Preservatives – I Love Them

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Today’s Quote Of The Day:

“I have always been a strong believer in preservatives because at my age I need all the preservatives I can get.” : ) : )



P.S. I had one of those mornings where I woke up, looked in the mirror and thought, “Who is that old lady looking at me?” : ) : )

Oh well– I have my grandkids fooled. They think I am 25 –that is until they learn to count! : )


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  1. says

    Jill, I also have no problems with preservatives if the keep foods safer for us.
    I have been watching you tube videos to get ideas for canning things and what I have notices is most of them are from the states and the theme is.
    Organic preservative free is good
    Ordinary grown and preservative added is BAD.
    Our gov. boards say that Organic is good but if you wash your fruits and veg. properly they are just as good.
    Only buying beef pork and chicken with the vitamins and disease fighting additives not used just seems wrong to me.
    One lady who I enjoy watching says read the labels and if you can’t pronounce an ingredient put it back.
    I have 3 debilitating problems and I can pronounce one of them.
    zero negative RA. the other is also a different type of RA which starts in childhood and causes you to slump your shoulders forward to decrease the pain in your ribs when you breathe. As you get older your spine starts to fuse and it affects all the major bones and joints in your body.
    The 3rd which hasn’t been confirmed yet is cysts on the bladder. Can’t even begin to try and say that one.
    Do I put me back on the shelf? Sometimes things that are good for you, you can’t say so her logic seems wrong to me.
    I guess you have to pay your money and take your chances as the old saying goes.
    I say use your common sense and you should be ok with most things.
    Oh yes I wish I could put me back but only if they send me a new body to replace the defective one.

    • says

      I have had problems with the if you can’t pronounce it put it back too. I saw a man on TV the other day and was suppose to be one of the top expertise and he gave a list of the top foods everyone should eat to stay healthy. Not one of them had I ever heard of before and there is no way I could pronounce them. I’m not even sure such a thing could be found any place here in Kansas it was so over the top.

      Another thing too is some perfectly fine spices have their chemical name written instead of their common name (the same type of thing we do with flowers)and I can’t pronounce them but that doesn’t mean they are bad for me.

    • says

      Shelly, I agree with you on the price.
      We were in the city yesterday specifically for things to can and dehydrate and a lot of new spices.
      One store had a bag of sweet onions and I thought wow 5 bags and I would have about 10 trays for the dehydrator, WRONG. I could hold 3 of them in one hand and there were about 7 in the bag.
      Walked down 2 bins and they had the huge vidalia ones that we really like for 79 cents a pound. Bought 4 and will do about 20 trays for less than the 4.99 bag.
      Everything organic was almost double the price of regular. Living on the north shore of Lake Superior our produce and reg. grocery costs are expensive enough I don’t want to go to the extra expense of looking for the few things we get organic.
      If organic is the same price as reg. go for it if you want. If it is too expensive stick with the reg. and wash it well.
      I trust the powers that be to keep up reasonably safe. Why would they want to kill off their tax payers by slowly poisoning them.
      We can’t always buy the produce and canned things grown in Canada only labels since most of the produce has to be imported since we can’t grow it here, sure wish we could but such is life.

  2. Lynda says

    One of the reasons why I run a preservative free (mostly) household is because of the way the preservatives are tested. The tests are run to establish the mortality and efficiency of how a preservative works, not when or how it may affect the human body. We now know that some of the most common preservatives are altering our fat cells. I avoid preservatives as I see this as a form of stewardship: to take care of ALL that He has blessed us with, including our bodies.

    It is not safe to assume that our governments have our best interest at heart. We live in a fallen world, with fallen people running fallen systems. That is why Jesus came in the first place: to redeem All of His creation from the choices that we humans make.

  3. Hiddeninplainsight says

    I think everything in moderation. I’m actively seek foods which are the healthiest for my family. Usually meals cooked from scratch are the best, whether the ingredients are organic or not. Just my two cents.

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