Easy Pocket Sandwiches

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This easy pocket pies recipe is a great Thanksgiving leftover recipe! You can easily adapt this to use leftovers from any meal for a different and tasty treat!


Pie crust (or canned crescent rolls or biscuits)
Thanksgiving leftovers of your choice: cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey, veggies, mashed potatoes. etc.
Leftover gravy (optional, if you have it)


For Crust: Use any of the things listed below for the crust:

  • Store bought pie crust
  • Make extra pie crust when you are making your Thanksgiving pie and save to use for these pocket pies.
  • Use crescent rolls
  • Canned biscuits slightly flattened


  1. Preheat oven to 450° if you are using pie crust (or use the temperature suggested on the can for rolls or biscuits).
  2. Cut the pie crust into whatever size circles you like. (For a guide, you can lay a bowl on top of the crust and cut around it.)
  3. Lay the Thanksgiving leftovers you want to include on top of your circle – cranberry sauce, dressing, turkey, veggies and so on.
  4. You can then drizzle with a little leftover gravy. (You might choose to save the gravy until after they are cooked to pour over the top or to use for dipping the pocket pies.)
  5. Lay another circle of crust or roll dough on top and seal the edges well.
  6. Brush with a little milk or egg wash if you want to make it more brown on top.
  7. Cook for 5-10 minutes, until golden brown.

You could also make larger circles and place leftovers on one half. Then fold the other half over and seal the edges.