Christmas Card Books

Christmas Card Books

Christmas Card Books I saw these Christmas Card Books and thought they were a great idea! I just throw mine away but this is a good idea if you like to keep all your Christmas cards. Tawra    

Candy Ornaments

Candy Ornament Suckers

Easy Candy Ornaments We all love to see candy canes on our trees but here is a different candy ornament to use. The kids will love eating them and making them. Take the old fashioned round flat suckers, the kind with a white loop for a handle and hang them by their handles on the […]

Low-tech activities for kids

tic tac toe game

Low-tech activities for kids One of our readers sent in this suggestion for fun activities for kids. I thought this article on low-tech activities for kids was a great place to get some ideas to get the kids off the computer this Thanksgiving!        -Tawra