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Here are some tips for how to get rid of dust mites. Dust mites cause poor air quality in your home and can make you sick, so don’t put up with them!

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites - Click Here To Find Out How!

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites

I have often said we worry so much about the environment outside our homes but many of us are making our families more ill because we have stopped worrying about the environment inside of our homes. When we are concerned about the indoor environment, we often focus our attention on the wrong things.

Here are some interesting finds:

  • Wash your sheets in 140 degree hot water to kill dust mites:

    140 degrees kills: Less than 140 degrees kills:
    100% of dust mites 6% of dust mites
    90% of dog dander 60% of dog dander
    97% of pollen 69% of pollen

    If your fabric can’t handle temperatures that high, then you can rinse 3 times extra to help.


  • Check your hot water heater and adjust it to make sure it is high enough to produce the amount of hot water you need.
  • Change your sheets weekly. This is so important– It makes a huge difference. I don’t think we are changing our sheets often enough because allergies, eczema, and asthma are on the rise.
  • Be sure to use sheets. using sheets helps control many allergies and common health problems and they are easier to wash than most blankets so use a top and bottom sheet on your beds and your children’s beds, too. Don’t forget pillow covers and pillowcases.
  • Wash stuffed animals.
  • Vacuum daily if possible but vacuum at least once a week.
  • 10% of the weight of a two year old pillow is made up of dead mites and their droppings.
  • 80% of the material we see floating on sunbeams is skin flakes, which mites love.
  • It is believed that 50-80% of asthma and eczema reactions are a result of of dust mites and their droppings.
  • Dust mite and roach droppings can cause eczema sores not to heal.

This is not something to mess with. Stop getting hung up about whether the kind of cleaner you are using will hurt the environment and just get busy cleaning for your family’s well being.