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Here is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions:

I just found your site and I’m overwhelmed with debt. How do I start?

Start on our website. We have thousands of pages of information and our newsletter. Just start reading and pick one thing you can do today to save. Then tomorrow pick another and so on until you are out of debt!

If you would like to sign up for our newsletter you can do so by entering your email address on the top right of this page under “Free E-mail Newsletter”.


Do you really only spend $350 per month to feed your family without using coupons? How?


Yes, we really do. I’ve been doing this a long time, so I have practice. Don’t expect to do the same if you have four teenage boys, 10 kids or special eating needs like allergies. The trick is to start doing the best you can. Try just cutting $25 a month and work your way down from there.

I have an article here that tells how we do it. If you’re curious, here are some of our menus. You can also check out our Groceries On A Dime ebooks for all the details.

If you’re vegetarian, on an organic diet, diabetic or have allergies, all the principles for saving on “normal” groceries apply. You will pay more if you want or need to eat special foods, but you can still save.

2015 Update

Now we are spending more on groceries. We have 5 kids, 4 teens and 3 boys. Our bill has gone up! To add to that we have one that has decided to be vegetarian and then I have to be on a special diet. Now we are spending around $100-$150 a week. 


I want to earn money from home. How should I get started?

Working at home is just that– work. We have been working at our Internet business for over 10 years now. The first 8 years we made no money. Most of the quick and easy Internet businesses you see advertised with amazing incomes are just scams. If you want to make money, you will have to work at it and if you want to be successful, it won’t be when the kids are around. If you have to manage the kids, you will have to either get up very early or stay up late and work when the kids aren’t around because you won’t get anything done with a lot of distractions.

There are some things you can do to successfully earn money from home. We give you a few ideas in the articles Things To Look Out For If You Want To Work At Home and If You Want to Work at Home, Be Creative!, so read through these and see if there is anything that might work for your family.


Regarding Paper Plates

From a reader:

“I love to get your newsletters and read them and forward to all my friends. I didn’t like what you wrote about using paper plates and cups all the time. Everywhere you turn, people are trying to go GREEN and you are basically giving them permission not to. I understand people want an easy way out, but what would it hurt to wash a few dishes.”


I get this comment all the time and here’s what I think about using paper plates and cups. First, paper plates come from a renewable resource that is produced on agricultural farms and can be composted. For the 1 cent each it costs to buy paper plates, I would much rather have people use paper plates than eat out.

As for the cups we don’t use paper cups. Our kids each have their own color cup and they each use only that cup for the day.

“but what would it hurt to wash a few dishes.”

Sometimes it does hurt to do a few dishes. In my case, I am so worn out from my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia by the time dinner comes around that, if I get dinner on the table, it’s a miracle and doing the dishes is simply more than I can handle. I do have a husband and kids that do the dishes frequently for me, but there are times it’s just too much.

There are also working moms who are so tired and worn out that they would rather go through McD’s than have to look at another dish. (and imagine how much more packaging goes in the trash when a family does that.) So, yes, sometimes it is too much to do the dishes.

There is nothing wrong with using paper plates. This “green” thing has gotten way out of control. Yes, we need to be mindful and not wasteful but a lot of people, including Christians, are so focused on being “green” that it’s turning into a religion. Again, If you do EVERYTHING in moderation there isn’t a problem with any of these things.



Why did you delete my comment?

We moderate the comments on our website upbeat and encouraging. If we sense a comment is rude, critical or could start a fight, then we will delete it. We also will not post comments that advertise products that we aren’t familiar with or don’t recommend.

There are times when we accidentally delete a comment that was just fine. If so, it was an accident on our part. We have a lot of comments come through every day, so please don’t take offense if your comment was accidentally deleted.


Why is your grammar so bad?

We try our best to use good grammar and spelling but we are both chronically ill and have horrible brain fog most days. We will get words mixed up and mis-spelled or just leave them out all together. If you see these things please just “bear” with us.


Can I copy posts from your blog and share them on my blog?

All text, original photographs, and content on are copyrighted. You may excerpt items from our site or include entire posts on your site/blog as long as you provide a link back to in your post. If you want to use more than five complete posts, please contact is for written permission first. Thanks so much!


Newsletter FAQ

I was subscribed to your newsletter and I suddenly stopped receiving it. What’s wrong?

We send the Living On A Dime Newsletter regularly, every Tuesday and Thursday, so generally if you don’t receive it, there is a problem.

The most common reason that someone stops receiving the Living On A Dime newsletter is that the newsletter is getting caught in a spam filter. If you have a spam or junk folder in your e-mail account, you can check to see if the message is in there.

Sometimes a reader accidentally marks the newsletter as spam if this happens, you’ll have to resubscribe or contact us to resubscribe you.

Sometimes a reader’s Internet Service Provider filters the newsletter before it can be delivered. This is a big problem with school district e-mail addresses because they use extremely tough filtering standards. To prevent this, you can add the following e-mail addresses to your white list or safe senders list:

[email protected]
[email protected]

(If your address is a school address, you’ll probably have to have your school’s IT department whitelist us (or you can subscribe using a different e-mail address).

If we become aware of a problem which would cause a large number of users not to receive the newsletter, we will post information about it in this FAQ or on the front page of our site.

If you’re not receiving the newsletter, feel free to contact us for assistance. If we don’t reply, your server might be blocking all of our e-mail. In that case, please send your inquiry from a different e-mail address so we can respond to you.


E-book FAQ

What are e-books?

E-books are not physical paper books. Essentially, they are books that you can read on your computer or on an e-book reader. They are computer files in pdf format that can be read on a PC or a Mac with the free Adobe Reader. Because e-books are downloaded files, there is no shipping charge for e-books. If you like, you may print your e-book and put it in a binder. If you spill coffee on it, print the pages you need again!


If I order an e-book, will I receive something in the mail?

No. Because e-books are computer files, they are available to be downloaded immediately after the sale. If you place an order for e-books, you will be directed to a download page where you can then download the e-books you ordered. For your convenience, we also send a confirmation e-mail that includes the download link, but if you misplace the e-mail, you can contact us and we will look it up for you.


How much is the shipping for e-books?

There is no shipping charge for e-books since they are downloadable files.


How quickly will I receive my e-book order?

As soon as your order completes, you will be directed to your download page. If you have a fast Internet connection, you can be reading your e-books in seconds anywhere in the world.


I have a slow Internet connection. Can I have a CD of the e-books mailed to me?

Unfortunately, due to the number of requests we receive for CDs and the fact that we don’t have the equipment to mass produce CDs, they are not available at this time. If you buy our e-books and wish to put them on a CD for your personal use, you may.

Most of our e-books are 1-1.5 megabites in size. Using a 56K dial-up modem, you should be able to download each one in 3-5 minutes unless Internet traffic is very high. If you buy an e-book package, you will download each e-book separately, not all of them together.


I purchased an e-book, but I misplaced it or my computer crashed. How can I get my download link again?

While we strongly recommend backing up your purchased e-books, if you should lose them, contact us here and we will look it up for you.


Can I share my e-books with my friends or with people on the Internet?

No. You may not make copies of the e-books for people who have not purchased them. Our e-books are protected under international copyright laws and unauthorized distribution is a crime subject to prosecution. You may share a recipe or two with a friend. If you would like to excerpt one of the articles for a class or some other similar purpose, you may do so as long as you credit the source as If you are uncertain whether something is OK, please contact us here.


We have more than one computer. Can I view my e-book on another computer?

Yes, you may. As long as you’re not making copies for people who have not purchased it, feel free to view it wherever it is convenient to you.


E-book Downloading FAQ

If you have purchased our e-books and you’re having difficulty downloading your e-books, this FAQ includes solutions to the most common download problems. For fastest service, please try the following steps first to see if they solve the problem before contacting us. (These are the first things we will advise you to try as they solve the vast majority of all customer issues.)

We want to make sure you successfully download your order, so if these suggestions don’t help and you contact us, we will respond as quickly as we can. It may take up to 48 hours for us to respond to your e-mail.


Before following the download instructions below, please understand that there is a difference between downloading e-books and opening e-books. Downloading means saving them to your computer while opening means using a program on your computer to open the file that is already saved to your computer. The first suggestions below are designed to help you download the files and the later ones are designed to help you open the files. If you are unable to download e-books, it will not help to follow the troubleshooting steps for opening the e-book files.


If you’re having a problem getting the files to download, the “RIGHT CLICK” method described below often solves the problem. RIGHT clicking to download significantly reduces the likelihood of download errors. If you’re having trouble downloading, try this simple process:

  1. RIGHT click the download button below the first product and in the little menu that appears, click “Save as”. A window will pop up that prompts you to save the file.
  2. In that window, there is a place where it says something like “Save in” or “Save to”. Click the arrow next to where it says “Save in” or “Save to” and from the list, choose “Desktop”.
  3. Now click “Save”. This will save the file to your desktop.


I don’t know where the files went on my computer. Can you tell me where they are?

Unfortunately, we have no way of determining where the files are on your computer, but you can re-download the files using the “RIGHT CLICK” method described above and you will be able to tell the computer where to save the files so you can find them.


When I try to download the e-books, my computer says the files are broken, corrupt, or wouldn’t open with the default application.

This error indicates that you either don’t have the FREE Adobe Reader or your Adobe Reader is out of date. To correct the problem, please download and install the newest version of Adobe Reader available free from Adobe’s web site at


I have updated my Adobe Reader to Version 9.0 or newer and I still have the problem.

Some people update, but their computers still try to use the old version of Adobe Reader. Here’s how you can find out/fix it (Windows):

  1. Locate one of the pdf files that you’d like to open wherever you saved them on your computer.
  2. RIGHT click on the file. A small menu will pop up. Click on “Properties”.
  3. Now a new window will pop up describing the file. A couple lines down in the new window should be a line that says “Opens with” and may list the OLD version of Adobe reader next to it.
  4. Next to “Opens with”, there should be a button labeled “Change”. Click the “Change” button.
  5. Now another window opens that allows you to choose what program to open the file with. Look through the list until you get to Adobe Reader 9 and select it.

    *Before you click “OK” — There is a little check box under the program list that says “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”. I recommend checking it so all pdf files will open with the new version.

  6. Then click “OK.”

Now, all pdf files on your computer should open with the new version that you selected when you double click them.


My computer says I have reached my maximum download limit or that my time has expired. Am I not going to get the e-books I ordered?

Our system includes download limits to prevent link sharing. Most people are honest, but not everyone is. If you receive one of these messages and you have been unable to download the e-books, contact us and we’ll be happy to re-set it for you.


My computer won’t print all of the pages.

Unfortunately, there are no settings in the e-book file preventing printing. This problem suggests a memory issue on your computer. Unfortunately, we cannot fix hardware problems on your computer. You might be able to try printing some of the pages and when they have been printed, try printing more. You might also check the connections on your printer (Is everything plugged in correctly?) or try running a printer diagnostic test (Check your printer’s user manual for instructions on how to do this for your printer.)


I have dial-up Internet. How long should I expect it to take to download?

If you have a dial up connection using a typical 56K telephone modem operating at full speed, it will take about 4 minutes to download each e-book in your order.


When I try to download the e-books, I get an error.

If the steps above don’t solve the problem and you need to contact us, please describe what happens when you try to download and if you receive a specific error, please tell us what error message you received when you contact us. If you tell us “It didn’t download”, this is not enough information for us to solve the problem for you.

If you receive an error, please tell us what the error said. If you do not receive an error, please tell us as much as you can about what happened when you encountered the problem.


Can you e-mail me the e-books?

We’re sorry, but due to the amount of e-mail we receive and the size of the e-book files, we are unable to e-mail entire e-book orders.


Can you send me a DVD?

No. We are not set up to burn DVDs of customer orders and the time to burn individual orders to DVD and ship them would significantly increase the cost for us to offer them to you. If you are unable to download the files, we will be happy to issue a refund. Please contact us.


Why do you expect me to print the books myself?

E-books are not print books. Certainly, if you would like to print them for your use, you may do that but it is not necessary to print them to use them. Publishing these resources as e-books allows us to bring them to you with no shipping charges and often at a lower price than a print book.


I’m just not a technical person. I don’t really want to mess with all of this technical stuff.

If you’d rather not try the technical steps in this FAQ or if we are unable to help you download or open the e-books, we’ll be happy to refund your order. Please let us know if you prefer a refund.


I’ve tried all this and it didn’t solve my problem.

If none of the above suggestions solves your problem, please contact us, describing in as much detail as you can what happens when you encounter the problem and we will be happy to assist you further!