Penny Pinching Mama Winners

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Congratulations to all the winners of Penny Pinching Mama!! Yes, I said ALL the winners!! We had such a huge turn out that we decided to giveaway 5 books instead of one.

Here they are!






I have sent you an email so check your spam filter if you didn’t get it.

If you didn’t win today don’t forget you can still sign up to win Groceries On A Dime E-book and get both it and Penny Pinching Mama on sale for 1/2 price!!






  1. andrea says

    Did you have more than 1 Andrea? Our internet has been messed up & I am not sure if it was me or someone else, so let me know if you would. Thanks!

  2. Vicki says

    I was just reading some of your older posts and saw my name as a winner. Was it me or another Vicki? Could you email me so I will know?

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