Cool Garden Ideas

Front Porch

Tawra’s front porch railing A New Place To Find Some Cool Garden Ideas! I don’t know if many of you know or not but Tawra has just started a new website that is nothing but gardening tips and ideas called I’m very impressed with it. I know she is my daughter but even if […]

Penny Pinching Mama e-book Half Price through Monday!

  In case you haven’t heard, you can get our Penny Pinching Mama e-book for HALF PRICE between now and Monday! If you’re not familiar with it, Penny Pinching Mama is Mom’s story about how she lived on $500 per month while raising my brother and me. In Penny Pinching Mama, mom shares practical hints […]

Organizing Kids’ Schoolwork

kids artwork

How To Organize Your Children’s Schoolwork School has started in many places, which means more mounds of paper clutter to keep under control. Here are some tips to help keep all of that school paperwork from multiplying, reproducing and generally taking over your home and your life. Set a certain time and place to go […]

Laundry 101 – Sorting

laundry basket full of clothes

Many of us find laundry to be a big challenge. We look at making laundry easier, beginning with these tips for sorting your laundry.