Quote of the Day — Weeds

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Quote of the Day — Weeds

Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. For many years I could not understand why everyone else didn’t appreciate all those pretty yellow flowers (dandelions) and that strange purple flower that always grew in my yard. They added a little bright color to my poor balding yard which, most of the time, had more dirt than grass in it. 

Alas it seems only my grandchildren and I appreciate their true beauty.

I have tried to look at my yard with more grown up eyes and I try each year make my yard look magazine perfect but, to my daughter’s dismay, I usually fail and fail badly, so I dedicate today’s quote to her:

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except to grow in rows. : ) : )


Yes, but don’t forget, A weed is a flower out of place. :-)




  1. Bea says

    Jill, I never understood either why people don’t appreciate dandelions. I figured if God went through the trouble of making them such a pretty yellow color than they are to be appreciated. Maybe I have a child-like spirit and find joy in simple, ordinary things. There is a Saint in the Catholic Church whose name is
    “St Therese of the Little Flower” and she was wondering one day why God made people different and why some people have more than others in many ways, spiritually and materially, and she felt that God answered her in her heart with this answer. People are like flowers in the Garden of God. Some are showy and fancy like roses or lilies and some are more humble like violets and wildflowers, but all were created by God and are pleasing to Him. He gave to each exactly what He wanted to give and every flower can’t be a rose or a lily because then the garden would be boring. It’s just like in Heaven, some people will be greater Saints than others, through their own choices they made in life, but just like a timble or a big drinking glass, each will be filled with all the happiness they can hold. Filled to their capacity. Back to the dandelions. I tasted one of the best jellies in my life when I had dandelion jelly from the farmers market. It’s as sweet as honey and it a golden sparking color in the sunlight, so it does have value.

    • Jan says

      I like dandelions, too, and the fact that dandelion greens are good for you, and now finding out that jelly can be made from them–wow.
      I was reading Jill’s article on dandelions, and the comments, so I asked my husband what he thinks about them. He said, “I love them; that is why I cultivate so many of them in our yard.” I thought it was tongue-in-cheek, but he added, “They’re pretty; I have never understood why people don’t like them.”

      • says

        Your husband sounds like a man after my own heart. Although there are times when I can’t decide if I truly love them or I have taught myself to love them because it is easier to learn to love them then all the hard work I would have to do to get rid of them. : ) : )

  2. Courtney says

    I love dandelions, too! My husband and I own a landscaping company and people are always surprised that we have a lawn full of dandelions and clover. Plain old green lawns are boring and weedkiller is SO bad for people, pets and all the wild critters that live around us.

  3. says

    I completely agree with you!!! I just love Dandelions! My neighbors hate them, but guess what, it is my yard! A weed is a plant growing where you don’t want it to grow…..I WANT them to grow there!

  4. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    I thank God for what he plants and grows in my yard too. I never could understand the concept of putting chemicals (fertiziler, pestacides, and heracides)and water on the lawn because then I have to cut it using, human and petroleum energy.

  5. says

    My gardening skills are hit and miss at best. People wonder why I let things live that they would move or destroy. My thinking is it is green and living so go for it.
    My mother once had a plant in the middle of her flower garden and couldn’t identify it so since it was thriving she let it go. Turned out it was a kulrabi plant. Best one in the bunch she had planted some the year before in the vegetable garden but a seed travelled to the front garden in some unknown way and it was a beautiful kulrabi. the years before harvest wasn’t the greatest but that was ok since we didn’t like kulrabi.
    This year I will stick with herbs and globe asters and my many flowering bushes.

  6. Alicia Webster says

    Jill, I thought I was the only one who felt that way about dandelions, so thank you for writing this. I was down at the bus stop the other day with the cackling hens (the other moms), and they were going on and on about how so many yards in our neighborhood looked “awful” because of all the dandelions. I kept my mouth shut (my husband would say that’s a first for me), and said nothing, even though I disagreed. I am from California originally, and so I just thought that maybe Virginians liked the highly manicured look, while we Californians were a bit more relaxed about the weeds. But now I see that there are others in many parts of this country who see all of those yellow flowers and don’t necessarily shudder :)

  7. Ginny says

    Dandelions are such an amaziing flower. Think about the fact that they are many individual flowers rolled into one. They are one of the first flowers our bees work and what is better for breakfast than fresh dandelions greens mixed with scrambled eggs !
    Violets give us such wonderful scents and what is better than a small bouquet- hand delivered in a puggie little hand and a great big smile ?? Ah, the flowers of spring…..the memories they bring back.

  8. Tracy Jones says

    Young dandelion leaves and even the flowers are edible!! Pick some tender leaves, wash well and throw them in a salad! The flowers can be washed and fried for a treat!

  9. Einzi says

    Have you ever thought about eating the dandelions in or as a salad? Just make sure you use them BEFORE they sprout a flower.

  10. Susan says

    I love our dandelions! The greens make great salad vegetables or soup greens. The flowers make great marmalade and wine. What a fabulously useful plant! And it’s free!

  11. Paula says

    Wow…Our daughter(now 17) used to call them “DANDY LIONS”!! What great memories this brings back!!! Nothing better than a bunch in a jar from little hands that picked them just for you!!! I will admit I was never crazy about her blowing the seed pod in my face to show me how they ‘worked’! LOL

    • maria says

      My youngest, 2,5 was thrilled today when we walked home from kindergarten with no stress. All those beautiful flowers that he was allowed to pick! He picked online the yellow ones, a big bunch. he said: Mommy, one needs flowers in the house, I think!. So true! Adorable to get one or two scrunched up in a small hand, like a treasure. oh, I miss these days allready!

  12. Ginny says

    If you are a beekeeper, you thank God everyday for every wildflower that He has planted in His garden. Dandelions and violets (both purple and white) are like the “Giving Tree”.
    Scrambled eggs with young non polluted greens, vegetable soup with young greens, fried early flowers are just a few things you can make. What good does a poisoned lawn give us except …. no children can walk on it, no pets can play on it and if you kill budding flowers, you also kill the honey bee.

  13. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    I live in Annapolis at the “bottom” of the Chesapeake bay waterfront. All of the pesticides and herbicides that farmers and home owners use in the Upper Chesapeake wash down here and then we eat the seafood from the bay. I don’t know if it’s related, but our county has the highest cancer rate in the world. So do our dogs who walk barefoot on chemically treated grass. I make a mental note of who treats their lawns (it’s easy to tell. They look “perfectly” uniform) and avoid walking puppy on those that are treated.

  14. Ann Conaway says

    I, too, love dandelions. I loved to have my children pick them and fill the house with yellow sunshine! They could pick as many as they could hold, and the next day there always seemed to be more for them to pick! Dandelions put a smile on my face whenever I see them. So glad to know there are others who appreciate them as much as I do!

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