Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus e-book

One reader, Nancy, recently wrote to ask for a little more detail about what is in the new Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus e-book. I thought many of our readers would be interested as well, so here’s what I told her.

Nancy, there are so many good recipes in this book that I don’t know where to start. It is a lot like a crockpot version of Dining On A Dime in the sense that it includes recipes that all use “regular” ingredients that most people have on hand. I tried to make is easy, easy, easy and quick, quick, quick, so most of the recipes have as few ingredients as possible. We also designed it so you could easily add or take away ingredients to most of the recipes depending on what you have on hand.

There are over 60 pre-made menus included in Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus. Each menu includes a recipe for a main dish that can be prepared in the crockpot and a regular recipe for another dish like a salad, vegetable or dessert.

The e-book includes 187 recipes, including many traditional recipes like:

  • vegetable soup
  • stew
  • clam chowder
  • chili
  • corn chowder
  • split pea soup
  • chicken pot pie
  • chicken and noodles
  • garlic roasted chicken
  • barbecued chicken and beef recipes
  • how to cook turkey breast in the crockpot
  • enchiladas
  • pork chops
  • roast recipes
  • Saucy Italian Link Sausages
  • Creamy Potatoes & Polish Sausage


Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus also includes recipes for easy side dishes like:

  • macaroni and cheese
  • rice dishes
  • sweet potato recipes
  • many regular potato recipes
  • vegetable dishes like carrots, various squashes, veggies


You’ll find easy recipes for unusual things like:

  • Chex mix
  • venison
  • boiled peanuts
  • many hot drinks and dips
  • Vegetable Slaw
  • Hearty Pepper Salad
  • Ranch Spinach Salad


Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus is full of delectable desserts including:

  • Butterscotch Shortbread Cookies
  • Oreo Poke Cake
  • Easy Apple Dumplings
  • Blueberry Cream Dessert
  • Quick Chocolate Mousse
  • Cinnamon Roll Cake
  • Cinnamon N’ Spice Dip
  • Heavenly Fruit Salad
  • Muffin and bread recipes
  • Hot Baked Fruit
  • Quick and Easy Banana Bread
  • Triple Layer Pretzel Brownies
  • Lemonade Pie
  • Sweet Potato Pecan Muffins

As in our Dining On A Dime cookbook, many of the recipes in Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus are traditional comfort food recipes but quite a few are new ones too. It really is a nice balance.

As I was proofreading the e-book for the last time, I kept turning the pages thinking, “What a yummy sounding recipe,” and, “Boy, I think so and so would love this,” or “So and so could use this.” I thought, “I wish I could get a copy of this for them” forgetting just whose book I was reading! …duhhhhh – Since I wrote it I think I might be able to get a copy or two. What planet was I on? LOL

This list is just a small sample of the amazing goodness you’ll find in the Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus menu guide!

Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus e-book


Read more or get your copy of the Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus e-book here!


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