Last Minute Costume Idea

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Last Minute Homemade Costume Idea

From: LC

Strange BUT true!

I am a Kindergarten teacher and pinch my pennies. We had a Fall Festival recently and I couldn’t believe how many children came to the festival in $40.00 costumes and I am NOT kidding! I was just shocked! Am I the ONLY one who is pinching my pennies? It makes me wonder!

I came with my homemade scarecrow costume! It cost me nothing to make as I used what was available around my house. I fringed a pair of old ripped jeans, wore mismatched socks and decorated an old garden hat with colored paper leaves and a crow made out of construction paper. I used garden gloves and an old flannel shirt, used my make-up to create a Scarecrow face and used a raffia bow that I pinned to the front of my shirt! Everyone commented on my costume saying how awesome it was but the best part was that it was FREE! I can’t even IMAGINE buying a costume!!!!!


photo by: randysonofrobert


  1. Autumn McCart says

    No you are not the only one pinching penny’s! I have a kindergartener myself and a four year old. The girls and I made there costumes this year. I used coupons and had the girls pick out what fabric they wanted. Total for one pattern wich I traced on to wrapping paper,two “princess” dresses and two capes (we need them here in ND)it was $30. Not only were the other kids dressed in look alike costumes in which they had no decision, but wanted costumes like my girls. The proud look on my girls faces when they told the other kids they helped make them was priceless! When the school day is done the girls still dress up, and I know they will truly cherish the dresses for as long as they can. Plus, it has given my girls and I time together for a least a month. No TV…No Movies…we talked, drew out patterns, pinned, sewed (and resewed). The dresses are far from perfect, but it was the process that means the most to me.

    You should be proud of yourself for setting such a good example for your little ones they truly do look up to there Teacher!

  2. Kristi says

    I know when I was in 5th grade (many m any years ago, waaaay back in ’85 lol) my school decided they would have a ‘no purchased costume’ rule that year, where everyone had to be creative and make their own costume with what they had. I went as a computer that year, using a couple of boxes, white spray paint and a bunch of tape and glue! I remember being so proud of my costume (since computers weren’t as common then as they are today) and I won 1st prize in my class and 3rd in the school. I can still remember some of my friends costumes to this day, so many years later!!! Sadly, I can’t remember what my kids wore a couple years ago.

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