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Quote of the Day – Plan Ahead!

This time of year is beyond busy for me. Besides all of the usual Thanksgiving and Christmas preparation, we also have one of our biggest books sales and, to make things even more interesting, I normally bake anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 gingerbread men between November 1 and Christmas. No, that isn’t a typo. To say I need to be organized and plan ahead is an understatement, so I really need today’s quotes.

Be sure to plan ahead. Remember it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. That applies to everything. Don’t wait until an emergency happens or you get into a bind to start getting your debt under control or start saving. Do it now before it starts “raining”.

 Seriously– it really does pay to plan ahead. We expect our children to work hard in school preparing and planning for their future. We expect them to get their homework done on time and keep it organized and other things at school but we don’t do it ourselves in our own lives. ( And we wonder from whom they learned to procrastinate and not to plan ahead. Hmmm???) So start doing a little planning. Whether you’re planning your meals, your Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving dinner or how much you are going to spend on gifts, get an early start and plan ahead!


PS. Here is another quote that I use often this time of year and find it to be oh so true.

Lose an hour in the morning and you will spend the rest of the day looking for it.


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  1. says

    here is a quote I found in a Christmas book I just read.

    Life must be lived forwards,but it can be understood only backwards.

    I guess as I get older this makes more sense.

  2. Samantha says

    I love that picture with the rain; it’s beautiful. You are right. I never plan ahead during the holidays, and it is stressful. I’ve been meaning to plan for things this whole week, but being 11 weeks pregnant, I’m always so tired. I am going to make an effort today to plan ahead for things as best as I can.

    • maria says

      Hang in there! Hopfully you will soon enter a phase where you will feel much better, and an urge to plan ahead. nesting and all… I don’t know if this is your first child, but an advice I wish I had had when I xpected my first will follow: Start planning the small things ahead that will make life easier for you now. like for me I would really be exhausted coming home from work and not cook anything good for me, but stress about it and after doing that eat some junk, be tied from the sugar, no lunch to packfor the next day. so instead I decided on five real easy dinners, like salad, canned soup, anything was better than nothing. made a list, got my stuff and didn’t have to think about dinners. and I was less tired from eating better and not wasting energy.

      long text, sorry, I mean, think for a bit, what is your worst energy waster? what its an easy way for you to prevent you from wasting your precious energy on that? Will a short walk outdoors at lunchtime give you energy? will it be lots of easy cans to grab for dinner? will it be to have a quiet game planned for when big sister needs some entertainment? when you are that tired try to think of something that gives you energy, and start planning ahead to make that happen. Then hopefully you will have more strength after a bit to do some other, byte planning that takes most effort. best wishes to you. I just to vividly remember what it is like to be so tired!

  3. Dee says

    I learned the hard tragic way to plan ahead! I didn’t have a saving account & was paycheck to paycheck when a back injury kept me off of work. I got behind on the mortgage & they foreclosed on my home. My daughter wasn’t able to finish her senior year at the high school she has attended for 3 years because we had to move. After we moved, for a short period of time, I still had many things in the locked garage. I only had a small shed at the new home. My garage was broken into, & they stole my wedding handmade album, it was beautiful, made with satin & lace. They took my weeding & honeymoon photos with the album. They robbed me of many other things & I felt very violated.
    Moving forward, I vowed to save money & put time on the books at work for any emergencies. I worked every bit of available overtime & all of it was all put on the books as compensatory time. Now I have 16 days available in case I have an emergency, so I can still get paid if I’m injured & unable to work. I asked myself, how much stuff do I really need? I wear a uniform to work, & I have clothes hanging in the closet with the tags still on them. I stopped buying clothes & extra things I didn’t need. I paid the bills, put gas in the car, bought food, & made a habit of saving money every single paycheck. We do order out food on occasion, but other than that, we have home cooked meals every day of the week. I rarely go out, but when I do, I bring $20 to spend. That’s enough for a few beers & a sandwich, that’s all I need. When that’s gone, so am I, & I’m ok with that. I still see my friends & have a nice time.
    I have a HABIT of saving now. I pay myself first & I monitor every penny I spend. I check my bank account online, everyday. If I can only save $50 from a paycheck, that’s ok, because I was able to put something away, & it all adds up, Be patient, your savings account will grow.

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