Marshmallow Bonbons Recipe

Marshmallow Bonbons Recipe

This marshmallow bonbons recipe makes an easy and tasty Christmas candy everyone will love! It’s great for parties, company or treats for kids!

Easy Casserole Meal

casserole dish

Easy Casserole Meal Tip: If you know the basics for a casserole you can mix and match almost anything to make one. Here are some of the basics used in making a casserole. Starch – rice, potatoes, noodles, macaroniMeat – any type or small amount of leftover meatVeggie – one or more of most any […]

Enjoying the Holidays

smiley face

With people saying so many foods are bad for us now, I wanted to share a cute poem that I hope will help you have a more enjoyable and guilt free season.

Strawberry Or Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

strawberry hot chocolate mix

There is nothing to warm you on a cold day like the old stand-by, hot chocolate! If you like to try something new every once in a while or of you have family or friends who don’t like chocolate (Is there such a person? : ) ) on your gift list, here is something different– […]

Mom’s Missing

Ok, did you notice mom is missing? Well, her computer died last Friday and we just figured out today that’s it dead…really dead. So…It’ll just be me commenting on the site here until after New Year’s when she gets back from here and we can get her a new computer.  She might pop in now […]