Time Saving Tips

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  • Make breakfast go more smoothly and faster in the morning by not giving your children too many choices. Have only 2 boxes of cereal to choose from at a time or have the same thing each morning, like oatmeal on Monday, pancakes on Tuesday, etc.

  • Save time at the grocery store by getting in line where there are several men. Men tend to be impatient shoppers so they sometimes help to pack their own bags to help save time. They also rarely use coupons, unless they are well trained by their frugal wives. :) Just a little joke for our guys out there.




  1. i_am_4given says

    I have to honestly say, my children have not had cereal for over 2 months and they truly don’t miss it. I will fix pancakes, french toast, eggs, or a bagel, for breakfast for them. Or they will just grab a piece of fruit, which is also good.

    I took a challenge and tried to wean my children off of cereal, because they are, to me, a waste of money and too much sugar in them. But that’s just my opinion.

    That’s just my 2 cents!!

  2. says

    the thing about the men is so true. One person to never get behind in a line is me. I always pick the slow line and if there is no line I get the slow check out.
    I rarely bought cereal. I would make fruit crisps and put milk on them and heat them up in the microwave for breakfast. oatmeal fruit and milk what is healthier and I controlled the sugar.
    Or johnny cake with syrup kids loved having cake for breakfast or easier still leftover rice a handful of raisins a bit of milk heat it up and put on some corn syrup.
    When the boys were really little I would scramble eggs and then using ketchup do a happy face or a dinosaur to make them happy. A piece of toast and there was breakfast in 3 min.

  3. Kristi says

    That is SO funny about the men!!! In MY house, if we are REALLY tight on money, I send my fiance to the store. He’s more likely to stick to the list than I am!! The only downside to that is I have to be VERY specific with my list, because he doesn’t always look at the numbers (he just grabs generic and goes). I can ALWAYS spot a GREAT deal, but sadly, most of the time it’s not on my list. Then I’m stuck with stick to the list or grab a great deal.

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