What To Do With Broken Bird Baths

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What To Do With Broken Bird Baths

Using Broken Bird Baths

Here are a couple good ways to make use of broken bird baths:

  • If you have an old bird bath and the top has been broken, save the base. Find a pretty bowling ball at a garage sale and set it on the base for a unique lawn ornament.
  • Fill with soil and put succulents in it with a tiny house and a couple of fairies for a cute “fairyland” arrangement.


photo by: stuart001uk


  1. Sandi P says

    I took in a broken bird bath from freecycle about a year ago. It was very heavy terra cotta, but that was just what I wanted. I put a plant on top of the base, and set it next to the TV to keep the dog from playing behind it. I’ve moved since then, so now it sits blocking the exit from our patio so the dog can go outside with us and not be tempted to go walkabout. I wish I had thought of making a container garden out of the top, I got rid of it when we moved.

  2. says

    I just found your site and LOVE it!! Signed up to received emails. Can’t wait to read more. Thanks for sharing all this fantastic info :)

  3. Kathy says

    I have a birdbath that has a cracked water bowl and so won’t hold water. I fill it with potting soil and use it to plant impatiens every year. It’s beautiful!

  4. Sara says

    We have a cracked, but still beautiful birdbath that we put pretty beach rocks and shells in. It lends a pretty vertical element to the short shrubs in the front garden area. Occasionally we scatter birdseed among the rocks, so it becomes an ornamental bird feeder.

  5. Christy says

    i got an old seahorse birdbath base at an auction for $1 it has sat in my yard for a few years. Today i was thinking about it and have decided to paint it a bright red, then going to attach a flowerpot drip tray on there adding some sand and rock and a bit of water and it will make a great Butterfly bath!

  6. Pat says

    My pottery-type clay birdbath bowl split in half when the squirrels pushed it off the base. I mended it with a thick coating of epoxy glue and then reinforced the underside of the crack with an inch wide strip of automobile fibreglass mending material glued in place with another thick coating of epoxy. It works fine and still holds water.

  7. Christina says

    The base to my birdhouse broke so I used to of my very large terra cotta flower pots for the base. I turned the first one upside down then placed the second one upright & put my bowl on top.

  8. Betsy says

    Our birdbath froze in the winter and the bowl cracked and the water wouldn’t stay in it, so my husband just purchased a very shallow clay dish ( like the kind that goes under the
    clay pot)and sit it in the bowl. It is almost the same diameter of the original bowl. Now our birds still have plenty of water to bathe and drink! He painted ( unnecessary), both stand & dish to match.

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