Homemade Outdoor Window Washer

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Homemade Outdoor Window Washer

Outdoor Window Washer

3 Tbsp. liquid dishwashing soap
1 Tbsp. anti-spotting agent (Jet Dry)

Put soap and anti-spotting agent into a spray bottle attachment for your garden hose. Spray upper windows and let them dry. This is for cleaning the higher windows on your house that you can’t reach except with a ladder.

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photo by: dnorman


  1. Dreama says

    Really?! This works?? I’ve wanted to buy the name-brand item at the store, but deterred buy the price! I’m gonna try it! THANKS!

  2. rose says

    hehehee .. i saw the heading of this and the pic .. and i thought .. its a good idea to get the kids to wash the windows .. heheeee ..

  3. Herry Smith says

    Very simple and effective window cleaning method. But this won’t work for out of order dirty windows. I found Using Vinegar with lime solution work pretty well.

    • says

      Just a tip for any outside window washing. Don’t forget to cover your plants under the windows. Many cleaners (that use vinegar and ammonia etc.) can kill plants so be careful. Soapy water is fine because it doesn’t hurt the plants and kills many bugs.

  4. Maggie says

    Our house fronts on a well-traveled main street. The front windows (5 of them), are dirty all the time due to the dust and dirt from this road. There is a lot of construction going on in our neighborhood now, too, and the trucks carrying dirt are many. I’m going to try this solution and see if I can get my windows clean. With my chronic shoulder issue, washing windows by hand is not easy so this might be just the thing. I get so tired of grimy windows.

  5. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Maggie, perhaps your church’s youth group could help wash your windows. Or a friendly neighbor? God bless.

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