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 As much as I hate to admit it, I have reached the age where this poem is so true. I want no comment from my children either. 😀

 My face in the mirror
   isn’t wrinkled or drawn
My house isn’t dirty
   the cobwebs are gone
My garden looks lovely
   and so does my lawn
I think I might never
   put my glasses back on


photo by: xtheowl



    • says

      Hey Bea was thinking about you last night and was hoping you are ok because you hadn’t posted for a while. So glad to see you back.

  1. Paula says

    Thanks so much for the day brightener!! It’s sooo TRUE!! Maybe we should have guests remove their glasses instead of their shoes when they come to visit!!!LOL….GOD Bless!!!

  2. says

    my yard and garden do look lovely. Well compared to other years it does.
    I like the quote though.
    I tell my children I earned every grey hair on my head with their help.
    The wrinkles are laugh ones not frown ones and my children like that fact.
    The house quote is great and I agree with Paula.
    Anyway thanks for the laugh.
    Needed it today as it is grey and rainy, but need the break from the yard work of yesterday.

  3. Bea says

    Jill, Thanks for thinking of me. You are always such a gracious and thoughtful woman. I usually check this blog almost every day because it brings joy to me, but have been so busy and lots of things on my mind lately. Thanks for your concern. Brightened my day.

  4. Rachel H says

    Very cute! Someone posted on facebook something funny about not vacuuming the house for 2 weeks. I got to thinking and realized it was probably more like 4 weeks for me! So I pulled the vacuum out yesterday and went to work! We put a brown berber carpet in a couple of years ago, and it does not show anything, so I just don’t think to vacuum anymore.

    • says

      I’m the same way Rachel. I am really bad though because I have a Roomba vacuum that I love and all I have to do is set him on the floor and push a button but I still put off vacuuming. Doesn’t get a whole lot worse then that. Shame on me. One thing though I have plenty of volunteers to vacuum for me. When the grand kids would come over they always wanted to vacuum so they could set “Bob” out and watch him run around the floor. : )

  5. Rachel H says

    I bet they do enjoy watching that! My granddaughter always wants to bake when she comes over. But she is one of those independent types who wants to do everything herself. By the time I am finished baking with her I am worn out! I’m thinking of getting her an Easy Bake oven to keep at my house so that maybe she can do more on her own, and I will have less clean up and headaches to deal with!

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