“All About Laundry” Kindle e-Book

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All About Laundry e-book: Save Money, Save Time

Get Our “All About Laundry” Kindle e-Book

Get the All About Laundry Kindle e-book here!


Are you overwhelmed by your laundry? Does it seem like your laundry bill is as high as your grocery bill?

Packed with pictures and demonstrations, All About Laundry will help you conquer the laundry pile and start saving today!

Try “All About Laundry” and save time and money!

Get the All About Laundry Kindle e-book here!


This e-book is formatted specifically for the Amazon Kindle Readers and can be viewed on many popular e-book readers. If you don’t have a portable reader, you can download a free program from Amazon.com that enables you to read Kindle ebooks on your PC or Mac.

Find the PC Version of the reader here.

Find the Mac version of the reader here.


All About Laundry is also included in our Keeping It Clean PDF e-book series. Find it here!


  1. Grizzly bear mom says

    I use half of a lid of laundry detergent. The he doesn’t seem to get as hot so it doesn’t wash off stain sticks that let you hold off washing a few days. Even if I lie and program it for whites. Mine is so big that I have to take a stool around to the side, insert my beasts (need every bit of arm length) to reach the socks on the bottom. Who designed these things wilt chamberlain? One time I feel in and couldn’t get out. Fortunately lassie ran for help and I was saved.

  2. christina bellinger says

    Thank you for another wonderful book! I love your books and your website, they are full of so many great tips and recipes. Thanks again!!

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