Make Watering Easier

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Make Watering Your Plants Easier

I had to run out to Tawra’s house to water her garden this morning. She had a good idea to save on water and/or to help those who you might need to ask to water for you.

Tawra took a gallon plastic milk jug, cut the bottom off, turned it upside down and poked the pour spout into the ground. Then when I go over there to water, I just fill up the jug and leave it. I don’t have to stand there wondering whether I have watered it enough or whether I wasted a bunch of water watering it too much. You can also just set the jug upright and poke a hole in the bottom for easy drip irrigation.

 You can use these tips to make your own watering experience easier, too!

Also, when you need to ask someone to water your plants, bunch all your potted plants together to be watered. This way the person taking care of them doesn’t have to run from one end of the yard to the other with the hose running and wasting water.

I love it when my children make my life easier.



  1. says

    have veg garden, will not work as well; try to water later in evening, after hope for rain has pasted:( . Do have them in raised beds in ‘square foot’ gardening technique, and it is easier, and takes less space, easier to water.
    Have left most flowers go right now as water is becoming a rationed thing here, most seem ok with less.

  2. mildred lane says

    the method of using the gal milk jug w/ a pin hole is great when watering blueberries when u need to add vinegar to the water for the acid that they need.

  3. Vickie says

    To save water and energy inside the home, I have turned the hot water off for my bathroom sinks. There is a hot and cold water valve under your sink. I just turned it off and it also prevents little ones from get hot water burns. Then I turned the cold water vaulve so less comes out. Saving on water useage and energy.

  4. Tommie Ellis says

    I have a row of dwarf fruit trees along the side of my house here in West Texas—–Mighty dry here Ya’ll. I bought a cheap hose and laid it down the line of six trees. I then took a punch tool and poked a hole in the hose at the base of each tree. I then anchored the hose to the ground with heavy wire pounded in the soil. I now have a slow, drip system that I can leave on for hours on my day to water. Watering is easy—-I only have to turn on one faucet to do the job. I plan to use the same technique for other areas of my yard. I wanted to use an old hose for my system to save a few dollars, but they all had too many holes in them, and I only wanted holes for water by each tree. . Probably not a new idea, but less expensive than a formal drip system—–It works!!!!More than one way to skin a cat——sorry feline lovers. LOL. Tommienell.

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