Our Hillbilly Fence

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The HOA got on to us for our pallet fence so we came up with a solution until the ground thaws and we can get it put up. I think Mike did a great job! LOL

the value of staging a fence hoa


  1. Patricia says

    You are very creative and looks very good. I see that you do a lot of gardening. What are some of the things you plant? Hope you share your ideas with your readers soon.

    • says

      Patricia we have many articles on the website about Tawra’s garden and she started a new site which has gardening ideas only. Just in case you didn’t know she was a master gardener for 2 county extensions in 2 states, worked at the Botanical Gardens here in Wichita and has a degree in horticulture.

  2. Jeanne says

    So, what is it that you exactly did? Make a pallet fence and paint it and then make it look like you are working on it?

    • says

      They originally had a pallet fence and were told they had 3 days to fix it which wasn’t quite enough time to get it done so they had the wheel barrel there and the piece of new fence leaning to show they were working on it.

  3. susan says

    Hi Jill and Tawra!

    Love the website! I am from the deep south and was wondering what a HOA is. Where we live in the country people puts up fences when ever they want to. I don’t understand why they were given 3 days. I just love the website and all the good advise you all give. Have a blessed day!

    • says

      HOA stands for home owners association. In some new housing areas they have them now. They make up all these rules that you have to follow like you can only plant flowers so far from the edge of your house, you can’t build a shed unless you check with them and then it has to be so big and a certain color and you can’t put one up until you have your fence in. Your house has to be a certain color, everyone has to have the exact same fence, you have to have your Christmas lights down by Jan. 14. The rules are endless. They are made to keep the neighborhood nice but usually they are more of a headache. For example the HOA said they had to plant an expensive grass that needs lots of water but now they may not let them use the water to water it because of a drought.

      I would not advice ever buying where their is an HOA but most new housing areas have them now.

      • susan says

        Thanks Jill for answering my question! I learned something new today! I don’t think I would like living where they had so many rules. I live in the country and my neigbors are spaced far apart. I guess HOA are the new thing in new neigborhoods,another sign of our every changing society.My family often says we are so far back in the woods that not even a traveling saleman could find us! God bless you and your family and keep up the good work!

  4. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    HOA=Lawn Nazis. In attempting to keep property values up they alienate neighbors. It was fine for my neighbor to fix flats, jump start cars for free for the neighborhood, but when he tried to do so in his own yard for money, they got him fined. They specify things like Benjamin Moore Paint Mocha Cream for trim, etc. They draw up covenants such as no fences, no trailers, no sheds, etc. You vote the NOA and the covenants in and out. After a child in our neighborhood was bitten by a dog, they reported them to the HOA, County, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The dog owners reacted by putting up a fence. The HOA doesn’t allow them to come to our parties, use the pool, etc and they must remove the fence before the sell the house. In all, it created bad blood. Originally I vote for the rules, now I would vote them out.

  5. Bea says

    Jill, I hope you received my card. I can’t come on this website as much as I use to because of my new job and I can’t even check my email much because the place I work is so strict with security and I’m not sure if you received it.

    • says

      I did and was going to reply to your last post to let you know I did. I was going to write and tell you I got it and let you know why I hadn’t written back because I was afraid you would think I had forgotten you or didn’t get it. I got it the night before I left to go to Tawra’s and was there until a few days ago. I got really sick the day I drove home and have been down every since. I have just been checking the comments and nothing else. I am doing a little better today but still really weak and light headed. That is why I hadn’t written back.

      Yesterday I did fix myself that bag of mixed berry tea you sent and was thinking about you and how I need to write you first thing when I was better and here you posted today. I find it so strange when I have some one on my mind and then I hear from them. I even was putting your address in my address book not 5 minutes before I checked the comments. By the way I loved that tea it was so good. I think I now have a new favorite tea.

      You will be hearing from me soon because I did so enjoy reading your letter. I was wondering why you hadn’t been posting now I know. Will write as soon as I get a little more umption.

  6. Bea says

    So glad you like the tea Jill. Tea is so nice on cold days, and it’s been so cold here. More snow this year too. Today I have off from work, and it’s so windy it cuts through you. Things outside are blowing all over the place and even the door in my treehouse room was blown open a little last night. Weird. The trees outside are swaying and shaking all over the place and the wind is howling around the house. My mailbox even was tilted.
    Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. Lots of people have gotten sick this year and the flu is widespread this winter. Hope to hear from you soon. Looking forward to it.

    • says

      Was writing you right now. Came down for a minute to check the comments. I saw on the weather station your area was getting hit and was wondering how you were fairing. Must run. I have a letter to finish. : ) Snuggle down and try to keep warm.

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