Laundry – So Funny

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The more laundry I do,

the less nudists seem so crazy.


photo by: xtheowl


  1. Bea says

    With this warmer weather SO early in Winter (it’s not Spring yet) the semi-nude wowen are already coming out! UGH!!! Give me a break!

  2. Ellen D. says

    I don’t think winter will ever be over here. I’m in Chicago area it snowed yesterday. Wind chill today is expected to be single digit.

    • says

      Hang in there Ellen. : ) Spring always comes thank goodness. Just when you think you can’t handle one more day it pops in. Look at it this way you will have a few more days of curling up with a nice hot cup of tea or cocoa before you have to put it away for the lemonade. : )I know what you mean though. A friend sent me pictures of her flowers in England and they are up and fully blooming. I couldn’t find one spec of green in my yard if I tried. Of course my daughter teases me and says I can’t find any green in my yard even in the summer. : ) My mom called to and said her flowers are in Colorado are almost ready to bloom too!

  3. Grizzly bear mom says

    Doing laundry is against my religion too. So I hang all my dress clothes on the shower rod to dry out before I return them to the closet for another wearing or too. I wear my casual jeans and sweats until they are dirty or smell dirty. I have lots of undies so I wear them until I have a full load. Then I just wash everything together. I live alone so no one sees if my undies aren’t as white or beige as they started.

    Oh and I love your “how many clothes do you need post”. VERY informative and life simplifying.

    Andd ironing is a blasphemy. So I wait until I have no clothing left and then go down to the ironing board in the basement and iron everything at once. It takes several trips to bring it back upstairs.

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