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This homemade Vick’s vapor shower discs recipe is quick and easy to make at home. You’ll also find great tips to make someone with a cold more comfortable.

This homemade Vick's vapor shower discs recipe is quick and easy to make at home and it also comes with some great tips to make someone with a cold more comfortable.

Homemade Vick’s Vapor Shower Discs Recipe and Cold Tips

Have you seen those Homemade Vick’s Vapor Shower Discs you put in the shower to help with colds? They are expensive! Cold season is upon us and unfortunately, chances are that either we or our children will come down with a miserable cold. Even though I am not a doctor, here are a few things that can help make you more comfortable and hopefully feel better. We’re also including a recipe for Homemade Vick’s Vapor Shower Discs.

  • One very helpful remedy for treating a cold is Vick’s Vapor Rub. Rub it on the person’s chest and then cover with a warm towel to help relieve a stuffy nose and cough.
  • Rub a little Vick’s Vapor Rub under the person’s nose to help with a stuffy nose.
  • Some people like rubbing the Vapor Rub on the bottoms of their feet and then covering with socks. Some people say that this makes them feel better.
  • For adults: To help with a stuffy head, put a spoonful or two of Vick’s Vapor Rub in a pot of steaming water, hang your head over the pot and cover your head with a towel, breathing the steam. This really helps clear out clogged airways. You could use this for older children, too, but you’ll want to be very careful because you’ll be using very hot water and it’s easy to get burned if you’re not careful.
  • Don’t forget chicken soup. Grandma knew it worked and studies continue to prove it again and again. Regardless whether it is homemade or store bought, chicken soup really does help relieve cold symptoms.
  • Get some rest. Don’t drag sick kids along on errands or let them go to school when they are sick. People used to take colds more seriously and would go to bed with a cold because they were terrified it would turn into pneumonia. Since they had no antibiotics, pneumonia meant that there was a good chance they would die. We might not have that concern now but it’s very important that you take it easy and rest, especially if you don’t have money for doctors or medications.

We first saw this recipe for Homemade Vick’s Vapor Discs over at Frugal By Choice. There is also a similar recipe in our Dining on a Dime Cookbook for homemade bath bombs, which you could also use in the bath. Instead of using the Homemade Vick’s Vapor shower discs in the shower, you can also use a combination of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender for a relaxing and healing bath.


Homemade Vick’s Vapor Shower Discs

1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cornstarch**
1/3-1/2 cup water (You may need to add more or less.)
15 drops of eucalyptus essential oil or 2-3 tsp. Vick’s Vapor Rub* (you can also add other oils like peppermint or camphor 15 drops each)

Mix using enough water to make a thick paste. You can pour into muffin tins lined with papers, make small balls and set on a plate or put into a silicone ice cube tray or muffin tray. Let them set for at least 12 hours or overnight to AIR dry on counter.  Remove from papers or silicone trays and store in an airtight container.

When ready to use, place a disc on the floor of your shower and let the water run on it while showering.


*Essential oils can be expensive. If you don’t want to buy a lot of oils for this recipe, you can buy 1 bottle of the generic vapor rub and just use a couple of teaspoons in this mixture instead.

**You can leave the cornstarch out of the Homemade Vick’s Vapor Shower Discs. I put it in because it helps hold them together better.


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