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I have been trying to practice what I preach, so I recently started clearing out piles of paperwork. As I was doing it I ran across this cute “Cathy” cartoon which I had to laugh at and I thought you moms would get a kick out of it. It goes like this:

It shows Cathy talking to her best friend and saying, “Just let me see if I have this straight, Andrea. If I become a housewife and cook meals, I’ll be a subservient slave… but if I were a chef in a restaurant, I’d bring dignity to all of womanhood.

If I spend my days cleaning bathtubs and toilets, my status as a female is equal to a groveling worm… but if I go to work for the sewer company, I’ll make headlines as a feminist star.

What’s the difference, Andrea?!?! What makes the same measly job an insult if you do it at home, but an honor if you make a career?!!?

Andrea answers, “MONEY!

I just thought this was kind of funny. Oh and for those of you in the younger generation, a housewife is what they used to call a stay at home mom. :) :)




photo by: xtheowl