“Valentine’s Day On A Dime” Kindle e-book FREE!

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Valentine's Day On a Dime Kindle e-book

Get Our Valentine’s Day On a Dime Kindle e-book FREE through Saturday, February 7th!

Get the Valentine’s Day On A Dime Kindle e-book here!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a more meaningful way! The average American man spends $157 on his sweetheart at Valentine’s Day and the typical woman spends $85, but spending more doesn’t make it more special.

Valentine’s Day On A Dime includes lots of tips and suggestions to spice up your Valentine’s Day and to spark your creativity so that you can develop your own special ways to say, “I love you!” without spending a fortune.


Get the Valentine’s Day On A Dime Kindle e-book FREE through Friday, February 7th!

Get the Valentine’s Day On A Dime Kindle e-book here!


This e-book is formatted specifically for the Amazon Kindle Readers and can be viewed on many popular e-book readers. If you don’t have a portable reader, you can download a free program from Amazon.com that enables you to read Kindle ebooks on your PC or Mac.

Find the PC Version of the reader here.

Free Kindle Apps – Read eBooks on your Phone, Tablet, or Computer. Free PC and Mac Readers available here.



  1. Maggie says

    I have this book as a printed version and read through it a few nights ago. There are some wonderful ideas and not expensive, that one can do for Valentine’s Day. We will have a special dinner and have the Cherry Pie speciality dessert. I know my hubby will be dllighted.
    Happy Marde Gras day everyone.

  2. Rachel says

    Just got my free copy and can’t wait to read it! I wanted to tell you ladies thank you for offering it before I started reading! First time commenter, but I love your site and all the practical wisdom you give! I reference it a lot. It has been a blessing to me as I raise my family. May God bless you all!

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