Christmas Card Uses – Ideas Needed


from: From: Jeanne Today I found some lovely, small Christmas card sets at the Tuesday Morning store where I live. They are very old-fashioned designs (Victorian/early 20th century), very lovely, and I bought them because I’d like to create some Christmas decorations as gifts using these cards. One idea I had was to use [...]

Quote of the Day

  Today’s Quote Of The Day: "Life is as unpredictable as a grapefruit squirt." I am beyond tired today. To top things off I have received call after call from someone having to deal with this or that problem.  Tawra even called and said "Okay what do you do when your car breaks down and [...]

Homemade Christmas Present Idea- Button Art

button art 1

from:esty Mom found these last year and made one on a pillow for us last Christmas and I just LOVE it!!! Here are several other button art ideas you could do for Christmas presents. It’s so super simple! All you do is: Print out the letter you want on your computer in a super big [...]

Homemade Christmas Present Idea- Ice Cream Sundae Kit

Ice Cream Sundae Kit

  Homemade Christmas Present- Ice Cream Sundae Kit Jan at came up with this really cute Ice Cream Sundae Kit. This would be great to give as a family gift and to teachers! It would easy to make up several of these all at once and have them done and ready to go before [...]