Unclogging a Drain

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plunger - unclog your drain

How To Unclog a Drain

I learn something new every day. Today I saw a scientist who was talking about putting vinegar and baking soda (1/2 cup each) into your drain once a week to keep it from clogging. I figure that most of us have heard about that but what I didn’t know was that you need to put the stopper in the drain the minute you pour in the vinegar because it starts bubbling and building up pressure. It’s the pressure that helps push things down the drain. Without the stopper, all the gases escape and the pressure can’t build up. I never knew!

Also, along that same line, don’t forget to pour a kettle of boiling water down your drain each week to keep it running freely. You can do this after the vinegar and soda are done doing their thing.



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  1. says

    for a real quick way to unclog a drain use your vacume cleaner.
    put the hose on blow and plug with a cloth all outlets in the sink and let it go. It takes about 4 min. from start to finish.
    It has saved me many a call to a plumber or the superintendent of the apt. buildings.
    I try to use the baking soda trick most weeks but that doesn’t always keep them clean.

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