Ask Tawra and Jill – How do I?

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Here are some “Short Answers” to some of the questions readers have submitted to Tawra and Jill:

Jill from Michigan asks:

“Tawra – I read your information of cloth diapering and I’m wondering how much vinegar you wash them with and do you use special laundry soap?”

I put in about 1/2 – 1 cup in and don’t use a special detergent.


Janel From New Jersey asks:

“Hi! What can I use to clean wooden kitchen cabinets? Some of them are sticky and greasy (especially over the stove). Thanks, Janel”

I use Murphy’s Oil Soap. You can find it in the cleaning section of the store. Tawra

I use Dow foaming bathroom cleaner. I spray it on the gook literally rolls off. I once had to clean a house in which the cabinets were covered in a thick gummy layer from having a heavy smoker in the house and the Dow just bubbled it right off. I use it more in my kitchen for all grease then I do in my bathroom. Be sure to wipe dry when you are done. Jill


Nancy from Ellinwood, Kansas asks:

“Can you use canned pumpkin to make your pumpkin pancakes, sauce, etc?”

You sure can! It works great!


Mollie From Florida asks:

“What is the difference in types of powered sugar? Usually the recipes call for powered sugar, but not what type. I bought 4x and someone told me that you should only use 10X.”

If you are just doing baking at home it doesn’t really matter. Where it matters is for professional bakers who do fancy things like wedding cakes. Whatever I find in the store works just fine for me. I have never had any problems with my baking because of it.


Denise From New York asks:

“Is it possible to freeze chili con carne? I am the only one in the household who eats it. I only make it a couple times in the crock pot because it can be expensive(because of the meat).”

Yes, you can. I just freeze mine in 2 cup portions in zip top bags or 2 cup plastic containers.

Elizabeth Asks:

“I put self-rising flour and all purpose flour in separate containers for storage, however I never marked them. Is there any way to tell which is which before I go to bake, like adding a little liquid to them? “

You might taste them. The self rising would have a bitter salty, baking powder taste to it.


Kathleen writes:

“I see tips frequently about how to re-use vacuum bags. Please remember that the bag is part of the filtration system, and will not work nearly as well after emptying it. You would be doing yourself, and your vacuum a favor by buying the cheap bags and changing them more often, rather than try to re-use them.

Thanks for the tip, Kathleen! We tried this once — ONLY ONCE. The resulting dust cloud quickly made us realize it was a a bad idea!


photo by: valeriebb


  1. Bea says

    Jill, Did you ever use Caster Sugar? I went into a big grocery store that has some products from around the world, and I noticed the Caster Sugar and bought some. It’s used a lot in Europe. It’s a superfine sugar that is suppose to dissolve very easily. It’s good for desserts and icings etc, so that there isn’t that undissolved gritty taste. Also good for use in cold liquids and for meringues. I did a little research on the internet and one site said you could take regular sugar and put it in a food processor to make it superfine like Caster Sugar. Caster Sugar is expensive where I bought it because it was imported from Europe so I was wondering what you thought.

    • says

      Bea I have heard of it before but never used it. Usually the things I have trouble with sugar dissolving in are mostly drinks like tea or lemonade so I just make a simple syrup (heat up equal parts sugar and water till sugar is dissolved). With my ice tea I just add the boiling water to the sugar and bags which does the same thing, in the case of lemonade I just heat up part of the water I will use for it and pour it over the sugar and lemon juice in the pitcher then add cold water for the rest so because that dissolves it for me I have never needed to try Caster sugar.

      I do know putting sugar in the food processor does make it super fine so you might just try that and see how it works.

  2. Bea says

    Thank you so much Jill for the instructions on the simple syrup. I remember reading about that and forgot. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. says

    I have just been told after 1 year of pain that I have gout.
    Added to the CF, fibro, nerve damage in my arms, and deteriorating discs in my lower back and an allergy to citrus this was not welcome news. Not complaining since I still have my family though in all corners of the globe but they are there.
    My problem is I can’t have any citric acid which is in most things now a days as a mould inhibitor. Now added to this food problem one thing that seems to set off the swelling of gout is potatoes. I am trying sweet potatoes but don’t really care for them too often but is there some vegetable that can replace potatoes for a side dish. I grew up on potatoes at almost every supper. I love vegetables but don’t care for rice or pasta.
    Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Marybeth S says

      I use cauliflower to replace mashed potato’s. My husband is on a low carbohydrate diet and can’t have potato’s. Just cook and mash,then add seasonings.

  4. Stacey D says

    Hiya Grandma,

    First let me say how sorry I am that you are in such pain, but know that I will be praying for you. Now here’s my take on the side dish idea in place of good ole taters, spaghetti squash. Squash is crazy good for you, full of vitamins and tastes yummy too. The way I serve it is to either microwave or bake it until tender. You need to score it a few times with a knife so it doesn’t When you can easily stick a fork or a knife in it, then it’s done. Cut it open, and using a fork go across the grain of the strings and seperate them. They will look like spaghetti. I add garlic, some healthy butter and a little oregano. Even my children love this stuff. You can put spaghetti sauce on it too if you like. I hope this helps out with your side dish quandry. Forgive me if I was too specific, you probably already know how to prepare it, but just in case you know. God bless you. Stacey

    • says

      Stacey I have been trying to think of something to answer grandma and came up brain dead so what a good idea. You didn’t go into to much detail because many of us (myself included) are afraid of different kinds of squash because we aren’t always sure how to cook them or what to do with them if we get them cooked. Thanks.

  5. says

    Well had a telehealth conference with a dr. in Toronto. I am 14 hours away in alight traffic time of year.
    He says from what he saw and read about me I have not had fibro ever.
    What I have is a bad type of rheumatoid arthritis. It is bad because of the pain but it won’t deform me. So now a lot of different drugs blood test every month and a visit with him every 4 months.
    Now about the potatoes he doesn’t think that would cause a problem but since I have found it does I will save them for special treat days.
    I love acorn squash but don’t really care for the other. But I had forgotten about them since I am the only one who will eat them.
    Spaghetti squash the size we can get here would do me for a couple of months but the acorn ones are perfect for side dish for 2 meals or a just squash meal for one.
    I have started making fried rice instead of the plain stuff and tomorrow we are heading for the big city if it is raining and will wander through some larger grocery stores too see what I can find.
    thanks for reminding me of squash. I enjoy trying the new vegetables from asia I just have to make sure they are not citrus based before I buy them or they are garbage.
    I am really enjoying this site. I love discussing food and house care with others.

    • says

      Grandma I know you said you didn’t really like rice that well but you might try cooking your rice in chicken broth instead of water. It gives it a really good and different flavor.

  6. Bea says

    I was reading a recipe for “Bath Bombs” in your cookbook last night. And saw that Citric Acid is used. Where do I buy this? I’m thinking of Christmas and wanted to make some for presents. Tbanks.

  7. Bea says

    I found two places online that sell Citric Acid. One is King Arthur Flour Company. A 3.4 ounce jar costs $5.95 and their phone # is 1-800-827-6836. The other place has a 1 pound bag for $3.25 and their phone # is 1-877-627-7883. I will see if a local health food store has it, and if not, will have to order from one of these companies.

  8. says

    Citric Acid is available in most drug stores. Our small town carries it all the time.

    I have started eating rice a bit more.
    This no potatoes and the new pills I am on are making it so I have lost 5lbs in 3 weeks. Still look like an apple with toothpick arms and legs but the apple is getting smaller.
    It is now starting to be fresh vegetables so potatoes always took a back seat to those.
    Got our first baskets of Ontario Tomatoes in the store today. Now I know summer has arrived even though the furnace turned itself on this morning.
    Wish we could get a longer spring and less winter but not in this area.

  9. says

    Our freezer quit today! :( I had a lot of thawed meat in it, so I cooked all the chicken, pork tenderloins, fish sticks, etc. in a 350 degree oven using alittle salt and Pepper. Then I repackaged the meat into one meal portions and after the freezer was repaired I put the meat back in. I now have lots of meals half ready. Got any suggestions? I’m pretty tired, but hopeful that I didn’t lose any meat. Thanks!

  10. Barb Nauman says

    Hi Grandma~
    I enjoy spaghetti squash tossed with butter, salt and parmesan cheese while the squash is still warm. I hold a half of the cooked squash with an oven mitt and scrape out the strands with the fork. I usually cook it in the microwave-make sure you puncture the squash several times with a knife to let the steam escape.

  11. Bea says

    Jill, I know you like cream cheese so I thought you might like these recipes for Fall. The first one is “Caramel Apple Dip” and you use, 8-oz. package of cream cheese softened, 3/4 cup brown sugar, packed, 1/2 cup butter, melted, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Combine all ingredients; mix well. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Makes about 2 cups. The other is “Pumpkin Dip” and you use, 8-oz package of cream cheese, softened, 2 cups powdered sugar, 15-oz can pumpkin, 1 teaspoon ground ginger, 1 teaspoon allspice, 2 teaspoons cinnamon. Blend cream cheese and sugar together; mix in remaining ingredients. Makes about 3 cups. Good with gingersnaps.

    • says

      These sound so good. The pumpkin one is great because I am always trying to find a new recipe to use around Thanksgiving when canned pumpkin is on sell so this will be a great recipe for then. I also make my gingerbread men and this might taste good with them or the gingersnaps (which I love).

  12. Bea says

    Here is another good recipe using cream cheese. “Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball” 8-oz cream cheese, softened, 1/2 cup butter, softened, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla, 3/4 cup powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, packed, 3/4 cup mini chocolate chips, 3/4 cup chopped pecans. Combine cream cheese, butter and vanilla; blend until fluffy. Add sugars; mix well. Fold in chocolate chips. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours. Shape dough into a ball; cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for one hour. Uncover and roll in chopped pecans before serving. Makes about 2 cups. GOOD WITH SUGAR COOKIES AND VANILLA WAFERS.

  13. Bea says

    Good! I really hope you and your mom like the recipes, Tawra. I’m so looking forward to Fall and can’t wait to make my Autumn recipes.

  14. Yvonne says


    Regarding caster sugar posted by Bea.
    I come from New Zealand and castor sugar is used often, mainly in cake recies, however I used it in other recipes as well. You can substitute it for regular sugar. Makes wonderful sponge cakes and other light cakes. It is less grainy than regular sugar, and makes for a better tasting cake in my opinion. I have lived in Canada for many years now, and this product s very hard to find. Maybe I will try a speciality store. Thanks for the tip. Do you have access to a computer? You could try some New Zealand or Australian reipe sites, or your local library may be able to help. Blessings Yvonne

  15. Bea says

    Jill, I agree that the Pumpkin Dip recipe would be good with homemade gingerbread cookies or even gingerbread cake with a dollop on top. Yum.

  16. says

    can’t post this on kids birthday parties but thought you might like to use it sometime.

    a change from the same old birthday cakes.

    frozen pound cake.
    caramel sauce
    crushed peanuts
    vanilla pudding.

    cut cake to look like chicken nuggets.
    dip in the caramel sauce to just coat.
    dip in the crushed peanuts.
    make up vanilla pudding and put it into a small dish for a dipping sauce.
    faux chicken nuggets.
    you could use take out dishes to make it more authentic and change the colour of the puddings with food colour to make it look like plum sauce or a mustard honey sauce.

  17. says

    I just saw a picture of a sweet potatoe squash and since I have never heard of them before could you tell me what they are and if you could use them like you do sweet potatoes or give a recipe or two on what to do with them.
    My husband loves sweet potatoes and I thought these would be nice as a change.

  18. says

    tawra just did a search and was I wrong. I figured it would be a states thing because you guys do sweet potatoes more than any country I know.
    It grows in Ontario and it is a squash. You can toast the seeds like pumpkin seeds as well.
    It melts down like pumpkin. You just cut it in half scoop out the seeds and roast it with butter.
    I have never seen it but will now see if the grocery store will carry it.
    learn something new everyday if you don’t it is a wasted day.
    not sure I believe that but it sounds good.

  19. Bea says

    Jill, What is the best surface to roll out cookie dough? I made some cut-out sugar cookies recently and tryed different methods to make the dough not stick to the surface, but I had a hard time. I first used wax paper. I taped it down to the table, and it worked okay, but then the dough started to stick. So then I removed the wax paper and floured the tablecloth (plastic) and that worked a little better. I thought of removing the tablecloth to use the table surface, but wasn’t sure if that would be a good idea. The sugar cookie dough was on the softer side, so that could have been part of the problem. I did store in refrigerator overnight as recipe said. After much effort the cookies came out good, but I thought there has to be an easier way. Do you oil the surface at all, or the rolling pin? And how much flour is “lightly floured surface” that the recipe called for?

    • says

      Bea, part of rolling out cookie dough comes with practice and getting the feel of things. The first time I made my gingerbread men it took me most of the morning, much hair pulling out and then most of them weren’t eatable. I said never again will I make these. A few years later I was desperate for gifts so I pulled the recipe out again. Now many years later I can bake and decorate 10 dozen (120 cookies) in an hour easily without breaking a sweat.

      So you see some of it is practice but here are a couple of things you might try. You don’t want the dough so soft you can’t work with it but if you add too much flour it could make what you are baking tough. I lightly flour- which means just putting a thin layer of flour on the surface- I adjust that though. If the dough is sticky I put enough flour so it won’t stick to the surface which means you can add more the the light flouring it calls for. The minute the dough stops sticking to the surface or the rolling pin you have enough flour and should brush the rest away. If it starts sticking again then add a little more.

      Some people use a marble surface which I hear works nice but I don’t have one I have for years used one of those plastic Tupperware sheets to roll my things on and just last year I broke down and had the kids get me one of those new silicone sheets. It works just the same as my old Tupperware one. I have used my table top too. I have one of those 1940’s-50’s metal table which I have rolled out on before and I use to have an old round oak table that I rolled on too. Both did fine. The main reason I use a mat is I just hate cleaning the gook off of my table when I am done and with me making so many (about 5,000 cookies for Christmas) it does go a little faster.

      I think the main thing for you to do is to stiffen your dough slightly and that should help and to just keep practicing. I also never liked using a wooden rolling pin (although my mom and Tawra both use one). I use an antique glass rolling pin for almost 40 years until last year when I retired it for a new silicone one too. I’m not sure I like my new one as well but will try it again this year.
      Oh and if it keeps sticking to my rolling pin I will rub some flour on it too. To be honest rolling out some cookies does take a little more work that is why I have so many people wanting me to make the gingerbread men for them. My neighbor want to learn to make them and I had her over one day. By the time we were done with just a few cookies she laughed and said never again and you are charging way to little for your cookies. :) So don’t feel too bad if at first you have a little trouble.

      PS In the next few weeks I have several posts scheduled to come out on cookie and pie baking tips.

  20. Rhonda says

    Bea, I have always found that when “flouring” the surface for sugar cookies, it is best to use powdered sugar. It keeps your dough from getting too stiff and adds in just a touch more sweetness. You could probably even cut some of the sugar out of the original recipe to allow for your “flouring”. Just an idea. Also, if you have a large, hard plastic cutting board it’s a good idea to freeze that and roll your cookie dough out on that.
    Good luck.

  21. Bea says

    Thank you Rhonda for the powdered sugar tip, sounds like a good idea. Also, Jill, Thank you for your help. I guess it’s just not as easy making cut-out cookies as drop ones, but with your suggestions and practice, I will do better. It really is an art and a skill. I have to tell you that I made the sugar cookies in a heart shape, and they went over well at the birthday party I took them to, so at least all my hard work paid off. Whew!!! AND I will be looking forward to your future tips. Also, you making 5000 cut out gingerbread cookies IS QUITE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT. WOW!

    • says

      Bea, I forgot to tell you too to be sure and use a metal spatula to lift them after you cut them out and go to put them on the cookie sheet. Plus to start out with the smaller the cookie cutter and cookies the easier they are to manage.

  22. Sandra Gibson says

    Do you have any ideas about where to find inexpensive women’s shoes in narrow sizes? All I can find cost usually $80 up, and usually end up hurting my feet anyway. Thanks, and love all that you two do.

    • says

      You also might try some place like QVC or HSH. They have a ton of shoes way under $80 and what is good about them is you can wear them for a couple of weeks up to 30 days and if for any reason they don’t work you can send them back. Their return policy is very easy and good. That way you won’t be out anything but maybe a little postage but that would be better then losing $80.

      We have a thrift store which sterilizes their shoes and I get mine there. They have lots of narrow shoes because most people can’t wear them but you may not have a place as nice as that or don’t feel comfortable in buying used so in that case I would try qvc and hsn.

  23. Bea says

    Thank you Jill for the tip about the metal spatula. I didn’t know about that. Also, I was reading some cookbooks over the weekend and one tip I learned is to use 1 part sugar to 2 parts flour to flour surface for cut-out cookies, and that is suppose to help the dough from not sticking, so I will try that too.

  24. says

    Thanksgiving day in Canada is Monday. So we are trying a new thing.
    My husband wants to try deep frying one. We are not turkey eaters and there are only the two of us. But since I love him I said ok. Now my question is.
    Can I do the same left overs as with a roasted one. Like make soup from the carcass and turkey stew and pot pies, or will the meat be drier than with a roasted one.
    If this experiment is a failure I know our two cats will benefit from it anyway.
    Thanks in advance. Going out to do our traditional Thanksgiving weekend thing in an hour. We take the guns and go hunting but this year it will be more picture taking than shooting. Too much work to get a 300lb bear ready for the freezer and partridge are too dry when cooked. So hunting for pictures instead. Guns along for protection.
    Enjoy your weekend,

    • says

      Yes you can do the same with the leftovers and they might even be a little yummier having been fried. The meat shouldn’t be drier if done right because the grease being so hot instantly seals the juices into the meat and keeps most of the juices in it. Crispy out side and moist in. Yum. Just be careful doing it because the can catch on fire easily.

  25. says

    sounds good. we will be doing it in the lane way. Just have to move the car and van to the other side of the road. Supposed to be sunny all day tomorrow.
    I did deep fried chicken wings in my little inhouse fryer last night and I thought they were cool enough (they weren’t got hot oil all down my lip and chin. boy did that hurt. thankfully no blister but trying to laugh when we were at a friends house later was a bit awkward.
    Will definetly let the turkey sit the 15 min recommended before carving it.
    Trying all sorts of new ideas this year. Found a recipe for dressing that you do in the slow cooker so will try that one. I know how to it in the bird but also learned how to do it in a pan in the oven. So the slow cooker will another attempt.
    The things you learn as you grow older. Would never have attempted frying a turkey if I still had little ones around. They are too curious for me to feel safe doing it.
    Might post how it turned out. Let others know to try something different if they get the chance.

  26. barb~ says

    I have my grandma’s antique glass rolling pin. She used to fill it with crushed ice and put a cork in the open end. It worked so well. She was able to roll out her dough and it would be almost cold. Her cookie cutters always cut sharps edges and she could get them up very easily with a spatula. I remember breaking up ice into pieces for her….maybe she just let me watch come to think of it:) She had a metal meat mallet that she would pound everything with!
    Anyway, I got the rolling pin when she passed away. It’s funny-she had things worth more money but I really wanted the things I had happy memories of with her. I’m going to see if I can find a cork to use in the rolling pin-I have been using it without for a long time. This discussion made me recall the ice and cork. THAT’S what I’ve been doing wrong!

    Rolling along now………:)

    • says

      Yes they are suppose to have ice or cold water in them but I have always used mine without either. I need to really break down and try it some time. I’m with you on the things I love which I have from my grandma too. It is little inexpensive things from her kitchen or something like her button box which mean the most to me too.

  27. Rachel says

    Grandma, your tradition of hunting, now taking pictures, sounds like so much fun! We spent the day at a tractor pull. MY first time at one of those. Really hot here in Florida. But there was a nice breeze in the shade. Our 3 year old grandson seemed to have a good time. Have a Happy Thanksgiving on Monday! That fried turkey sounds so delicious!

  28. says

    well the trip yesterday was so much fun we have decided that since the turkey is thawed out we will put it in the oven and roast it with the dressing already in it. Put it on at 2 and come back at 6 or 7 and have dinner.
    We have about 30 pictures of a beaver swimming around the lake he made and they turned out so you can almost hear the splash of him hitting the water with his tail in the one. We were there for about 1/2 an hour and he just kept swimming letting us get good pictures.
    We got one of a partridge sitting in a tree with just branches and the light of the setting sun behind her. It is absolutely fantastic. Black silhouette of the bird against a grey blue sky.
    We also shot 2 partridge Don got one and I got the other while he was cleaning his.
    So that is what we will be doing while the traditional TGD dinner is cooking.
    Will try the frying at Christmas when the roads we take pictures on are roof top of cars covered in snow.
    Then we can look at the pictures of these trips.
    I always like to think of what I am thankful for at special times and this year I am most thankful that my life long friend’s youngest son is home for a visit from Afganistan safe and sound. He does go back but will be done his tour just before Christmas.

  29. Cheryl says

    I am a frugal person by nature. Hubby is not. I cannot get him on board with paying off debt and not adding to it. I need some advice on how to handle things. Sunday we went by CVS to pick up a Christmas gift for one of our granddaughters. He disappeared down the candy aisle and reappeared with two $4 bags of candy. I suggested he look in the sales paper and get 4 bags of candy on sale for 4/$10 that counted toward the $30 needed for a gift card. He threw the candy down and huffed out of the store. Then on the way home, he stopped in at the ATM machine to make a withdrawal. I just assumed he got money from the business account. Well he withdrew $100 for our personal account so now I am short of money for the bills. I usually just try to make up the money he squanders by using money that I have put aside from doing surveys and rebates-usually saving $3 at a time. Well I am tired of scrounging to earn a little only to have to use it to make up the shortfall we have when he has a tantrum! Any advice?

    • says

      Cheryl we get this question so often I guess I need to write another post on it. The thing is it is hard to write advice for a situation like this because there are so many factors involved and without knowing more and more about you as a couple, it is really hard to come up with an answer.

      The problem is when couples have money issues it isn’t usually just the money and how to spend it which is the problem it is so many deeper issues. It can be things like just being raised differently or taught differently about money, a control issue or lack of control, self confidence, anger and on and on. Let me give you some examples of what I mean.

      One new wife thought she was being so frugal and careful with their money in buying their groceries and making the money stretch. Even though they weren’t in financial trouble she was just very careful. Her husband started getting more quiet with each meal and she didn’t know what was upsetting him. Finally one night her husband got so angry and said are we in serious trouble with our finances? His wife not knowing what was wrong said “No we are doing fine.” Her husband then said “Well we haven’t had steak for weeks!” After much talking come to find out in his home growing up if they had steak once in awhile that meant all was well and if not then things were really bad. He assumed they were having a rough time financially and she thought she was doing so good saving money. She just started serving steak once in awhile and the problem was solved.

      A family member of mine had very little when young and she swore when she grew up she was going to have lots of money and spend like crazy. She did too. She became a shopaholic. The thing is I had no more money then she did and as you can tell turned out totally differently from her. She came from a very bad home life so her out look was completely different. It really wasn’t the lack of money in her home which was the problem but the lack of love. When she got older she tried to fill her void with the wrong thing.

      So how a person spends money or reacts to money is a symptom of deeper problems then just the lack of or having money. It takes lots of talking things through in a loving manner and trying to figure out what the real problem is. On a more practical level usually there is one spouse or the other who is better in with dealing with money and the bills but I think personally a couple should sit down together and go through the bills and look at the finances. This way they both can see in writing where the money is going compared to how much money is coming in. No one feels like the other one is controlling the other or has more control over the money and many other emotions like that which are involved. Eventually over the years you may get comfortable enough and secure enough that one person can then take over.

      I don’t know all your situation but be real careful that you are not encouraging or enabling your husband’s behavior by trying to fix things and covering for your husband when he spends money you don’t have. We all as wives tend to do that in many areas just because it is our nature as peace makers.

      Like I said though to start you really need to work out a system where you both can look at the money you have, work out a way so you both pay the bills together and to talk, talk and talk some more when you are both in a good mood (and your husband is well feed : ) )

  30. Pat Petzel says

    Help!! Now that the weather is cold, the mice have decided to come inside. What is the best way to get rid of them, we had to put both of our cats down this year and had not planned on getting another. Other than traps, what can I do?


    • says

      The main thing is to make sure all of the little holes and spaces are filled in your house which I know can be a job.

      I use to use d con the most depending on what part of the house I had them. When I inherited my son’s cat I didn’t want to use that any more and lived in the country with not only bugs (ugh) but mice. I was so desperate because I had tried everything there was and it just wasn’t getting rid of things. I ran across the plug in things which you plug into an outlet in the wall and it somehow runs through your electrical system or some thing. I have not had a mouse one for many years and I live in much older homes.You can get them now at most hardware stores or places like Lowes

      It may take a bit for it to start working and I didn’t realize it was working at first except after a couple of years I noticed I hadn’t had any mice. One thing be sure to have one on each level of your home.

  31. Jackie says

    I’m looking to make some extra money….my husband lost his job of 33 years due to the company closing. I would like to work from home…as I have a computer…what kind of jobs can I get making legit money without being scammed?
    I do have a full time job…but it is only 32 hours a week.

  32. Grandma says

    A place to check is Craigslist.
    People advertise for things they want done on the computer.
    Students want their thesis edited
    people want resume’s spruced up and written for them.
    Companies often want form letters written.
    Even authors want people to edit their books for them.
    Go on and advertise that you will look up information online.
    Or whatever you can think of to do with the computer make an ad and you can do this world wide.
    My son advertised things he would do and most of his answers and money came from the States and he did the work in China.
    Good luck with this.

  33. Maggie says

    My sister owns a medical transcription business and has hired typists who work in their own homes. You might check the newspaper for those type jobs as well as hang a sign at a local high school or college and do term paper typing. While most kids have their own computers, some will pay to have the paper formatted and typed correctly.
    I did Mystery shopping for a year and it was fun. You have to visit a store, do whatever it is the company wants you to, like buy a shirt or ask questions of a store rep and report that info back to the hdqtrs office. Look for ads in your local newspaper or go on-line to grocery stores and dept stores for mystery shopping. Be careful that they are legit. They pay for your time, to shop, review the shop (sometimes restaurants), the items you buy and your travel. Worth a look.

  34. rose says

    jill and pat petzel .. one of the main reasons we are moving is bc i have been dealing with mice coming into our house .. well thankfully we have stopped them from coming into the main house but they have come in the garage, attic, walls, fireplace (that is boarded up) .. etc …
    its a horrible thing to deal with .. and i am so frightened of going in that garage that i said enuff was enuff .. i couldnt deal with it anymore ..
    when we had the exterminator here many yrs ago, he said to keep putting poison down .. i sealed up every single hole i could find with that cement foam .. and htey still come in thru the garage ..
    after this last winter (2011-2012), when a few got in the fireplace (from falling from the attic) .. i said enuff! .. i cant seem to find any other holes and well, i did think of getting those things that plug in .. but i wasnt sure if they worked .. our neighbor has these things that he buries in the ground every winter .. he says they work .. i am not sure if they do ..
    i normally put down the poison that looks like pb .. but the exterminator said to use the ones that look like jellied candies too ..
    hopefully u will find ur holes and can patch them up .. some say stuff ur holes with those steel pads, they never worked here ..
    good luck ..
    hopefully where we will be living i wont have to deal with this anymore .. i was told that the pest control people come every week to take care of this situation ..
    its frightening …
    also.. pray .. GOD will keep them away .. HE does for us ..i pray all the time for this ..

  35. rose says

    jackie.. i am not sure if this website is still in excitence (sorry spelling) .. look up: .. its a legit site for working at home online ..
    hope this helps ..

  36. vickie says

    I am new too your site and I love it. My question is, and it my already be listed under something else, but how can I save on my electric bill. I use cold water to wash clothes. I unplug anything not in use. I close blinds. I cut hot water off under bathroom sinks. I use ceiling fans. I am going through that hot flash thing, so air is on 74. I wash full loads of dishes. And my power bill is still high. Any other suggestions?

    • says

      Sometimes there is only so much you can do to get your bill down. You need to look at your bill closely to see why it is so high. Is it because you are using too much electricity or is it just the base expenses (taxes, extras for lines, service etc) that you are paying for. If you are only paying the base expense you really can’t do too much about that because you are paying for the service of having electricity.

      There are some other ways to save which many people don’t think about but draw huge amounts of electricity. We sometimes work hard at the little things like turning lights off but don’t know about the main things like using a dryer or having a freezer. Years ago I saved $80 (total for both) a month when I stopped using them. Also don’t be fooled by energy efficient appliances. Tawra just recently got a new energy efficient fridge and the repair man said he buys old fridges because the new ones only save about $1 a month, you pay way more for them and then if something goes wrong it can cost minimum $500 just for the part to repair it and they they need repaired often.

      Another thing to watch is computers. I turned 1 computer off while I was gone for a week and saved $10. I understand you may need the air but that is probably your main source of expense. If I don’t keep mine set at 80 my electric bill jumps up quickly, 2-4 degrees makes a big difference. I also don’t run mine all day. Even when it was 103-5 for several weeks this summer I didn’t turn my air on until about 3-4 in the afternoon. I then let it run all night because I can’t sleep when it is hot and muggy, then turned it off in the morning. I know that not the norm but it does help with the electricity. Plus I have lots of trees around my house for shade so that helps.

      You said you do full loads of dishes. If you are really serious about saving it may help to hand wash dishes. I use 1/2-1 gal. of water to wash my dishes and no electricity at all. We have to be careful because we live in a world where modern conveniences are considered necessities. Which is fine to use these things but if we are serious about saving money we may not be able to use all of them the way we like. I’m not saying this about you but I talk to so many people who are desperate and want to save but they add the condition on it – tell me how to save without making me uncomfortable or asking me to give up anything. Like I said I don’t mean you because you sound like you are willing to do what it takes.

      Once again check out your bill and if you still aren’t sure you can buy devices for very little which you can check out an appliance to see exactly how much electricity they are drawing. I thing most would be surprised at which things are drawing the most.

  37. vickie says

    compliment…..Tawra your buttermilk recipe
    was perfect. It looks and tastes just like what I always bought, but will now use this. Thank you so much :)!!!

  38. annie says

    Vickie, You might try cooling the hot flashes (or what I like to call them “Power Surges”)by eating crushed ice or drinking ice water when you notice a hot flash coming on. That’s what always helps me. It’s like in the winter when you drink something cold your body can really tell that you drank some thing cold. If that doesn’t work you might want to check with your doctor about your hot flashes or maybe someone has another suggestion.

  39. Marie says

    Rose , my daughter lives in the old home place in the country. She had mouse problems until the snakes started coming in the house after them. Count your blessings!

  40. Jane says

    I am looking for a list of all the places we need to contact, things we need to do and people we need to thank after the death of my mother in law…

    • says

      Jane talk about timing. My neighbor’s dad just died and she has been keeping me up to date on everything they are having to do. Her parents even have had a prepaid package deal that was suppose to make things easier but has cost them more and made more complications. Actually the funeral director will give the lists and even contact Social Security for you but here are a few to give you an idea.

      Social security (like I said usually the funeral director does this one.)
      Family members
      insurance company
      who they receive a pension from
      credit card companies

      These are the main ones. One thing that is very important is you need to order many death certificates. Once again the funeral director will order them for you. You can get them yourself but it is much easier for them to do it. I would say order no less then a dozen because many places like credit card companies, utilities, social security and other places all need an original copy of the death certificate before the will do anything and many don’t take copies.
      I would sit down ahead of time and list all these places down with their phone numbers and have them all in one notebook. You can also list things in here like insurance policy info, friends and family who will need to be contacted along with their numbers.

      As far as what you will have to do, it will vary in different places. The funeral director in most cases will walk you through things but it wouldn’t hurt to contact the funeral home she has chosen now and ask them for a list that they use especially one for the things you will have to do.

      Just to give you a general idea though. You will have to make arrangements with the church if you are having services there, some make arrangements for a meal or reception afterwards, call the newspaper to put in the obituary(you don’t have to do this and I will warn you here it costs about $360 for a 2 inch space in the paper), you will have to pick out a casket, clothes for her to be buried in. This just lists a few things. Also make arrangements for the day of the funeral to have someone stay at her home while you are gone. Many thieves read the obituaries.

      As far as who to thank I’m not quite sure I know what you mean but usually you write thank you notes to anyone who sent flowers, brought food or did something like stay at your house the day of the funeral. For this once again keep a notebook handy and the moment anyone brings anything write their name down. You may think you will remember but trust you won’t. This is very important. Hope this gives you a start and answered a few questions.

  41. Bea says

    Jill, In one of your books you mentioned that there were times you couldn’t afford to get your hair cut. Do you remember the longest period of time you went between cuts or trims? I was curious to know if you think it’s necessary to get hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks as recommended, and if there was anything special you did to keep your hair in shape without dry or split end? Sometimes I just don’t feel like spending the money. Thanks.

    • says

      Bea to be honest I never went in the every 6-8 weeks recommended. I have gone 3-4 years before without a trim and the only reason I got it cut then was to just try a new hair style but always ended going back to letting it go long. Now I go in about once a year to the beauty college and have them give me a strong blunt cut across the bottom which takes about an inch off and makes it easier for me to curl.

      I will go in every 2-3 months or so to get my bangs cut because I can not cut my bangs to save me. It is the type of thing where I cut them then this side doesn’t look even and back and forth so by the time I am done I can not go out of the house for a month until they grow out. Well that may be stretching it a little buy you know what I mean so for $3 every 2-3 months it is worth it for me although when I didn’t have as much money I let my bangs grow out and didn’t get it cut at all.

      I have never done anything much to prevent split ends. I use to shampoo and condition it but nothing more. I am careful when I brush my hair out. Of course now I am using the baking soda and it helps even more. To show how different things work for different people. I use to use this one brand of very cheap shampoo. I went to the hair dresser and she went on and on how good my hair looked with no split ends. She then said she told everyone never to use my cheap shampoo because it would give your hair terrible split ends. I was so glad she didn’t ask me what I used because I don’t know how I would tell her tactfully that was exactly what I used after she went on and on about it and how I had no split ends.

  42. Bea says

    Thanks Jill. You gave me something to think about. I think I’m going to go longer between trims. My hair is a lot like yours. I like it long, and it’s fine, and usually I don’t have split ends too much because I don’t use any electronic things on it, such as blow dryers or curling irons etc. I let my hair dry all by itself. Simpler. Also keeps my hair softer and not dryed out. I do cut my bangs. I wet them then use a fine toothed comb to comb them very straight and use the end of comb as a quide and also when very wet I use my eyebrows as a guide too because when dry and freshly cut they seem to be at the right length for me. Not too short or long. I wouldn’t go get them cut because I’de be going every 2 to 3 weeks and won’t pay for that. I wish I could cut all my hair myself. I get blunt cuts and it doesn’t take long and I feel it’s a waste of money most of the time.

  43. Bea says

    Jill, How do you stay so nice? Sometimes I’m disgusted with the world and am tired of being nice. It seems sometimes that being nice gets me nowhere and I get tired of it.

    • says

      Oh Bea, thank you for your sweet compliment. I wish I could piously say that I pray and read my Bible everyday and so it is very easy for me to be kind. I do pray and read my Bible everyday but I’m afraid I am just like everyone else and have my good days and bad days. I do get disgusted with the world and there is sometimes a small part of me which would love to just tell it like it is or be mean. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way once in awhile it is when we dwell on it or act upon it that it is wrong.

      I think even Christ maybe felt this way sometimes and that is why He would with draw into the wilderness or away from the crowds in order to refuel in dealing with the crowds and world. When we push our bodies too much it collapses and the same goes with our emotions and spiritual life but we always don’t understand when that happens as well as when our bodies are exhausted so all we need to do is to step away from what is frustrating or exhausting us for awhile.

      If that doesn’t help then there are other things I have found that help too. I discovered this principle years ago. I use to (and still do back slide sometimes) work so hard at being a Christian. I did certain things, talked a certain way, dressed a certain way. I made sure I was kind to others, helped those in need, went to church and worked many many hours there but something started happening I was burning out.

      I was doing these things for one reason and one reason only and that was because that is what I thought God expected me to do and the more I did the better He would like and approve of me. It also gave me such a sense of pride of what a good Christian I was. Boom! God knocked me flat and taught me a some things real fast. First He wanted only 2 things from me and that was that I believe on His Son that He died for me and that I just love Him and have a relationship with Jesus. I thought I was doing that but He made realize I was doing the same thing some dad’s and mom’s do and that is spend 14 hours a day working to provide for their families thinking the more they worked the more it showed their love for them but the reality was the kids just wanted mom or dad to love them and spend time building a relationship with them. Things eventually are destroyed when done like this all the time.

      One of the best stories in the Bible that explains this is the theft on the cross with Christ. The one theft (me paraphrasing) pretty much said to Christ I don’t believe you are the Son of God and mocked and rejected Him. The other theft did nothing but say I believe you are who you are and will you remember me. He just wanted to be close to Jesus. Jesus said this day you will be with me in heaven. The theft had to do nothing to prove himself to Christ. He had no good deeds, no works nothing but he did believe and want to be close to Jesus. That is all Jesus wants from us.

      What happens is if we consecrate more on drawing close to the Lord and loving Him then He brings people and things our way so we can do things for Him here on earth but He never brings more then what we can do and when we do anything in love it isn’t work at all so we don’t burn out. Also the more His love fills us the more we love others which causes us to be more patient and understanding. Now don’t get me wrong this can take a life time to get to this place but with God’s help it does get easier.

      The last thing is. As a young Christian I very nobly prayed that God would give me patience. A couple of years later I got married then had kids. There was many a day my husband, kids or both would get on my last nerve. It was at that point I realized this was God answering my prayer to teach me patience. I am much more careful and a little more prepared now when I pray for something. For example if I pray for God to teach me to love more I know I will probably have many unlovely and even down right hateful people cross my path. In some ways I have found it takes more guts then hard work to be what God wants us to be.

      Anyway don’t be too hard on yourself Bea. We all have days like you mentioned and sometimes all it takes is venting, a cup of tea and a nap and other days maybe a good long talk with God.

  44. Bea says

    Thanks Jill for your very thoughtful answer. It helped a lot to read it. In some ways I am too hard on myself and worry too much, so that’s part of the problem. I guess it makes me spiritually and emotionally tired, especially when I’m dealing with hard issues with my friends and family who need lots of prayer and healing, and then when I’m tired because of that I see more of the ugliness of the world, and can’t always handle it. I have to remember that God helps us to handle it, but sometimes the burdens feel so heavy and I just get tired. Thanks again Jill.

    • says

      Yes Bea I really know what you mean. I have spells and feel exactly the same thing. I guess that really isn’t a bad thing because it means we do care and it hurts to see the hardships sometimes. Only a couple of days to the week end so try to enjoy it and get some rest. If I lived close by I would love to stop by for a cup of tea and enjoy the lovely fall view from you neat room and have a nice visit. Anyway enjoy a cup of tea for me and some of those yummy treats you are always making. :)

  45. Bea says

    Oh, Jill Thanks for being you. You are a gift. I would LOVE to have you over my apartment for a cup of tea AND a nice visit. The view from my windows on the 2nd floor especially, is so pretty with all the trees nearing their peek of color. Last evening around 5pm I looked at the mountains with the sun setting and the trees glowing with color and felt God’s presence. That helped. Also, your kindness helps, and thanks to the internet we can have a “friendship” that wouldn’t have been possible in the “olden days,” which many times I wished I lived in. So there are good things to this time period God chose for us to live. Also, yesterday my family surprised me with a new TV with a bigger screen so I can enjoy more the movies and TV shows I borrow from the library, so that helped cheer me up too. A bigger screen is nice because the TV I had before was SO small.
    If you came over I would give you a piece of the pumpkin pie I made last night from fresh pumpkin. It came out so good and your website and cookbook gave me the courage to use a fresh pumpkin, which I may never have done without your instructions. Thanks.

    • says

      I can’t believe your family got you a bigger TV. My TV was so small the grand kids would tease me that my computer screen was bigger then my TV screen. Well anyway my folks were here just over a week ago and think they must of gotten frustrated with trying to see my TV from the couch where they always sat so they surprised me too with a new TV and bigger screen. How funny is that. I do love mine a lot too.

      It must be because fall is in the air or something but I got my recipe for pumpkin fluff out wanting to make some. I haven’t got it made yet but hope to in the next day or two.

  46. Maggie says

    Bea, I have been reading your recent entries and wanted you to know that I have had some difficult time myself lately. Two hospital stays in 4 weeks have been trying but I am back to work today and looking out my office window at the beautiful tree where the leaves are just beginning to turn orange. It almost seems like it has been changing all day today and tomorrow when I come it, it will be flaming red. It reminds me that life is always changing and I will get better and life is still vibrant and alive. Please know that even though none of us knows each other in person, we are there to support one another. Please let us know how you are doing. By the way, I am thinking you might be on the east coast because you are talking about the leaves changing. I am in Virginia near Washington, DC.

    • says

      Today must be the day where fall has come in many places. I was driving this morning and the leaves were turning (nothing like back east of course) but they were blowing and dancing across the road. Everything about today felt like fall. I thought to myself this is our first really true fall day yet.

  47. rose says

    jill… whats pumpkin fluff? .. never heard of it ..
    and yes .. fall is in the air .. you should see our walmart .. in just a few days (i was there yesterday and b4 that 3 days ago) they have alot of xmas stuff out ..
    my sister and i were talking about thanksgiving and she wil be making ur pumpkin pies again . they are soooooo good .. but i usually just get mine at the local supermarket .. $3 for a very huge pie is perfect .. esp when i split it with my daughter ..
    hope all is well with u and the family ;D

    • says

      It is a recipe my cousin made one time and I made a fool of myself eating it by taking seconds and thirds. I never do that but this stuff was so good and it is easy to make. Here’s the recipe Rose:

      Pumpkin Fluff

      1/2 cup margarine, softened
      1 cup flour
      1 cup nuts
      Mix and press into a 9×13 pan. Bake 325 degrees for 20 mins.

      1 small can pumpkin
      1 can sweetened condensed milk
      6 oz box vanilla instant pudding
      1 1/2 tsp. pumpkin spice*
      1/2 (24oz) container whipped topping
      Mix it all and spread on the cool crust then top with the other 1/2 of whipped topping. Chill for 1 hour.

      *If you don’t have pumpkin spice it is on the web site I think and in Dining or you could use the same spices you use for your pumpkin pies.

  48. Bea says

    Jill, My TV was exactly like yours. About the size of a small computer screen! That’s too funny. Actually I didn’t mind it all that much because I don’t watch TV, only watch videos and DVDS, but my family was annoyed with it since they like bigger screens, so they got me a bigger TV because they felt I was deprived!!! They really can’t understand that I think most of what’s on TV is nothing but junk, and I only like to watch wholesome or religious stuff, so they got me the bigger screen so I could have some enjoyment in life. It’s kind of funny in a way, but I appreciate the gift, and it is nicer to have a larger screen because what I’m watching seems more real when it’s closer to lifesize.
    Maggie, Thanks for you kindness. I always read your posts too, and God made it possible to have cyber-friends and that’s a blessing.
    Jill, That pumpkin fluff sounds so yummy so I will be making that soon.
    And it really is nice to see the Fall foilage and yes Maggie I live close to your State, so I’m on the East Coast and my area looks much like the areas in your State.

  49. annie says

    In cake recipes that are made from box cake mixes, can vanilla extract be used in place of almond extract? Would it change the taste of the cake very much or not enough to notice? I’ve never used almond extract before and since I am allergic to almonds didn’t want to use it. Thank you.

    • says

      Annie I always use only vanilla just because I don’t really like the flavor that the almond extract gives most dishes. Be even at that I really have never been able to notice that much of a difference. Have never bought almond extract in all of my 60 years so I say just go for the vanilla.

    • says

      Not sure in the States but in Canada you cannot donate your body.
      My mother checked into it because every time she got a headache her left leg went about 3 inches shorter than her right leg. When her headache was gone her legs were the same size. She wanted to donate her body so it could be discovered why, since many people in the generations have the same problem.
      She was told no it was not allowed.
      She is still alive and still gets headaches, not as many or as bad as when she was younger but she was quite disappointed in not being able to do so.

  50. annie says

    Hi Jill, Glad to hear that vanilla extract will work. I won’t have to go out and buy something that cost and takes up space. Lately I’ve been trying to get rid of things that are no loneger needed and trying not to add anything that really isn’t necessary. Take care and enjoy this beautiful day. Annie.

  51. Bea says

    Jill, Can you recommend any good books? I know you like Grace Livingston Hill, and you also mentioned the book “Mrs Mike,” which I am now reading and like, but can you name some others because I’m fussy, and like good books, and sense you are a Christian too, you might know of some I may like. Thanks.

    • says

      Bea I was going to ask my readers the same question. I never thought I would get to the point where I would run out of books to read. I am super fussy about what books I read too and can’t seem to find too many that I really enjoy. My problem is I want light reading. I read to relax and get away and so many books now including Christian books have a cause or are trying more to get an opinion or point across then just plain good old fashion story telling.

      For example I was ready a modern Christian romance and before I was past page 10 we had dealt with a widow who had lost her husband and 4 children, a man who was fighting his own demons coming back from war, abused young girl, lonely orphans and a business burning down. Not to mention another character dealing with depression, a young girl pregnant out of wedlock and a man whose wife had left him. By page 10 I feel such a heaviness I finally closed the book. What I am finding is the authors are trying to deal with all these modern issues and to express their opinion of them and how they should be handled instead of telling just an enjoyable story.

      One of my favorite authors is Essie Summers but her books are harder to find. She was a Christian who wrote for Harlequin long before it became what it is now with all the sex stuff in it. She was very much like Grace Livingston Hill but the setting was in the 50’s and 60’s. Her books are all about New Zealand and I love it because she has good stories and she describes all these lovely meals the main character fixes that has my mouth watering by the time she is done describing it. They are just really sweet relaxed stories. Kind of along the lines of Jeanette Oke’s books.

      My library does have a handful of Essie Summers so you might try yours and see if it does too.

  52. Maggie says

    I am an avid reader and love a good story without the messages, too. Try reading Mauve Binchy or Rosamonde Pilcher. Also, the old Agatha Christie stories are great and don’t delve too deeply in murder, just the puzzle of trying to solve the mystery story. I also read Katherine Hall Paige, whose main character is the wife of a minister. I love these books which have little to no curse words and a great story. I check these out of my library and you will probably find these authors at yours, too.

  53. Bea says

    Jill I feel the same way you do about books. It’s so hard to find good ones, and I like a simple story, not with so many characters that it’s hard to keep track of, and so many “issues” that it’s more like a soap opera, even if Christian like. I try to get away from “issues” by reading. I don’t need to deal with fictional problems because there’s too many real ones. And newer secular novels also have issues about problems I’m not even interested in reading about because there are sinful. Also, I don’t need graphic intimacy either. I just want an escape into some nice story. I will check into Essie Summers. Thank you. It’s sad that you have to look into “older” books to get a good read.
    Maggie, thanks for your author suggestions too. I will do some research on their stories.

  54. Bea says

    I just checked Jill and my library has a book called “Design for Life” by Essie Summers so I will check into that. Thanks!

  55. Maggie says

    You might also try Debbie Maccomber (a Christian writer). She has some wonderful Christmas stories about 3 angels, Shirley, Goodness and Mercy.
    Also, I really like an old Harlequin writer named Betty Neels. She is deceased but I was able to purchase some of her books from a used book store.

  56. Bea says

    Thanks for the suggestions Maggie. I looked into Betty Neels and will try some of her books too.
    Jill, I was up to about 1am reading that Emmie Summers book last night. It’s hard to explain, but there is a certain quality to some authors that I’m attracted to, and for some reason I seem to like the same authors as you. It’s a certain beauty in the books that help you to have a brighter outlook on life.

    • says

      I am so glad you like it Bea. Her books are the kind that I find hard to put down too and want to keep reading and reading. I guess she really was the daughter of a minister and she is considered one of the main people who stirred up interest for people all over the world who at the time didn’t know a whole lot about New Zealand. All because of her books.

  57. Bea says

    I was wondering last night why some authors appeal to me and so many others DON’T, and I think it could be that the authors I seem to like were born in the earlier 1900’s or late 1800’s. Grace Livingston Hill, Janette Oke (a little more current) and now Essie Summers (1912) and Betty Neels (1909). Maybe that has something to do with it. It just seems that those authors write in such a beautiful way that seems to be SO lacking in more current authors. HMMM???

    • says

      I have to agree with you on that Bea. I have found that to be true too. It is like I said before the old authors were more intent on true story telling then what seems popular today which is more pushing a cause or lots of sex in order to sell books. I just want to relax with my books and my TV too.

  58. says

    Jill I think it was you who said you enjoyed british books. I know they aren’t books but have you seen on You tube the documentary series of Tales of the Green Valley, Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm and War time farm.
    They are excellent and each episode runs about an hour and each series takes in an entire year of farming and life in the era.
    The Victorian one talks about the history of Christmas pudding and the others show recipes of food. The one wartime farm talks about food and recipes when so much food was rationed. A real eye opener for Canada and the States where we didn’t feel it the same way.
    The different era’s are so interesting I love history and seeing the shows bring them to life.

    • says

      Thanks Lynda I will check those out. I like those kinds of things too and love history. I had at one point planned to be an archeologist but found out I had to go to at least 8 years of school and decided I didn’t want to be one that bad. :)

  59. says

    The people doing the farming and are the main subject people 2 are archeologists and the woman is a domestic historian.
    Really well done and I hope they do more of them.

    Now an author you might enjoy is Susan Wittig Albert She writes mysteries about the farm and people of Beatrix Potter the animals have their own society and help the people in the village. Really well written books and nice fun read.
    Another mystery writer is Nancy Atherton She writes light mysteries and the titles all start with Aunt Dimity (does something) The main character is American who with her family move to a village in England and Aunt Dimity is dead but communicates by writing in a diary. Really good and you forget that Dimity is not really there.
    I found on you tube the other day audio books some are English fairy tales but also Anne of Green Gables series of books. Those are nice to sit at night and knit on my Granddaughters sweater.
    Lots of interesting things on you tube and I figured I would never find anything it is amazing the good things that are overtaking the junk there.

  60. Maggie says

    I just started re-reading the series by Elizabeth George. She is a California author who writes about British “New Scotland Yard” characters. The stories are excellent and hold your interest. These are great mysteries and they are hard to put down once you start them. She has written about 15-20. I started reading them in the early 90’s and read all she had written at the time. Just a week ago or so, I decided to re-read the old ones and continue on with the current ones. The plan is to donate them to the library once I have read them this time. A few more things in the quest to declutter my bookcases.

  61. Donna B. says

    Hi Maggie:
    I like Elizabeth George also, but sometimes I find the English expressions leave me wondering what they mean and it takes a while for me to figure it out! (lol) You are correct the are good mysteries.

  62. says

    There is an American author and she only wrote about 10 books before she died. She started after she was retired from being a nun.
    I think her name is Sister Kathrine or Mary.
    She writes mysteries taking place in Los Angeles.
    She is a very good writer and the characters are so alive.
    Oh yes the 2 main characters are retired nuns.
    If I can find one of the books with her name I will come and give it but there are not many Sister ??? who write mysteries.

  63. Maggie says

    I looked this up and the author you are thinking of might be Sister Carol Anne O’Marie who wrote 11 books called the Sister Mary Helen Mysteries. These sounded really good so will check for them at my library. Thanks for the info.

    • says

      Do you know you guys are torturing me with all of these good book ideas. I have to start baking my gingerbread men next week which means I will have to cut back on my reading a little. Oh well it will be something fun to look forward to come Jan. when I can maybe be snowed in if we ever get a little snow.

    • says

      That is her. I got 2 of her books for 50 cents at the used book store sale and read them in 3 days. Went back and got one more the next trip then got a couple ordered in at the library and one through the computer lending at the library. Read them all in about 7 days minus the waiting.
      They are interesting and fun with the interaction of the characters.
      Think you will enjoy them.

  64. Bea says

    Thanks for all the author suggestions everyone, and Jill the descriptions of Christchurch, New Zealand sound pretty, and I was thinking of you when I read any desciptions of food.
    I will have to check into the authors mentioned by all of you. Thanks again.

  65. kathy says

    I found the “recipe” for making the heating pad with rice in your book dinning on a dime, but I can’t find the recipe that you put on your sight for the bean. bacon. hamburger casserole. I thought that I printed it, but can’t find it. Is it in the cookbook? Please hlep me.

  66. Bea says

    Jill, Just wanted to let you know that I went past my usual 8 weeks between trims and it’s working out great. I’ve been curling my hair, so it has some body, since it’s long, and it turns out real nice. I’m so glad I asked you how you handle your hair because I think you have really nice hair and since I’m handling my hair like you do yours it’s working out great.

    • says

      I’m glad it is working out for you Bea. I have been debating on cutting mine off but haven’t done it yet. It is usually easier for me to take care of it when it is long but I sure would like something different for a change. Won’t do anything until after Christmas at least.

  67. Ma\ry Jane says

    I had to laugh a bit about the questions about how long to go before getting your hair trimmed. I went into a proper hairdresser for a hair cut when my daughter was 6 weeks old. The next time I went in to a paying hairdresser, that same daughter was 18 years old. Money was tight, so I grew my hair out, and had it trimmed about twice a year by a willing or brave friend, who just trimmed the edges. Even my husband did it once. When I started going to a hairdresser again, I had my hair cut into a short pixie type cut. Three or four trims a year kept that up, for about 15 years. Now, this last year, I grew it out to one length just above the shoulder, to save money in retirement, and plan on the twice a year trims again. If it is a simple trim of the ends on a simple cut, consider asking friends, or even family. Hey, it is just hair, and it will grow back. (When I had my hair long, I could just sit on the longest part. I put it up in a giant braided bun most days. I cut it partly to save on the trouble of shampooing so much hair. I figured the cost of trims, was worth it at the time)

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