Taking Those We Love for Granted

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Our dog Buster

Buster (my granddog) had another itching attack last night. Some of you who have been visiting LivingOnADime.com for a while probably already know about Buster and his itching problems.

Well, after an hour with him laying on the bed next to me scratching and chewing, then chewing and scratching, I remembered Tawra saying the vet told her to give him some Benadryl. Thank goodness I had some but then the question was how much do you give a small dog? I decided that a quarter teaspoon couldn’t hurt anybody, even a small dog, and gave it to him.

Finally it kicked in and I fell asleep (no, I didn’t take Benadryl, too). I woke up two hours later, got up, went to the bathroom and came back. Halfway back, I noticed Buster hadn’t followed me into the bathroom as usual. Concerned I ran into the bedroom.

There he was, spread out on the floor not moving a muscle. I came unglued. I don’t do well in emergencies. I just knew I had killed him by overdosing him on Benadryl. I started frantically shaking him and calling “Buster, Buster wake up”. He wouldn’t wake up. I was so scared.

Then I looked down and noticed that there was one eye open looking at me as if to say “Lady what is your problem, It’s the middle of the night and you should be sleeping”. Then he rolled over, stretched and went back to sleep.

I, on the other hand, was now wide awake. Hours later, I finally dozed, only to be awakened with a good morning lick. I opened one eye, looked at him and said, “Buster, I’m so glad you are alive”. :) :)

What a nice way to wake up each morning: turning to someone you love; a spouse, child or even yourself and telling them, “I’m so glad you are alive”. We all make the mistake of taking those we love for granted sometimes don’t we?

In my hurried and hectic days, God needs to remind me that no matter how bad things are and how busy I get, I do need to make sure I don’t take those I love for granted.




  1. Deb Evert says

    Jill – I wish I had known that your little guy had the itches – we spoke to our vet because one of our dogs – not sure if it was our last cocker spaniel or our Golden retriever – had TERRIBLE itchies!!! She said to give them benadryl – and that dogs regardless of size tolerate benadryl FAR FAR better than humans. We tried the capsules and pills but didn’t have any luck but the liquid works GREAT!! I get the pediatric benadryl liquid and give them – about a tablespoon now. You might start with a teaspoon and go up -which is what we did – but – they don’t mind the taste of it since its sweet!! No need to worry – honest – it gives them a lot of relief and works amazingly well. So – please don’t worry about your furgrandbaby – it won’t hurt him. Hugs – Deb in NE

    • Victoria says

      Try using a grain free dog food, such as Orijen, my old dog bonnie had the scratching/ itching thing, once we put her on a grain free diet it stopped!

  2. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    What a lovely message. Thank you for reminding me to love my loved ones. One time my dog and I had the same infection. Her dose of antibiotics was four times mine, and I weighed three times as much. Sometimes I even get her medacine from the regular pharmacy. Based on what Liz wrote above you may want to give your dog that percentage of benadryl in accordance with their weight.

  3. rose says

    my daughter has a poodle (actually this is their 3rd) and each one had/have serious itching/dry skin issues .. and sensitive skin too ..
    she uses an oatmeal soap when she bathed/bathes them.. i think its from aveeno ..
    for our dogs we use baby shampoo but very sparingly .. it was recommended by the vet ..
    i will ask her what the name brand is .. bc she has tried everything and this oatmeal shampoo is very good and gentle ..
    also if buddy is using a topical flea thingy on the back of his neck .. we use advantage .. our cats had a reaction to the frontline .. not sure why .. neither is the vet bc they are both practically the same thing .. but that could cause it too (it did with our cats) ..
    also as per the vet .. never ever ever use those generic soaps/flea items for ur pets .. they use harsh chemicals and perfumes among other things .. we almost lost our cat by using these ..
    that is why we use the baby shampoo on the dogs .. and she uses this other shampoo on the her poodle(s) ..
    she has only 1 poodle now .. that is why i typed the info about them the way that i did ..
    hopefully he will be feeling better soon ..
    so sad when our furry pets dont feel well and they really cant communicate with us to let us know ..

    • Katie says

      What we hav done for fleas on our dogs is use Dawn (dishwashing soap) in addition to the dog shampoo. The Dawn is biodegradable and works well on fleas (from what I’ve read, it was what was used for the birds in Prince William Sound several years ago).

  4. Grandma says

    a few months ago we got a new dumped kitten.
    she is active and has a great time trying to get the 2 old cats to play.
    One day we noticed that Lucky’s eye was weeping. The vet only comes to town on Tuesday and this was over the Christmas holidays.
    Called the pharmacy and Jim told me to get an eye cream and try that. It was an anti-biotic and it worked to keep any infection from getting worse.
    Got to the vet and he said Monster scratched Lucky’s eyeball. 1 week of eye drops which Lucky came to me when his eye started either hurting or itching. He would lay on the couch with the sore eye up so I could put the drops in.
    Never had any animal do that so it must have been bad for him.
    But he is fine now and actually starts fighting back when Monster gets too rough.
    Poor old Punkin only plays with her by twitching his tail over the chair and then batting at her when she catches it.
    punkin is 20 lucky is 18 monster is the female and about 6 months old.
    monster rules as most females do.

  5. Maggie says

    This column makes me miss my mini-dachshund even more. She died in Oct 2010. But,oh my gosh, did she have problems itching in the summer months. Grass made her itch. And being so low to the ground, her poor tummy was always red. The vet prescribed Benadryl for her, too, and we gave he 1/2 an adult tab (the pink ones) and it worked very well for her. We mixed it with a little cream cheese or liverwurst and boy, she couldn’t wait for that treat every morning. Glad your baby is doing better. It sure is scary when they are ill.

  6. Mary says

    This is soooooo funny. I can just see your eyes wide open in the middle of the night. Dog was fine but your were a wreck. By the way, Jill, “I’m so glad you are alive” also.

    • says

      Thanks Mary. That is so sweet of you to say. You are so right the dog had a great nights sleep but I was exhausted. : )

  7. Shelia says

    Probably first good sleep he had gotten in a while, lol itching is rough. Gold bond body powder (dollar tree version works too for did and people. Awesome relief and will keep bugs of at the same time. Win win.

  8. Jackie says

    Our Shih Tzu also has itching/chewing spells. Our vet also recommended benadryl, which worked well. We have since moved and now have a new vet. This gentlemen told me that the itching and chewing can be caused by food allergies. He said that sometimes the protein in beef dog foods can cause these symptoms. He recommended switching my dog’s food to a lamb formula. I am happy to say there are no more itching or chewing spells. I found this new food, (which first ingredient is protein and does not have many grains) at our local Tractor Supply Company. The food comes in dry and canned and is very reasonably priced.

  9. Sara says

    I am so glad that Benadryl worked for your granddog. I have a 7 pound Chihuahua and she suffers from itchiness too. The weird thing is that it’s only around her mouth, nowhere else. I’ve taken her to the vet and even a doggie dermatologist, without much success. He had us clean her diet so she only eats a kangaroo type of food and limited treats, and this worked for a little while but the itchiness came back.

    I tried giving her Benadryl twice but it made her very sick. I finally tried Children’s Claritin and this is the only thing that helps. She still scratches her face once in a while, but nothing like she used to, she would scratch herself raw.

    I don’t have children so she’s my baby. She has the sweetest face you’d ever seen and is always happy to see me when I come home from work. I consider her a gift from God.

  10. Stacey says

    Wow, talk about maaking a fur mommy feel terrible.lol. My cat Cameron is a total brat; but wonderful. He’s about 13 lbs, orange and white striped and spoiled. Every morning he wakes me up by cleaning himself while sitting on my chest. Yes, that’s really how he does it. I get so annoyed by him doing that; that I could almost smack him. But I don’t….I know my kitty man is just wanting mommy’s attention. I am glad your puppers is doing better with the Benadryl.

  11. Nick says

    My pit terrier has skin itching issues as well- vet recommended 1mg Benadryl per pound, so he gets two tablets in the morning with his wet food and he’s good all day and is itchy free. (also helps calm down his puppy energy while I’m at work!)

  12. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Every morning my little Siberian Husky Swee’ Tater makes my day just by waking up! At 10, or 70 in dog years, he still tires me out.

  13. says

    Stop feeding your dog wheat or grain products. My dog was getting into the cat food (unbeknownst to us) and started itching and losing hair. What a mess, poor girl! Once we were able to control her diet again she improved. It takes time but it’s worth the effort!

  14. Diane says

    We’ve had problems with our dogs itching in the past, and after we switched dog foods, there were no further problems. We feed Wellness and both our dogs have nice fur, no sore spots nor itching. A lot of times dogs are allergic to grains and corn.

    Wellness is a little pricey, but so are vet visits. Since we’ve started them on Wellness, they only need to go in for their annual visits. No other problems.

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