Drain Cleaner – Drain Opener

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Easy Drain Cleaner And Drain Opener

1 cup baking soda
1 cup vinegar
4 cups boiling water

Pour baking soda into drain and then pour vinegar on top of it. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Pour boiling water down the drain. You may need to repeat this process if your drain doesn’t come unclogged the first time. This will clean out a lot of clogs so try it first before running to the store to buy a commercial drain opener.

Tip: Don’t throw away the baking soda used to freshen your fridge. Use it as a cleaning scrub or pour down your drain to clear clogs.

From Dining on a Dime


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  1. Jennifer says

    I’ve done this for years! It works well and also remove the odors that may have been coming from the sink. If you have a garbage disposal, you can also cut up a lemon and run it through the garbage disposal to get a fresh clean smell in your kitchen.

  2. Paula says

    I also found “pipe snakes” (not the plumber tool) on QVC. They are basically vinyl coated wire with a mascara brush on one (for sinks), and a square of velcro on the other (for tubs etc)…They go in and snag hair/soap deposits. I paid under $20 for 2 sets of them. Sometimes the vinegar won’t break the hair and soap blockage…Works GREAT!! We have a teenager who loves to wash her hair!!….Also, keep a bottle of DAWN dish soap behind the toilet or under the bathroom sink… A plumber told me to squeeze some into the tank once a week to keep it from getting cruddy and it also helps if the toilet is flushing slow…This works for too much paper/poop and is not for matchbox cars, small toys or Herbie the hamster!LOL

  3. Vivian says

    My mom had told me to freeze vinager in ice trays and put about four into the disposal and turn it on. The vinager will clean all parts of the disposal and take care of the oder.

  4. JAMES R. says

    I had heard/read that Epsom Salt can be used either in a home made cleaner or it was a home made cleaner…

    Can someone tell me if this is true or not? I have a 1 or 2 pound bag collecting dust I inherited from a neighbor, & I just have no idea what to do with it….

    • says

      Some uses for epsom salt is to add 1-2 Tablespoons to a gallon of water for your grass, house plants or garden plants. It is good sprinkle some in the hole when you are planting your rose bushes, or tomato plants. Add some to water to soak out splinters or for cleaners mix equal parts dish soap and salts for cleaning grout and tile. It is really good to use to take hot baths in which is suppose to help with headaches, itching from bug bites, and soaking in a bath of this helps kids sleep better.

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