Spooky Spiders

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Decorate With Spooky Spiders

One of the easiest ways to decorate for Halloween is by using spider webs. They are inexpensive especially if you buy them after Halloween for next year. I put spider webs everywhere and the kids love it. I put spider webs on my kitchen curtains, every light fixture in the house, around all the picture frames, stretched across vases and down the side of the fridge.

The secret to making spider webs look neat is to stretch them out as much as possible. I then throw in a spider or two. It would also be fun to have a party revolving around spiders with spider cupcakes, spiders in the punch and so on.

Even when she dresses up,  Tawra stretches a spider web with spiders across her hat and down her shoulders. Put some lights across the mantle on the fireplace and stretch out more spider web. Let your imagination go wild.



photo by: daveparker


  1. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Out walking Grizzly Bear Dog when we saw the neighbor’s Halloween spider decoration. Doggie jumped and I did in turn. He stood watching it for a full five minutes. Never saw anything like that in nature! Thank goodness.

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