Mom’s Missing

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Ok, did you notice mom is missing? Well, her computer died last Friday and we just figured out today that’s it dead…really dead. So…It’ll just be me commenting on the site here until after New Year’s when she gets back from here and we can get her a new computer.  She might pop in now and then while she is here with us but I just wanted to let you know, that she’s just temporarily missing.



  1. Grandma says

    Hope she doesn’t go nuts not having it.
    I am pretty sure I would start climbing walls and not to clean them either after a day with no computer.
    thanks for letting us know I know I was wondering if she was half way to someplace for a visit.

  2. rose says

    omg.. i did notice she wasnt here but i figured she was busy making gingerbread men/ladies .. hehehee ..
    i got mine at walmart .. my monitor and mouse and key pad was fine .. but i ended up using my monitor and mouse (i like my mouse) but the keyboard i did switch out (the computer i got came with the tower, mouse and keyboard) .. hubby has the same one but it has more GB .. mine is 320 GB and his is 500 GB .. that is the only difference in ours .. same everything else .. its an e-machine .. i like it .. this is my third e-machine ..
    i think i paid $298.00 for mine and $398.00 for hubby’s (or close to that but not over that) .. i cant remember .. and it wasnt at the same time either ..

  3. Bea says

    I noticed she was missing, but only thought she might have been caught up in a gingerbread cookie making marathon and was busy. I DID MISS HER SWEET AND INSPIRING POSTS!!! Please tell I miss her!

  4. MsMackinaw says

    Must be the time of year for DEAD computers. Mine died about a month ago…I use one of the grandkids to check email etc. a couple times a week. Hope to get another after the first of the year. Worst part is I LOST all of the e-books I bought since I never got to chance to print all of them out. Just one more chance to come back….I should be used to it by now. Hope all have a VERY nice, meaningful Christmas and a GREAT year ahead. This truly is my favorite site.

  5. rose says

    msmackinaw… when u get ur new computer, take your old and new computer to someone who can take out the disk from ur old computer and put into the new one .. i was able to do this when i lost my first computer and my 2nd computer was being looked over to make sure it was ok (it was my daughter’s computer, we had bought identical ones) .. the tech took out a little black box and installed (actually popped it in next to another little black box in the new one) .. and i was able to have all my info and the e-books i had originally bought ..
    i think the man called it the hard drive .. i am not sure ..
    i have a third computer but i didnt do this again .. i just made sure to copy and paste the e-books and info i wanted and sent it to me email address (in the draft file) .. ..
    just sharing

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