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how to sell your house

How to Sell Your House

Here are some tips about what we did to stage the last home Tawra and Mike sold and we thought we’d share our thoughts about how to sell your house. We have been doing this for years and have gotten it down to a science now. I hope these tips will help you sell your home more quickly because any realtor will tell you that when you want to sell your house, a clean and well staged home sells much faster.


Here is a description and picture of the house when it was for sale. Notice that we got rid of EVERYTHING in the house to make it show as perfectly as possible. I have been looking at some houses for sale on the Internet and it amazes me how much stuff people leave laying out, making everything look cluttered.

You have to get rid of it all! Pack up all of the non-critical items in the house! Put away the toaster and laundry basket and get EVERYTHING off the walls but one or two neutral pictures. It will make your house show so much better when you’re trying to sell it!!! Notice there is no blow dryer, soap, shampoo, toys, books, cups anything sitting out. It all has to be put away! For the things that we use every day, we throw them in the laundry basket when we leave and then haul it out to the car. When the people are gone, we bring it back it. Yes, it’s a lot of work but that’s how you get close to a full price offer. If you house is immaculate, people will notice and want to buy! Tawra


Also, we have special bedding and towels we use to stage the house. For example, the white sheet and pillows on the boys beds are only for showings. As soon as we show the house, we put the “regular” ones back on and save the “show” linens for the next showing.

We only use the place mats on the table for showing the house and then when the showing is over, we remove  and store them. You may have to do this with throw rugs too. Anything that could get messed up or dirty should be removed and saved for showings only.

This prevents you from having to wash a pillow case or shake a throw rug at the last minute. It may seem hard to clear all of your everyday things but just keep small baskets in each room to scoop things into, especially if you have young children with lots of small toys.

I try to “hide” things close to the area where they normally belong. For example, we would hide the cat bowl in a drawer right below where she eats or the remotes for the TV in a drawer in the entertainment center.

It also helps to have a friend or relative come and look at the house. Ask them to tell you what they think doesn’t look okay. Don’t take offense with this. You just need someone to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes to spot the things you missed. We get so comfortable with our own things that we don’t realize others may not fine them quite as attractive. -Jill




When considering how to sell your house, try to consider it from the buyer’s perspective. Determine how to make it visually appealing and make sure to describe the basic details and anything they might want to know before seeing it.

Here are some pictures of the house staged along with some of the details we listed when we advertised it:

$149,900 3 bedrooms 2 baths

1997 sq. ft.

2 car oversized garage

1 acre lot

Gas Fireplace

Charming well-maintained ranch home in the country but only 5 minutes from the city! Ready to move in.

Quiet location just 2 minutes from schools, grocery stores and new Andover YMCA! New septic system in 2007 including 1500 gal. septic tank. New exterior paint and fence in 2008. Tornado shelter in house.

Raised bed vegetable gardens ready for you!

Large 5 piece master bath with jetted tub, and walk-in closet. All one level handicapped accessible in house. RV parking. Sink in laundry room.     

how to sell your house - living room

house for sale kitchen and dining room


staging a bedroom to sell your house


clean uncluttered bathrooms help you sell your house


how to sell your house


staging a house to sell


selling a house - clean bedroom


how to sell your house - boys bedroom 

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Top Photo By: Ian Muttoo