Interesting Facts on Tithing

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Money and Facts About Tithing

Here are some eye opening facts about tithing:

  • The average Christian spends 98% of their money on themselves and 2% on God.
  • If all Christians tithed, we could educate the whole world.
  • On average, we spend $2,000 a year on interest but can’t tithe.
  • We expect 100% from God but what do we give Him?
  • Any mom or dad will tell you that something isn’t a sacrifice when the object of our sacrifice is what we love. Read Luke 21 about the widow giving her all.
  • Offering – something given as a sign of devotion or sacrifice- most of us aren’t giving our tithe let alone giving a sacrificially offering.
  • You can usually tell what a person loves by what he spends his money on.



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  1. says

    Hi. I think these are some really interesting facts about giving to God. Do you mind if I share this on my blog? I will, of course, include a link back to your page! Where did you get these statistics from? Anyway, really good thoughts, as usual. I really enjoy your site and think you have a lot of great info on here. Thanks!

  2. Mary says

    Great article! I’ve found I can’t afford ‘not’ to tithe. It’s amazing to see how the Lord gives and gives. He promised to take care of us and if it’s a promise from God, you can count on it.
    The Lord spoke to both my husband and I at about the same time and asked us to fully tithe. (We had been giving $50 out of each paycheck)This was 2.5 years ago. The economy was bad and I have to admit, I was nervous. We talked it over and decided to be obedient. I have to say, money was ‘tight’ for a while, we were able to pay bills on time, had plenty to eat, but very little disposable income. We decided that we would stop tithing when God failed to provide. Hasn’t happened yet. 😉
    My husband was given a nice raise and promotion, recently, an answer to prayer.

  3. says

    Tithing has always paid off for us, but my question is, where do we tithe to? Does it have to be the local church? What if they’re sitting on thousands of dollars in savings? Can we then give that tithe to World Vision or someone to educate, feed, clothe, or evangelize? And I like to pay extra and buy fair trade coffee. Might that be considered part of my tithe? I believe in tithing, but I’m not much of a legalist, so I consider things like child sponsorship as part of our tithe. Interested in your point of view, tho, and those of your readers.
    God bless!

    • says

      Barbara the tithe should usually go to the local church you attend. Then anything above and beyond that is what is called an offering or alms. Alms would be something like World Vision or when you give the needy and the poor.

      Now at the moment I don’t have a local church but I do watch live services on the internet so I send my tithe to them because for the moment that is the church which is ministering to me. That is where I send my 10% I then have other places I give above that in the form of “alms” like to the children’s home, St. Jude’s, an evangelical minister etc.
      People so often confuse their tithe with alm giving and they really should be two different things.

      • says

        Thank you – thank you – thank YOU! I was just deciding to fully tithe, broke and sorely in debt as I am, and unsure who to tithe it to. Your reply hit home. At 75, I no longer attend a specific local church. Off and on, I attend Mass at any of several nearby churches. However, most of the guidance I am getting these days, and relying on, comes from two or three specific sources – one is a TV preacher who I listen-to/watch once a week and receive his emails daily; the second is a faith-based site online and again, I receive emails which seem to help considerably; the third is the Church I was brought up in and which I still turn to when I want specific guidance. Yep – I will begin tithing with my next SS deposit, and split it 3-ways – It will definitely help others because I feel that these 3 faith-based sources are a God-send. Thanks again!!! I’m not sure how God will help me deal with the mess I’m in, but I know He will – He has my back and he always has. I just need to stay in Faith and stay patient and keep on keeping on.

        • says

          You are so welcome Evelyn. : ) I think we (myself included) stress way more over some of these things then God meant for us to. It really is all in our motivation and how much we love the Lord. That part of us He understands better then we do ourselves sometimes. He understands too when we want to honor Him and do what He wants us to do but just don’t understand or are unsure how. In the same way when a 2 year old tries to help mom by putting the towels away for her but he unfolds them all and then puts them in the wrong place. Mom won’t be mad at him and will totally understand because she knows the thought and heart that was behind doing it even though it was done wrong. What she does do is patiently and lovingly shows him how to do it right. God does no less with us thank goodness.

    • says

      I’m talking about Biblical tithe. There are many verses on tithing here are a couple; Lev. 27:30,31
      Matt. 23:23
      These are two main ones
      Others are Num. 18:2, 18:24, Deut 12:6 &11,Neh 10:37

      Some use the argument these are in the Old Testament and we don’t need to apply or use the O.T. but I don’t believe that because first God gave us the whole Bible and second if we weren’t suppose to use the O.T. Christ and the apostles won’t have quoted it all the time and give us examples from it all the time. They thought it was important.

    • says

      Gary I didn’t post your second post because our web site is not one to be used as a forum to be argumentative. Your questions in your first post was not because you were interested in really learning about tithing but so that you could you could respond with your arguments and show your superior knowledge on the subject.
      Plus I was very sad when I read your list of arguments and facts. It was like someone who was reading the definition of the word love from a dictionary but never really ever having loved so didn’t understand the spirit of the word.

  4. Bonnie says

    @Barbara – your tithe goes to the place where you receive your spiritual “food”. For most people, that’s their local church (the place where they’re planted)

    @Gary – The tithe is not for God. Obviously, God doesn’t need our money because IT ALL BELONGS TO HIM (don’t mean to shout, but this form doesn’t allow italics). The tithe is an opportunity for us to acknowledge that it’s all His and a reminder to ourselves of that fact. Generally, when people don’t tithe, it’s because they don’t trust God and believe they’re better money managers than Him. Another good passage on giving is 2 Cor 9:6-8.

  5. Carolyn says

    @Barbara: We are Catholic and we had a big “tithe” drive a few years ago. We were taught that we should be giving 10% of our income “to God”, but recommends splitting like this: 4-5% to your local church, another 2-3% to the diocese (the larger group of churches overseen by the bishop, usually arranged geographically), and the rest to a charity in line with Catholic values, such as St. Vincent de Paul, Development and Peace, League for Life or support for your local Catholic school.

    Their perspective is that it is all “to God” but doesn’t necessarily need to go 100% to the parish.

  6. R says

    To be honest, I used to have trouble with the whole tithing issue. For one, we make a little less than minimum wage. And for another reason, I really just didn’t trust God with the little money we had. I also was slightly confused because tithing was in the Law. Doesn’t being a NT Christian exempt us from the Law? This topic was a struggle in our marriage, too.

    Our second year of marriage, my husband helped me realize that tithing actually preceded the Law b/c it is mentioned that Abraham also gave a tithe. That might sound trivial, but that was a total A-HA! moment for me. Attitude 180- I actually want to give now. In my fleshly moments of weakness I still want to hold tight to what I’ve got. But I just have to pray to God to help me w/ my attitude.

  7. says

    One of the main arguments for tithing is are we really commanded to do it and is it in the Old or New Testament. Bottom line for me is whether it is a commandment or not doesn’t matter in the least to me. Tithing is an attitude of the heart and it all boils down to that and that alone.

    I love my grandkids more then life itself. No one has to commend me or make a law saying to give them part of my money and my things. I give to them all the time even at times when I don’t have that much money I still find a way to give to them. I take so much joy in giving to them and have to have control not giving all I have to them.

    The same attitude should be our attitude towards God and giving to Him. I have had so many over the years want to “argue” the scripture on tithe. I have never been able to understand why. If you need to grab your Bible to justify why you should or shouldn’t tithe you probably aren’t tithing or not tithing for the right reason.

    There is an old saying people put their money where their heart is and that is it in a nut shell.It doesn’t matter how little or how much you have or whether it is a commandment or not a commandment. Where do you have the greatest desire to use your money or give it.

    Don’t e mail me and say I don’t understand your situation. It has nothing to do with me but is between you and God alone and it if you are doing the right thing, God’s will in what ever you do, you don’t need to justify yourself to me or anyone.

  8. says

    Well, as far as actual “tithing” as a commandment and the priests to collect it, it was part of the law. However, 1 Cor. 16:1-2 (which is part of the new covenant established by the death of Christ) Christians are told “lay by in store” as they “may prosper.” 2 Cor 9:7 tells each on to give “as he purposes in his heart” and not “grudgingly or of necessity.” So some people take this like “Oh, since we aren’t commanded to ‘tithe’ anymore, I can give less than 10%!” But I believe it is all about attitude. Only God knows your heart. But since the first Christians were jews, they had been tithing all their lives. What kind of attitude would it have been if they said “Oh, now we can give less than we’ve been giving!” Would God have thought well of that attitude?
    So, while we don’t call it a “tithe” per say, we still use 10% as a good guideline and we try to give at least that much. Whether you give 10%,5%, or 15% God will know year heart and motives and judge you accordingly. But we are commanded to “put something aside” and I don’t think that means giving “leftovers” after you have budgeted for other things you want. What are your priorities? If you spend more on Sunday lunch than you put in the plate that morning, you may have a priority problem. If you spend more on your annual vacation than you gave to God that whole year, you may have a priority problem. If you budget $30/wk for entertainment, $50 for eating out and $50 for spending money, realize you only have $20 left and decide that’s what goes to God, you may have a priority problem.
    One time the people sitting in front of us reached into their pocket, found what looked like a couple of dollar bills, and put it in the plate as it came around. Then, after church, these same people went to a steakhouse for lunch where I’m sure they spent more than a couple dollars.
    So ultimately you choose what you want to put aside and then it is between you and God. These are just some things to consider. As Jill points out in her post (in different words) you are happy to spend money on what you love.

  9. leah says

    Thank you Jill. I think you are right in all that you’ve said. Like Bonnie said “it all belongs to God” I am just being obedient and doing what God asks of me.. to tithe.

  10. R says

    I agree with you on that, Jill and Rena. Part of the issue for me also stemmed from a very legalistic background growing up. I was in a church that made mandates about all kinds of things without ever explaining the spirit or Scripture behind them. I’m not blaming them- I know I have bad reactions to authority sometimes. But I truly didn’t know why there was a tithe… why there was a “magical number.”

    And while it may seem like common sense- if you love somebody, you give of yourself, and in this case your money- that thought did not even enter my mind. I think in a certain sense, tithing goes back to how you view God. Is He loving? Is He good? Or is He a cosmic killjoy? A good Father would not ask you to do something that wasn’t for your good.

    If you love God, you’ll GIVE to Him (which I was doing to a degree). If you love God, you will also OBEY Him (which, as it turned out, I wasn’t). I had to investigate it, as a Christian should investigate, examine, think, and pray through every doctrinal issue, etc. Just doing what a preacher says without confirming it with the Word of Truth could easily lead one astray.

    • says

      You are so right R. I came from the same type of back ground so I know exactly what you are talking about. As much as I have always tried to respect my pastors and listen to them I have studied for myself these things, prayed etc. about them too. Thank goodness I have been out of that background for many years now and it is so freeing.

  11. says

    I came here just to say thank you for the post, but now, after reading some of the comments, I want to add a couple of things. :-)

    1. If one wants to do New Testament giving instead of Old Testament giving, then the percentage would be 100%!

    2. In Matthew 23:23 and Luke 11:42, Jesus accuses the Pharisees of being so particular about tithing down to the mint leaves, but omitting the greater things. However He says, these things (the tithing) YOU OUGHT TO HAVE DONE, without neglecting the others (judgment, mercy, love). What more does one need but Jesus telling us that we ought to do it?

  12. Jeanne T. says

    I believe the example in the New Testament is sacrificial giving. I think we get too hung up on “10 percent”. It can become an obligation we meet and then we think we don’t have to give more. The OT tithe was a payment to support the temple priests; remember that that is what they lived on. Giving has always been about sacrifice, that which costs us something. If it doesn’t cost us anything, it isn’t a sacrifice.

    For people with six-figure (and above) incomes, 10 percent could hardly be considered “sacrificial”. In fact, I would say that 10 percent for high-income earners is really an insult to God. But for others, 5 percent would be sacrificial. And remember that the widow in the New Testament gave everything she had, 100 percent. Her offering was indeed a sacrifice for her, not only because it was all she had, but she had no one else to depend on except for God. There is no indication in this story that she even had children who could assist her.

    However, I agree with the poster who said this is about an attitude of the heart. We are to be cheerful givers, and should always be seeking the Lord’s wisdom in these matters. I’ll bet that most of us could give more if we really sat down and thought about it. We can pray and ask God to show us how we can do that.

  13. Rachel says

    Great post! This is such a struggle for many Christians, and it was for myself for a time. One day a friend who walked very close to the Lord pointed out to me that tithing was obedience. That was my a-ha moment, and I haven’t doubted the truth of that statement ever since.

  14. Bella Jesus says

    This is an area I have a VERY hard time with. There was a time when my husband and I tithed faithfully for years and he lost his job coming back up here after helping down south with hurrican Katrina. We had our gas and electric turned off and the church didn’t help us. My Mom did. This was the only time we had asked/needed help. Now we have enough for just basic bills, with no extra, (and I’m talking no going out to eat, no magazine subscriptions, no credit card bills, no car payments, etc.) are we supposed to get another job just to pay thithe? I want to honor God, and actually the Bible mentions two other tithes during His Feasts….I would love to give…would my time and talents count? Just wondering aloud…

    • says

      I guess I go back to do some real soul searching being really honest and ask what do you really think God wants you to do. You know I have been to the point where they were gong to foreclose on my house, I had my gas turned off (not because I didn’t pay the bills but because my husband hadn’t paid some the year before when I wasn’t living there) and there were weeks when I would only bring in $40 for that week. Not much. I still took my $4 out and managed fine.

      What I have found is it was much easier to take my tiny $4 out and tithe then when I made $4000 and took out $400 out. This may not be your problem but you mentioned the church not helping. I have been in that situation too and it really hurts.I wasn’t the kind of sit on the pew each Sunday either but put my heart and soul into the church and it’s work. I came to the conclusion just because they maybe did what wasn’t right I had to still do what I thought was right.

      Now I have been careful in picking churches who seem to have a good benevolence program which is part of the reason we have a hard time finding churches because there aren’t many out there that fit the bill but at the same time there are less and less people willing to support the ministry so it is hard on the churches.

      Anyway it still goes back to your state of mind and what you think God wants you to give and what the Bible says. I do know that even though I didn’t have enough to pay my gas bill I still tithed not worrying about it. The next week I had a series of things happen out of the ordinary which paid my gas bill (it equaled 3 months income) and took care of it all even money to have it turned back on.

  15. rose says

    i like what my one friend does .. she and her hubby are a devout christian .. they tithe but they dont tithe to just their church .. she says alot of times she doesnt do the 10% but she does what she can .. sometimes more .. sometimes less ..
    she gives to various charities, even tho that are for animals .. she feels we are supposed to take care of all of GOD’s creatures as best as we can ..
    she normally has 10 that she tithe’s too .. humane society, her church, another church that sends her literature, wildlife animals, etc . she has 10 of those .. and each one gets a percentage of what she puts aside for each of them ..
    she doesnt work, but her husband does.. they live very frugally .. and even they have hard times (like we all do) .. they do not feel they are bound by the 10% rule of tithing .. and in many cases she does donate her time here and there to help out ..
    she says she prays to GOD and asks for guidance and she feels HE assists her with this ..
    just sharing ..

  16. Bella Jesus says

    Thank you, ladies. I wish I could have a time to report that was like yours, Jill, where help came so abundantly. But the part that felt the most right was when you mentioned that I still needed to do what was right…I seemed to have forgotten that. I guess I didn’t know there were churches out there that hadn’t gotten so big that all of the tithe money went into keeping the church and staff that there wasn’t any left for helping…in this economy, I can certainly understand that. And, honestly, maybe I had a little bit of an entitlement issue within myself after many years of helping out in the nursery, childcare, Sunday school, volunteering, etc. For that I have asked for forgiveness…thank you for bringing into the light the truth. I do actively help others who are less fortunate than me- I feel like since I have a roof over my head and food to eat, clothes and a family, even that is more than some people see in their lifetime and I am so grateful. We live in the most blessed country in the world that even poverty here can mean riches to others in foreign nations…I will get into God’s Word and pray where he would like me to go from here-blessings to all for your time and care!

    • says

      It sounds like you have it all together Bella. I still have to wrestle with the fact I really didn’t get a huge amount of support for my church family not just with the finances but emotional. My pastors were great but the people of the church pretty much wouldn’t have any thing to do with me. The pastors would even announced from the pulpit once when we were in a bad accident and had no family here to help for the people to help us they just didn’t. Most of them had been friends for many years.

      It got so bad that my pastor said we should try another church and he would he would call which one we chose and tell them he highly recommended me. Even though it was a sad state of affairs I laughed and said have you ever had tell someone to leave before just because they were divorced? He said no he had never ever been in a situation like this at all. I was dealing with some really bizarre things at that time. He pretty much was telling me the church was very wrong and I would be better off out of there. Really weird.

      Anyway I did learn something from it all. I can’t focus on other Christians, the church or anything. Christ has to be my one main focus and that’s the bottom line.

  17. Bea says

    Jill, I love your childlike trust in the providence and mercy of God. It has always inspired me, whether I read it on this blog, or in your books. God does provide in one way or another.

  18. rose says

    jill .. i like ur way thinking .. JESUS is the #1 priority in my life too .. i not only pray to him daily but i also “talk” to him in my own thoughts and well when i am ready to lay down to sleep .. and even tho no one can hear me .. i know HE does .. it helps me deal with issues that i feel i need advice for or etc ..
    and i agree with bea.. ur books and and the blog is very inspiring and the fact that you and your family keep GOD first in all u do is another positive thing that i love about this website ..
    thanks for all u do for us .. 😀

  19. Bella Jesus says

    What an inspiration you all are! I just happened through this webpage through a homeschooling site that I love. My Mom went through the same thing you did, Jill, back in the 1980’s. My father left us and they eventually got divorced and the church, when we needed them the most in our lives, left us in the cold, so to speak. Since then, I have leaned heavily on Him to help me. And He has, every step of the way! Looking back, I realize all the times He was there for me, kinda like when you don’t understand what your Mom did for you until you become a parent! Well, ladies, I hope you just keep Him close and all will be okay. After reading Rose’s comments, I will have to look more into the woman I am commenting to-Jill. You sound like an accomplished woman and I would like to learn more about you through this site! Have a great day to all-

  20. Sassy says

    I needed this today! Thank you soooooo much! I stopped paying tithing for the past few months. You better believe I will be paying on Sunday. I needed this more than you will ever know.

  21. Bea says

    I have read about and seen testimonies of people that had “near-death” experiences and the thing that they all said that most impressed them when they met Jesus, and had their life review, was that “LOVE” was the most important thing to Jesus. How we loved Him and others! So those people in Churches who think and claim to be Christians are going to get a reality shock when they see face to face with Jesus the consequences of their failures to love. When people who had near-death experiences came back to life, for whatever reasons God had them return to life, changed their whole outlooks on how they treat others. They were given a second chance, and realized if your going to claim you’re a Christian you better act like it. Love God and others. Important and serious Commandments.

    • says

      So true Bea. What people don’t understand if they concentrate on loving Him you see things so clearly and you don’t have as many questions any more and realize you don’t need to stew or worry over all these things or question them or argue about them. You don’t have to be afraid of everything including am I doing it right because He might strike me down if I don’t. When we realize how much He loves us and only wants love from us we realize how foolish all those fears are.

  22. Don Monroe says

    I have many friends in the church that are in debt or bondage for the next 30 yrs.hoping nothing happens to one of their jobs because they are just making the min. payments on everything. They contine to tith. Is this the same as sin and sacrificing before you rectify and repent. I know it has become the norm, only because of the lack of oversight from elders and seeing in God’s Word that being a servant to this world is not serving the church or one another.

  23. asamoah emma says

    tithing is a command from God to His children. as a children, you must follow whatever your master tells you. I pray that all Christians will understand this truth.

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