoves.
    You made it easier than what the appliance store wants you to believe.
    I like the great scraper also. And I see there is yet another use for soda.

  42. Fay says

    I have been using baking soda to clean burnt pots and pans as well as my glass stove top.
    Simply fill the pot with water and bring to a boil and sprinkle with baking soda. When the pan has cooled completely, wipe it clean. Very little scrubbing is needed. After I have a spill over on my stove top I squeeze water from my sponge onto the area that needs cleaning, sprinkle it with baking soda, let it cool and wipe it clean.

  43. Linda says

    There is an easier way to remove burned food from your flat top range. 1. Simply let the top cool and pour a little cream rinse ( yes the type you use on your hair) on the burned on food and it it set for about 30 min. Food loosens up and can be wiped off. 2. Here is another easy way…Put liquid fabric softener on the burned on food and let it set about 30 min and wipe it right off. The fabric sofetener will loosen the burned on food. This also works on burned on food in pans and pots.

  44. ShirlJ says

    Or you can use some Norwex Cleaning Paste and a SpiriSponge (I don’t sell Norwex…just a huge fan of their products).


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