Laundry – So Funny

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The more laundry I do,

the less nudists seem so crazy.


photo by: xtheowl


  1. Bea says

    With this warmer weather SO early in Winter (it’s not Spring yet) the semi-nude wowen are already coming out! UGH!!! Give me a break!

  2. Ellen D. says

    I don’t think winter will ever be over here. I’m in Chicago area it snowed yesterday. Wind chill today is expected to be single digit.

    • says

      Hang in there Ellen. : ) Spring always comes thank goodness. Just when you think you can’t handle one more day it pops in. Look at it this way you will have a few more days of curling up with a nice hot cup of tea or cocoa before you have to put it away for the lemonade. : )I know what you mean though. A friend sent me pictures of her flowers in England and they are up and fully blooming. I couldn’t find one spec of green in my yard if I tried. Of course my daughter teases me and says I can’t find any green in my yard even in the summer. : ) My mom called to and said her flowers are in Colorado are almost ready to bloom too!

  3. Grizzly bear mom says

    Doing laundry is against my religion too. So I hang all my dress clothes on the shower rod to dry out before I return them to the closet for another wearing or too. I wear my casual jeans and sweats until they are dirty or smell dirty. I have lots of undies so I wear them until I have a full load. Then I just wash everything together. I live alone so no one sees if my undies aren’t as white or beige as they started.

    Oh and I love your “how many clothes do you need post”. VERY informative and life simplifying.

    Andd ironing is a blasphemy. So I wait until I have no clothing left and then go down to the ironing board in the basement and iron everything at once. It takes several trips to bring it back upstairs.

  4. maria says

    since we came home from our vacation yesterday I have run two loads of sheets, one load towels, one load undies and socks, one load jeans and other dark pants. all dry, except the last load. working from home tomorrow, so will run kids clothes one machine that can be tumble dried, one load white sheets, quick to hang outside, one load dark adult clothes to hang up inside in the evening. then thursday morning, one load lighter adult stuff,hang after work. then one load wool longs and undershirts and wool socks and mitts. friday the kids winter coveralls and glove
    s and hats. then I am back on track again… oh, it bites me in my rear to try to have vacation, both when I get back to work and when I get back to my basement and laundry room…
    I usually do one load per day, all to fold and put away.

  5. Carole Edminson says

    LOL too funny.
    Reminded me of when I called my 89 yr old mother a couple of weeks ago. First thing out of her mouth, “I’m thinking of joining a nudist colony.” Me, “WHAT”? Mom, “I just spent $15 for a box of Tide.”

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