Saying No to Grandkids and Procrastinating

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chocolate chip cookies

I love collecting quotes, jokes and cartoons. Here are a couple I recently found.

The first is a cartoon which my grandkids think is a hoot. It shows a little boy walking out of the kitchen carrying a huge plate of cookies and the caption reads, “Grandma doesn’t know the meaning of the word “No”.

Boy if that isn’t the truth. Is there anything harder then saying no to the grandkids???? Except when they are being little stinkers which mine never are of course???? : ) : )

This next quote is for those of you who know you need to get up this morning and get busy but can’t figure out why you haven’t yet.

Procrastination was last seen trying to find motivation….. now they’re both lost.

This is a good one for us with CFS and FM. : ) : ) Hope you have a weekend full of laughter.


Photo By: Dyanna


  1. Bea says

    Jill, I’ve been thinking a lot about holiday cooking lately, and I’ve been looking thorough cookbooks and came across this quote. I wanted to share it with you because it reminds me of you and this website. The quote is, “What does cookery mean? It means the knowledge of Medea, and of Circe, and of Calypso, and of Helen, and of Rebekah, and of the Queen of Sheba (Spices). It means knowledge of all herbs, and fruits, and balms, too. Also, knowledge of all that is healing and sweet from groves, and savory in meat. It means carefulness and inventiveness, watchfulness, willingness, and readiness of appliances. It means the economy of your grandmother, and the science of modern chemistry, and French art and Arabian hospitality. It means, in fine, that you are to see imperatively, that everyone has something NICE to eat.” I think you, Jill and Tawra, do a great job with all that’s mentioned in that quote. Also, there is another quote that is humorous that I wanted to share. It says, “Long ago anyone wishing to escape his creditors had only to scatter poppy seeds in his shoes, which allowed him to pass among them unseen.” This was an actual superstitious belief. I think it’s funny.

  2. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    They say that eating lots and lots of poppy seeds, which are related to opium, and can make you test drug positive. Maybe one just THROUGHT his creditors didn’t see him.

  3. says

    Not a quote really but something to think about in hard times and good times.

    One hundred
    years from now,
    it will not matter
    What kind of car I drove,
    What kind of house
    I lived in
    How much I had
    in my bank
    Nor what my clothes
    Looked like.
    But the world may
    Be a little better
    Because I was important
    In the life
    of a child.

    Author Unknown

  4. says

    Here is a quote my DIL sent to me after reading how much I missed my son’s presence in our lives.
    He is living in China and there is a big hole that just won’t fill in completely.
    Anyway just before they got married she wrote this to me.

    “The distance will not be so far if the hearts are near to each other.”

  5. Mari says

    Very nice thought :)

    Your previous quote, the one I’ve set as my Facebook status – a girl I work with has added a line to it to say how spooky it is how things come into your life just at the right moment, and the quote is so relevant to her right now xx

  6. Rachel H says

    Boy can I relate to the procrastination and motivation quote! Add to FM some other health issues, and some days I just can’t get off the couch hardly! so things tend to pile up. But I just chip away at things when I can. I was always fine with messes my kids made, and being spontaneous with them. I think they had a good childhood. I love my grandkids, but can really only handle them when I feel well. I thank God above for those sweet days!

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