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If you’re in Northern Colorado or coming to Colorado in July, we’d like to invite you to a get together where we can meet you! It’s from 10AM to 2 PM Sunday, July 1st. BanDana Gramma will also be here so it should be a fun time! Read on for all the details!

Mike, Tawra amd Jill From Living On A Dime!

Living On A Dime Get Together!

With BanDana Gramma!

BanDana Gramma

BanDana Gramma is coming to Colorado, so we thought it would be a great time to host a meetup! If you live here in Colorado or expect to be in the area, please stop by and say Hi! If you have any questions, please ask!

Here are the details:

When: July 1, 2018

Where: Founders Park2700 WCR 34 1/2, Mead, CO 80542 (Map Here)

Time: 10 am to 2pm

Directions if you can’t see the map:

  1. From I-25, get off at exit 245/Mead and head West (toward the mountains) on Welker/County Road 34 (CR34).
  2. Follow Welker/CR34 to 3rd St. Agfinity is on the corner. Turn right (North) On 3rd Street (aka CR7). 
  3. Follow 3rd St. North to CR 34 1/2 (There are big power lines above CR 34 1/2.)
  4. Turn left (West, toward the mountains) on CR 34 1/2.
  5. Proceed on CR 34 1/2 to 9th Street.
  6. Founders Park is on the left on the corner of CR 34 1/2 and 9th Street.

What To Bring: Chairs (if you can) and a dish to share for lunch. (Of course if you’re from out of town, it’s ok not to bring something.)

The park has a small shelter and a playground. Weather in Colorado is usually sunny and warm in July.

Please comment and let us know you are coming so we can get an approximate head count. Thanks!


The closest two towns to us are Longmont Colorado and Firestone Colorado. We do not have any hotels in our town (Mead). There isn’t any taxi service that I know of from those towns to Mead so you will probably have to rent a car or hire an Uber.