Leftover Valentines

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Here are a few more tips for using Valentine’s Day leftovers or saving at after Valentine’s Day sales:

You can cut out the pictures and hearts from leftover Valentine cards to glue to packages wrapped in tissue paper. I use them when I write letters to my grandkids and cut out parts of the card and glue to my letter.

Stock up on candy when it’s 50% off or more after Valentine’s Day and save it for Easter.

Hershey’s – KissesOne year Tawra found several bags of Hershey’s Kisses for almost free. She stocked up on them, buying bags and bags of them. Her family couldn’t eat that much candy but the leftover Valentine’s candy worked great in place of chocolate chips for recipes like chocolate chip cookies, pancakes, cakes or anything else that calls for the addition of chocolate.

Conversation Hearts -If you are planning a wedding then think of buying and using some conversation hearts (you know the candies that say be mine and I luv you) for part of your decorations. Place them in clear containers with candles, scatter them on tables in place of confetti, glue them on almost anything. These would also be fun to use on a cake or for games at a bridal shower.

Red Hots – These are great used in tea, applesauce or mix with peanuts for a different snack.                                                         
Chocolate – This can be used of course chopped and replacing chocolate chips in cookies and deserts.

Misc. -Any other types of candy can be chopped or add to a almond bark or sprinkled on cupcakes and cakes.
              Don’t forget to add them to milk shakes to make your own blizzard.

To be honest I don’t do many of these things because candy in my house lasts a micro second and we never have leftovers but it is nice to have a list in case some day I might. 😀

      -Tawra and Jill

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  1. Rachel says

    I love to make cards by recycling the ones I recieve. I usually get a bag of 50 blank cards with envelopes for about $5 at a craft store. I buy pretty paper when I find it on sell. I design and mount the cards and they turn out great. It is so much cheaper than buying pre-made cards, even at the dollar store. And Hallmark? It’s unreal what a card there can cost.

  2. Fru-gal Lisa says

    Anytime you have leftover cards, decorations, etc. for any holiday, birthday or similar special occasion, just save it until next year! Unless it has the year written on it, no one will guess you didn’t just buy it just prior to the event. Stocking up on post-holiday sales is a way to save money. You can get perfumes, bubble bath, etc., suitable for Valentines’ gifts on the after-Xmas sales. And after Valentines, similiar items on sale will work for Mother’s day, ladies’ birthdays or for a female graduate.

    Instead of Hallmark, I trudge down to the local dollar store. Ours sells greeting cards for 50 cents.

    Also, I received some Valentine’s candy at work. I admit to eating all the chocolates, but I saved and brought home the other types of candy (lollipops, hard candy, etc.) In my kitchen pantry, I have a special container for individually wrapped candies. I also saved some Xmas peppermints (not candy canes but the round ones). If I get any non-egg/non-bunny type candy at Easter, it’ll go into the collection as well. All these extra sweets will be given out at Halloween, if not before….

  3. Dawn Marie says

    I have a fondue pot that i’ve never used. I think it was a wedding or christmas gift. Can I use valentine chocolates in it to make fondue???? I think my boys would have fun dipping fruits and marshmallows one night. AND it would put all that candy AND my fondue pot to good use.

    • says

      Yes you can Dawn. You might add a little milk or heavy cream to them to make them more “runny”. Just melt them and see if they seem to thick add 2-3 tablespoons of milk. I think some recipes say about 1/2 cup milk or cream to every 2-3 cups chocolate.


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