We got snow!

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And a LOT of it… in October!!!!

Wow, can you believe it! We measured 1 foot of snow on the trampoline and 14 inches in the yard!  What’s funny is, here in Colorado, they don’t cancel school! It’s not like in Kansas where it just turns to ice and you just about kill yourself just trying to walk out to the mailbox. Of course, here the streets are all clear, even if you do have snow up to your knees! We thought you might like to see some pictures.



BJ and Elly walking to school. I guess we are crazy because they were the only kids walking. Of course, I wasn’t about to dig out the car for them to go 3 blocks! And as you can see they’re traumatized… :-)

David was very excited and was up at 6 a.m. so he could run out and play in it!



They are starting to get the houses built behind us. Soon we will be in a real suburban neighborhood! (Notice that the workers left the door and window open? Oops!)

I didn’t get my poor gnomes in in time! Poor guys!


This guy is tough! Ha! Doesn’t he look cute!

(Mike: He’s the cold-tolerant Scandinavian type! 😉 )



  1. Sherri says

    If you were still here in south central Kansas, you would have had 83 degrees yesterday and 59 today with the standard Kansas wind blowing. Cut the last of our roses today. We are so dry – ship some of that snow this way!

  2. Bonnie says

    Rain and thunderstorms here in In tonight. Won’t be long until the snow flies though. I bet your kids loved every minute of the 3 block walk to school. :o) I remember when I was young, my parents couldn’t afford boots for me and I wore plastick bread sacks over my shoes. I survived! :o)

  3. Grandma says

    we have had snow 4 times so far but none of it has stayed.
    but I will be generous and let you keep yours. will not demand equal amounts.
    we will get ours shortly and probably have it until next april or may.
    yours at least looks like good packing snow where ours is just sit there and make you cold snow.
    enjoy it.

  4. nancy says

    I live in Colorado, too. We got about a foot, and it is 16 degrees this morning. Lost a lot of branches, on our trees, because they still had most of their leaves. The good thing about Colorado is that it will be 60 degrees in a couple of days.

    • says

      Yes the snow does not hang around there thank goodness because I am headed to Tawra’s in the morning. Good thing I didn’t pick yesterday to come. : )

    • Mary says

      It almost never sticks around here in the Denver area for more than a couple of days. Forecast is in the 60’s for Mon, Oct. 31st.

  5. Kathryn Mueller says

    Welcome to Colorado! We have about 6″ out here in Strasburg. The 4″ OF Slush/1″ of snow is frozen solid on the patio. Was 7 degrees when I woke up but has sky-rocketed to 28 so will melt soon.

    Not many trees out here or in your new area, so we were lucky to not lose power from broken limbs on power lines. Still many in the shelters till they get power restored. This was a real “pruner” with the leaves still on the trees.

    Remember taking the kids out to trick or treat many times on Halloween! This should be gone by Sunday.

    Your kids will soon learn, they don’t close schools around here for snow! Denver went over 50 years and never had a snow day! We lived up in the mountains for 44 years and the kids maybe had 4-5 days total!

    Every school closed in ’92 (I think) when we had 8 feet in Evergreen! About 5 feet in Denver. Solid snow…no drifts! It was March and it melted fast. No place to put the snow when they plowed the street! The tires on our cars were flat when we got them cleaned off! A very wet snow!

    Lot of roofs collapsed from the weight and couldn’t use fireplaces as the chimneys were covered and many people had smoked filled homes when they tried to take the chill off from no power! Always check the neighbors roof before lighting the fire! :-) No power to blow out the smoke wit fans!

    I have a gas range now…Got tired of PB&J sandwiches and PB&J on crackers when we ran out of bread! You can make tea with tap water. Had an old-fashioned rubber hot water bottle that we filled with hot tap water and curled up in bed with it! Might pick up one for each family member!

    The house got cold but all the snow kept it warmer longer…insulation! Keep candles and batteries for flashlights handy. If you are on a well, fill the tub to flush the toilet and have several plastic jugs for drinking and washing dishes. Paper plates and cups make it easier!

    Let the kids make tents over the dining room chairs and get out the air mattresses and sleeping bags and snuggle together on a camp-out in the living room! You can roast marshmallow in the fireplace if you use it. Always buy enough snow shovels for everyone! Welcome to Colorado! The sun usually shines 360 days a year. Don’t forget sun screen if shoveling in the sun or sledding!

  6. Mo Mo says

    That first snowfall is always pretty, after that it can all go away. Ran into first snow of year in Amarillo, Tx. Thanks for recipe for snow ice cream.

  7. Alice says

    Kind of wondering if the car died because it knew what was coming and refuses to be a part of it? Here in the Cariboo region of BC , Canada, it’s just a bit frosty at -3.
    I wish my kids could walk 3 blocks to school but as it is the oldest gets on the bus at 7 am and not back until 4:30pm. Bus drives 60 plus mins to town for high school. My youngest catches the bus at 7:35 am and rides for 20 mins to the elementary school, home by 3:45 pm.
    Their day starts at 5:45 am and ends at 8:30 pm bedtime.

    • Grandma says

      here on the north shore of lake superior I see kids getting on the bus at 8am and get home at about 3.
      they cut the day short because they go to school in the dark and they might have an hour of sunlight at home if they get here at 3pm.
      They bus kids here because of the bears during bear season and they bus them in the winter due to fact that the school is at the top of a big open area hill.
      The wind even if it isn’t snowing is wicked and it knocks down the little kids and sometimes adults.
      It is in town so that is good.
      I woke up this morning to snow and rain and wind. The snow has stopped for now but it sure feels and looks like more is on the way.
      Glad it wasn’t like that yesterday as my DIL father called and said his car broke down and asked if we could haul his trailer 2Hours away where his car was being towed to get it fixed.
      Don took the night off work and we drove them to the garage. For them to haul the trailer would have been $3oo.
      It was a nice day and since they were going to visit the children we sent down the package we were going to put on the bus next week.
      So we all won and they took us out to dinner and were going to put gas in the vehicle for us but that was almost $100 since it was the van so we said no thanks.
      He might have to buy a new vehicle if they can’t repair the one they are using. I think on vacation that is enough expence.
      Now today they will have to drive over the worst stretch of the transcanada Hwy in snow and or rain.
      I think that is why I have come to detest snow.
      It doesn’t pack so no snowmen or snow fights and to me that is all part of winter.
      Here it just sits there and makes you cold watching it fall.

  8. Bea says

    It’s suppose to snow in my state tomorrow, 8-10 inches. You should see the traffic on the roads. People probably going to get their bread and milk!!! They act like they are going to starve.

  9. Grandma says

    watched a report years ago about a snowstorm expected and they were talking to people heading out of grocery stores. Nobody would talk to them going in.
    One lady had jugs of milk and loaves of bread along with the chips and goodies.
    They talked to her and she said she only got the 6 justs because her fridge wouldn’t hold more and she wasn’t sure if the bread would stay fresh.
    We were killing ourselves laughing at her.
    With snow and cold did she not think she could put the bread and milk out on the porch or in a garage, or even leave it in the vehicle.
    it would be frozen in a few hours and would last a long time.
    We decided that people behind her were happy she forgot that fact of weather or she might have bought out the store and they would have been stuck with nothing.
    The way people in the south think the world will end with a bit of snow makes us who live with it much of year have a good laugh at their expense.
    Up here it snows we bundle up and get out and get the car warmed up. Life goes on if a bit more slowly.
    I had an appt. in the city last week and they called to remind us. I said we would be there if a snowstorm didn’t close the road. She said not to swear like that. Well it was really cold but all we got was torrential rain for the entire trip and rain the whole day and night we were there and we drove home with sunny skies and stopped for a picnic on the way home.
    strange weather for this time of year. Almost halloween and so far so good. No snow that has stuck.

    • says

      It’s crazy. Here when we get snow it’s usually gone in a day or two. A true “snowed in can’t go anywhere blizzard” doesn’t happen much. It’s so funny to see people at the store. They act like they aren’t going to be able to eat for a month! Yeah be prepared but if you have to buy that much food for a 2 day storm you aren’t estimating right! :-)

  10. robyn says

    Kathryn, I lived in Strasburg for about four years. I was there for the Spring Break Bilzzard in 03.
    Have you had a mud day where school cancels because teh buses will get stuck in mud?

    Tawra, careful. I bragged about the Snow-one -day-gone-the -next for years. Then the series of Friday snowstorms hit…and hit…and hit.
    I gave up driving and relied on my feet/snowshoes/yaktrax and an RTD pass.

    Yep..alllllll my fault.

    • says

      Yeah, as soon as I said that I knew I was in trouble! LOL Thankfully I always try to keep at least 2 weeks of food on hand so hopefully even if we do get snowed in we won’t starve. :-0

  11. Grandma says

    after living here for 26 years we had a halloween without rain or snow. kids actually had costumes not fitted over parkas. extra regular clothes were all that was need.
    we also had a record number of kids. 5 in total. and they were next door neighbours from both sides.
    one little girl had a tigger outfit and she would bounce waitig for the candy. she bounces anyway so tigger was perfect for her.
    also rescued another kitten so our total is back up to 3.
    meimei in chinese means cute or beautiful so trying that name on for size. not sure what she will end up as but she is so cute black and white and she is going to rule the roost. just like a girl and my other 2 old age cats are male.
    keeping a close eye on them all so the big ones don’t hurt her. she is smart and ducks into spots they can’t watch her in. I know where she is because so far they sit out of reach growling.
    boy did that go off topic. sorry.

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