The Perfect Husband?

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Perfect Husband Cooking Dinner

I know I harp all the time about the fact that that it’s all in the attitude so forgive me for mentioning it one more time. The story below was just too funny not to post it for you all to read!

A woman was asked how her daughter and new husband were doing. She answered, “Just wonderful! She has the sweetest husband. He helps with the dishes, does the laundry and vacuums for her.”

The first woman said “How nice! …And how are your son and his wife doing?” 

The other woman answered “His life is so much more difficult. He has the laziest wife. He has to help her with the dishes, do the laundry and even has to vacuum for her.”


I thought all of you daughters in law and mothers in law would find this very amusing. :) :) :)



Photo By: Heather Harvey


  1. says

    This did make me giggle.

    I have a wonderful husband, he helps me with the dishes sometimes while I’ll take out the trash for him every once in a while.

    I love being a homemaker and don’t want him to put me out of work;however, it does get my fires burning when he helps sometimes:) It makes me love him even more!

  2. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Elizabeth Elliott said that the only people to marry are sinners, and to be happy if you get 80% of what you asked for. Good advice.

  3. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Julie, I’ve been single since I divorced 18 years ago. I met lots of interested men, but none that gave the impression they loved me. It’s better to be single, than wish you were.

  4. julie says

    Me, too, Grizzly bear mom, but for me it’s been 11. You are right. I’ve just got to get to where I am okay about it. It’s hard to accept that it will never be. What do you do to not think about it or to fill your life?

  5. Marjorie Hammond says

    I was single for 18 years and liked it. An old boyfriend from Junior High School looked me up. We got married and I couldn’t have a better husband. His whole purpose in life is to see me happy. I think when we get to the point where we don’t need a man, we make better wives.

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