Procrastinating Won’t Make It Go Away

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Today’s quote of the day:

“You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

Here’s my translation:

If you pay for something on credit today, you will still have to pay for it tomorrow. You aren’t getting it for free.

The same goes for all those “buy now and you don’t have to pay until next year” ads.  Be careful. I’m not sure why but when we started using credit cards, we lost all responsibility for our money.

Holiday shopping is already starting so be sure to think carefully about the gift you’re planning to buy each time you pull out that credit card to pay. You will be responsible for it tomorrow (or next month).

This quote also applies to other things besides money. You may decide you aren’t going to do the dinner dishes today but, trust me, they will be there in the morning for you. (I hate to be the one to break it to you but there really aren’t any house fairies who come in the night and do them.) :) :) And one day you will have to break down and clean out that closet.

Try to get up, make a plan and then work the plan. Set your home in order for the week and don’t wait until tomorrow or next week to do it. Your mess will still be there tomorrow only worse. If you fix your mess today it won’t be there tomorrow. Ahhhh. How much better and less stressful.




  1. MichelleFL says

    I have bought many things on the “6 months same as cash” or “no payments till” plans and have never had to pay interest on the items. You have to be very careful with these plans though and really do your homework in advance. Some stores just inflate the price of the item on “sale” to recoup the loss of the interest income. Be sure that the item is truly on sale and is comparable to other store’s sale prices. Another thing that I do is save up 1/2 of the amount of the item, when my first bill comes in I pay that on the card and then if it is a 6-month deal I devide the remaining amount on the card by four months to pay it off way ahead of time. I would caution anyone to only buy this way if you can pay the item off in 2 months or less time than you sign up for. Factoring in the extra two months gives you a little breathing room just in case life hands you a blow along the way. If you’re not diligent about paying if off on time or early you’ll get stuck with the accumulated interest at the end. Usually, I only use these deal on appliances. A few years ago when I realized my bought-very-used refrigerator was nearing death, I started scouring the sales ads and decided a “six month same as cash deal” was the way to go.

  2. Bea says

    At my job, I have heard from MANY people that Fall is a rough time for them financially. It starts in late summer, with buying things for school for their kids, and then progresses to wanting a “Big Christmas” for their families. I can’t tell you the number of people that literally stop paying their utility bills, or pay partial payments, even on credit card balances, in order to have money for Christmas. When you tell them that in the long run it’s not a good idea to do that, because the bills have to be paid eventually, they don’t want to hear it. They want what they want, and that’s all there is to it. In my state, people know that if they don’t pay their heating bills, they can’t be shut off for nonpayment between November 1st and April 1st, so they tend to stop paying that bill to have money for Christmas. Then when Spring comes they are so far in debt that a lot of them can’t pay the bills. If they are renting they usually just move, and start over somewhere else. Maybe the new apartment has the heat included in the rent, so they “get away” with not paying off the bills they ran up. Eventually it all caughts up with them though, because their credit is ruined. When they want to buy something in the future, they get turned down if they want to use credit, and either do without, or finally pay the bills they should have paid years ago. And their credit score, on their credit reports, have to recover from all that damage, before they can make major purchases like homes or cars.

  3. says

    Well said Bea – I just wish people would not feel so pressurised about Christmas. I would just like to say that here in England the shops are already getting full of Christmas “stuff” – cards, decorations, and gifts. This starts from August Bank Holiday onwards! We are ALL stressed into orgaanising a “big Christmas”. I am SURE it is the same in America as it is here – buying presents we can’t really afford – sometimes for people we hardly see regularly – or if we are honest… really like… but we HAVE to do it. I would really love to see us all going back to a simpler Christmas – it is only ONE day after all! We would all be happier without the stress and worry of buying presents, paying for them, hoping they will be acceptable – the list goes on! Some years ago I told my three sons NOT to buy anything for me or their father (after all what did we need?) and to spend the money on their wives and own children. I just said it was not through any lack of love or kindness that I suggested this – but to save THEM the worry and cost. I did cheat here, and admit it, I did give THEM presents – but handmade gifts, knitted scarves, handcreams, soaps etc. I have friends who stress themselves and their bank balances to provide an expensive Christmas for their family and friends and they complain to me afterwards that they did not get anything back near as good as they gave out!! It is just too much worry for a lot of people and this makes me sad because it should be a nice peaceful time – and I bet not many Christmas days are! A good friend once said to me “I don’t want the perfect Christmas – I just want a happy one” – and I couldn’t agree more. We are bombarded with glossy magazines saying “Have the best decorated fire place” “best decorated staircase” “Best gourmet food to impress the family”. If there is ONE thing that makes me really angry is the “Countdown to Christmas Day” article – you know the one – where it starts 0615am peel the sprouts 0618am prepare the parsnips 0624am start mixing……… ending up usually with “Lunch at 3pm – the cook should have a glass of champagne for all her hard work”…….How is this for making mum feel pressured? Personally I just prep all my vegetables the day before – doing as much as possible, with the intention that it makes kitchen work easier on the day. Incidentally, these “timed” days of cooking articles ALWAYS come from reputable well known chefs – shame on them they should know better. All these articles, in my opinion, just make a lot of people feel inadequate and that their Christmas “just won’t measure up” to what it suggested is everyone else’s Perfect Day. I’m sure your supermarkets are stocking up with gigantic tins of chocolates and sweets (do we really need to eat more sweets during the holiday???) as well as giant packs and tins of everyday goods – and sadly we are often seduced into buying all this “stuff” and in reality how much is ever used? I’m sure everyone of us can admit to throwing away lots of otherwise good food AFTER the holiday….. what a terrible waste. I am planning a sensible but happy Christmas – won’t go overboard and buy things I think we may not eat or really NEED. This will just be another exercise for me in frugal living. I really love this website and look at it every day – it is great to read the comments from homemakers in America – and further afield. I just WISH WISH WISH I had been in this frame of mind years ago – When I think of the really vast amounts of money I have wasted/not used wisely it makes me very sad. Recent, terrible events, our business being closed by a greedy UK bank and both me and my husband being made redundant and out of work – for the first time in 45 years! – has made me realised the need/common sense of living frugally. I now think of this new way of life as an “adventure” and had I done this years ago I would be retired with a loft apartment in New York by now! I admit though it is easier for just the two of us and realise it is a great challenge for mums and dads with a growing family. Wishing you all a stress free HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

  4. says

    As I have said Christmas with the extended family for me was huge in people and food. But gifts were not exchanged among cousins and aunts and uncles.
    Grampa and Grandma got gifts from each family and that was it. I don’t recall ever missing the gifts with so many things to do and so many people to play with who needed toys.
    Each family opened their gifts to each other before or after they got home.
    Even the gifts to grampa and grandma were small. From our family they got 2 bottles of after shave that grampa liked and only mom and dad could get it. Grandma usually got a book as she loved to read. I think the most spent was about $20.
    We are far from family so we don’t exchange gifts but always a phone call to each brother and sister. Easier this year as my mother and 2 sisters have all moved in together. Mom and my youngest sister are widows and my other sister never married. My sisters son is also still at home since he is in university in the city. One call will do it for 4 people. Hard to catch my brothers family so the call is any time during the christmas break.
    I send my son’s and DIL’s 100 dollars each and the little ones get a box on the bus full of their gifts. Children do not appreciate money so if I send them money it is a month before Christmas so mom and dad can figure out what they want this year. Never more than $50.
    Wish we could go back to a time when it wasn’t so materialistic but I guess that is just not an option right now.

  5. Bea says

    Jennifer, One of the things I really enjoy about this website is reading what other people think from different countries. The Pope was just in England, and that is special to me. I have to say also, that I wish I had all this knowledge that Jill and Tawra put on this website and in their books earlier in my life too. I made some stupid ficnancial mistakes that just wouldn’t have happened if I grew up knowing better. Well, at least I know now. And thats a big help to me.

  6. Millie says

    Our family doesn’t exchange gifts any more but I still have quite a few things in my apartment that I don’t need any more or I regift. Instead of deciding who gets what– I put every thing on a table and everybody can pick up what they want. They seem to like this.

  7. Maggie says

    Jennifer, So sorry about your business. My husband’s company went out of business about 5 years ago and he took retirement at that time. It was tough until he was eligible for social security but a blessing in disguise since his mom got ill and needed him to do all her household things and take her to dr. visits. We decided this year to give things the kids actually wanted for Christmas. My daughter wanted a gift subscription to a magazine she couldn’t afford so I ordered that for her. My grands love Highlight’s magazine so each got an age appropriate mag for them. I usually give both my kids a gift certificate to their local grocery store for $100 each and that is their gift. My son lives close to us so whenever I grocery shop, I can share extra meat or meals I have prepared with him. When they are frozen, I give him a large bag of goodies and this works for him. I shop at a Farmers’ market and buy the kids and husband candy from a local candy maker or make fudge and cookies at home for everyone. I recently found a gift list from about 20 years ago and the amount of gifts I gave was astonishing. Where on earth did I get all that money? We have cut down to just our immediate family and quite frankly, sharing a phone call or a note is more valuable to me now than anything else. We don’t need any material things, just the love and support of our family. That’s what makes the holidays special to me.

  8. donna b says

    Jill and Maggie: OMGosh! Jennie Doan from Missouri Star just posted 2 new tutorials. one block makes a Chevron stripe and the other a fence rail block with diamonds. they’re on youtube. they’re both gorgeous and I already have fabric. if you get time check them, they looked so hard, but they’re not! I’m trying to do a few quilts for Christmas, but i’m finding making the tops more fun than the finishing! LOL!


    • says

      Thanks for the heads up Donna. I love watching Missouri Star on youtube will check it out. I have the same problem – love making the tops but don’t like to finish them. I am making a scrap quilt right now but it is driving me crazy. I love making them but my organized mind stews over the placement too much. This one was perfect but I had several pink blocks that were screaming. I had no other fabric to replace them and didn’t want to buy more finally I decided to tea dye them them a little. Problem solved they look perfect in the quilt now. I wasn’t going for an antique look but the tea muted them down just enough so they don’t scream. I have been stewing over it for a week now and such a simple solution. Have a good day. I am taking a break and do some quilting. :)


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