The World’s Greatest Kids

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I decided to make a quick trip to Colorado with my oldest grandson last week. I went to visit with my folks and be someplace where I could almost feel a goose bump on my arm because the weather was so perfect, cool and nice.

As much as I loved being there it is always good to get back home. In one way I was dreading coming home though because my yard was a mess when I left.

I have a huge apple tree in the back  but every year something weird has happened and I haven’t had one apple off of it until this year. I was so excited I was finally going to have some apples. Then about 2 weeks ago one of the main chunks of the trunk cracked and broke under the weight of the apples (why am I not surprised) then the morning I was leaving to go to Colorado I went out and 2 more huge chunks had broken and half the tree was laying on the ground.

I just drove off and left it. With my illness and the heat it makes it almost impossible for me to do anything to my house and yard and I had almost gotten to the point of giving up on my yard.

The day after I got to Colorado I couldn’t get a hold of my kids and should of known then something was fishy because usually they call 3-4 times a day even when I am gone but no one called. I finally got a hold of my son who said they tried to fix my yard but it was a mess and my apple tree was almost gone and there were branches every where and on and on.

Now I know he was pulling my leg and they were up to something. I arrive home and I think I had one of the most wonderful surprises of my life. I had a yard that looked like it was straight out of the pages of a magazine.

 I don’t usually brag on my kids and grandkids even though I think they are the greatest but I have to brag just a little on them today but I mostly want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

My son, David and son-in-law Mike had carefully trimmed my tree. Tawra had trimmed my huge rose bush and she and the grandkids had painted my fence and wood shed. The guys had torn down and hauled off my useless metal storage shed and Tawra had put on the slab where it had been a bench with some potted plants on each side. 

Michael had worked so hard scrubbing my house getting rid of all of the mold on the white siding and it looked brand new. It was all mowed, trimmed, and weed free. It was beautiful. The neighbor said even baby Jack (14 months) had his little broom out sweeping "Nan’s" sidewalk. 

They all worked so hard almost everyday for a week in 104 degree weather  to make things look so beautiful for me. Even after reading all I have written it doesn’t seem to really describe all the hard work they did.

I have always wanted a beautiful yard but because of illness or lack of money have never been able too so they gave me one of the nicest presents in the world.

I do have the sweetest and greatest kids and grandkids in the world. The icing on the cake was when my neighbor, who is in her 50’s and has no children,  watched the kids day after day working  so hard said one night her husband said "After seeing those kids do so much for their mom I kind of wish we had had some kids too."


I love you guys soooooo much. XOXOXOXO



  1. says

    Oh how wonderful!!!!!! What a blessing your children are to you!!! That says a lot about how much they love you and how well you have raised them!!! :-) I can only imagine how wonderful it feels to have your yard looking so wonderful and on top of it to think of them and all their loving work every time you see it or think about it. :) Yay Kids!!!!

  2. Bea says

    Jill, That story is beautiful, and they must love you tremendously. You and God raised your children right, and you should be proud.

    • says

      Victoria, when my son was about 16 I was tearing my hair out trying to get him to do his chores with out being reminded every day. I was telling a woman about this one day who had older kids and she told me something I will never forget. She said she had the same problem and her son went away to college. When he came home she almost had a heart attack. He took out the trash and replaced the trash bag all on his own. She couldn’t believe it.

      That always encouraged me that if I just keep working at it one day when you think “Is there really any hope?” they grow up and actually become normal responsible human beings. :) :)

  3. rose says

    awwww jill that was soooo sweet of them to do that for you… and yes, you did raise them right… its nice that kids/grandkids help their mom/grandma out without being asked or told to do something…
    thanks for sharing this with us… i enjoyed reading it …
    if you have any pics please share with us …
    rose 😀

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