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photo by: xtheowl

Blaming your faults on your nature doesn’t change the nature of your faults.

How often do we say “I know I have a temper, I’m impatient, like to spend money, don’t like to clean, spend too much time on the computer (etc) but…….” as if the fact that we recognize these things makes them ok and so we can keep doing them. I’m not sure which is worse; not seeing when you have a problem or not doing anything about your problem when you see it.



  1. Bea says

    I think both are bad, but I think not knowing you have a problem that should be worked on, is a little worse. At least if you recognize your problems you can ask God to help you get the strength to change them. I think God wants us to grow as people. Getting older physically should mean we are growing wiser and better people. I think if we ask God on a regular basis for His help we will grow in holiness. It is hard, but if we are humble enough to see our weaknesses, we have hope to change. If a person can’t even see their faults at all, then there is no way to even start the process of growth and change.

  2. says

    thanks I needed this quote today.
    I have something wrong with my foot for the past 4 weeks. Dr. thinks it might be a stress fracture or a cyst so I am waiting for xrays to come back. I also have arthritis in both ankles and fybro. So you can see I don’t want to move much right now.
    I have sort of been using that as an excuse to sit and feel sorry for myself.
    Well yesterday I met a lady downtown at the drug store and we were talking and she told me she had a small stroke just before Christmas. She is in her 80’s and has more energy than many younger women (me included) that I know.
    So today your quote hit a chord and I have just finished steam cleaning my kitchen floor dining room floor and the stairs.
    Boy do I hurt but Boy do I feel good.
    Thanks for the kick in the can’t do this today department. I can do this and I did this. Yippee.
    Now have to tackle the bed making upstairs.
    easy peasy I hope.
    have a good day

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