Dressing up Pumpkins

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creatively decorated pumpkins

I just finished putting up my decorations. I had several “ho hum” Jack O’ Lanterns with lights in them. They really needed a boost. I spied some masks which go across your eyes with feathers and sequins decorating them. I probably wouldn’t be wearing them this year, so I popped them on to the Jack O’ Lanterns. My pumpkins instantly went from plain and boring to hilarious.

They looked so funny with their cock-eyed grins under the fancy masks. You could even add funny little hats and things like that then make an arrangement of several of them. If you have older kids who love “gross” things,  arrange some plastic spiders crawling in and out of the pumpkins mouths or slime running down one side of its mouth.


Hot glue straw on one of their heads for hair, add a wig or add false eyelashes. The sky is the limit.

I usually make mine a little fancier then the pictures below. This was one of those “hurry up” things I just slapped together so you could get a general idea.


halloween decorations - creative pumpkinshallween decorations - creative pumpkins


  1. Mary b says

    My son bought those plastic “Dracula Teeth” and is fitting those into our pumpkins mouth. He’s using a glow stick to light it up. Wish I could send you a picture!

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