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Do something nice for someone

Click, click, click. I know most of you couldn’t wait to click on this post, all excited to get something for free! We love getting things for free. I do — We all do! It’s human nature. Even though we try to teach our kids to share and that it is better to give than to receive, we never quite overcome that inborn desire to get something for ourselves without having to work to get it.

It truly is better for us and for others to give something to someone else. I can’t remember where but I read this list of things to give away which I found very unique and it won’t cost you a thing.

Give away:

A parking space (ouch)
Your seat
A smile
Your place in line (I feel your pain)
A kind word
The bigger piece of pie (Is this even possible) :)
A pat on the back

Can you think of other things to give away?


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  1. Pat says

    A little help for a Senior or someone with special needs.
    We have one neighbour who makes it possible for us to stay in our home now my hubby is unable to do a lot of things he used to do. I have taken on more of the upkeep, but there are limits to what I am able to do and still keep up the home and look after DH’s extra needs.
    I have him over for a meal now and then ( and his dog thinks this is home as we look after him almost every day) but he won’t take anything for all the help he gives us. If we had to pay for this help …. well, we just don’t have it to pay!

  2. Brenda says

    An ear to listen, really listen and not judge. I know it helps me to talk about things (and not just problems), so I do the same for others. People now call me the great sounding board. LOL!

  3. Bea says

    How about giving away some “peace and quiet” by not having arguments and cursing on your cell phone when you are in public!!! That would be nice. Nobody wants to hear you.

  4. nona says

    For all you teachers out there, since school will be starting soon, why not make it a point to stand at the door or even post someone in your hallways and try and give every child that comes into your room or passes you in the hall a great big warm hug. Sometimes that is the only hug that alot of children receive.

    Pass it on to any educator that you know….

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