Winning The Credit Card Game E-book



We paid off our debt with 0% credit cards and you can, too!

Hello! We are Tawra and Mike Kellam. We were able to pay off $20,000 in credit card debt in 5 years on $22,000 a year income! In addition, we saved over $67,000 in interest that we would have paid if we had done nothing! We even financed a business loan for $40,000 at 0% interest!

After receiving many requests to share how we did this, we have written our newest e-book, “Winning the Credit Card Game.”

You’ll be surprised! Learn the secret of how we used 0% credit card offers to our advantage instead of being taken advantage of!



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Getting Out of Debt Is Easier Than You Think!
Stop worrying about finances and rapidly eliminate debt! You can’t do it without a plan and ours is easy and simple to use.

By applying the principles we used to get out of debt you will:

  • Get Out of Debt Faster!
  • Gain control of your credit cards and no longer let them control you.
  • Not have to worry about making it to the end of the month!

Imagine yourself one year from today being well on your way to having a less financially stressful life. “No way?” You might say. “Today’s economy is much worse than in years past.” We say that’s not true.

Here are some of the topics covered in “Winning The Credit Card Game”:

  • Are these deals for real?
  • Scripts to follow to ask for lower interest rates
  • What traps credit card companies set to keep you in debt
  • “What about those companies that can erase my bad credit?”
  • When to close extra cards
  • What to do if you are late on a payment



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