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I have been trying to practice what I preach, so I recently started clearing out piles of paperwork. As I was doing it I ran across this cute “Cathy” cartoon which I had to laugh at and I thought you moms would get a kick out of it. It goes like this:

It shows Cathy talking to her best friend and saying, “Just let me see if I have this straight, Andrea. If I become a housewife and cook meals, I’ll be a subservient slave… but if I were a chef in a restaurant, I’d bring dignity to all of womanhood.

If I spend my days cleaning bathtubs and toilets, my status as a female is equal to a groveling worm… but if I go to work for the sewer company, I’ll make headlines as a feminist star.

What’s the difference, Andrea?!?! What makes the same measly job an insult if you do it at home, but an honor if you make a career?!!?

Andrea answers, “MONEY!

I just thought this was kind of funny. Oh and for those of you in the younger generation, a housewife is what they used to call a stay at home mom. :) :)



photo by: xtheowl


  1. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for this post, my husband often says there is no way he would be able to afford to pay me for all that I do! Its sad that those of us who are “housewives” should be made to feel as though our job is not important…there is no better job for me than being a wife and mother and being able to stay at home and raise my children!! I know that there are different circumstances and choices to be made for each of us and we can’t always do what we would like, but we can respect and encourage each other in whatever position we are in, whether working in or out of the home for a salary or not!! Blessings to all and may we be content in whatever circumstances we may be in today!!

  2. says

    50 years ago my kindergarten teacher asked the class what they wanted to be when we grew up. typical answers teacher, nurse, for the girls. When my turn came I said I want to be a housewife and mother.
    Fortunately my dream came true. A lot of that was due to fibro and cfs but it did come true.
    My parents were self employed and my mother was always working and I wanted to be home with my children.
    One time at a big political meeting I was surrounded by women talking about how much influence they had at work and that was why they were at the meeting. They asked me what I did. I felt a bit out of place and out of my came “I run a very successful small family business.” They started talking to me since I had said that. A bit later I explained my family business was my family. But that was after they understood that even though I had no salary I did have a brain.
    At a break a few of them started asking me for suggestions on raising children.
    A few even asked me how I budgeted money with only one pay cheque.
    so even if women work or not we all do have many things in common.
    My sons to this day say they were glad I was at home with them when they needed me.
    So feel proud of yourself to pay you what you deserve is just not possible.
    The best pay I got was the love of my family.

    • Kelly says

      I love this comment! A housewife and mother IS a very important career. And now that I am a grandmother, God has blessed me with the opportunity to be at home so that I can meet my granddaughter’s every need. I’ve never been happier or more proud than I am at this point of my 53 years! So thank you for your forthright comment. Women, wake up! This is an honorable career to be very proud of!

  3. Kathy says

    thank you for this post. It is my dream to be a stay at home mom – when my husband and I start our family we have both decided this is the right thing to do.

  4. jill says

    As some of you guys know we are working on redoing the web site to make it even easier for everyone to get around on and one of the things we will try to have is a special section to help stay at home moms or for stay at home moms want a bes (sp).

    Hope this will be a help to you all.

  5. liz says

    oh, oh,oh my. I am a teacher. I have been essentially BEGGING my husband to allow me to stay home and homeschool our kids. He has said he doesn’t think I could do it. Huh?!? I know this is code for “you need to bring in some money.”

    Ugh. Reminds me of your cartoon.

    • sasha says

      I think your husband needs a reality check. by the time you figure out how much money your spending on gas, after school care and other expenses you would not have if you were not working you might come out ahead if you stay home. plus there are ways to keep your budget under control without having a second income plus how do you put a price on time with your children. and tell your husband to do some research.

  6. Tina Barrett says

    If stay at home mothers were paid the equivalent wage for every task they performed they would make more than some CEO’s. I do work outside the home (only to keep my occupational skills current) two days a week, but I feel my stay at home time is far more important and rewarding than than my career time!

  7. Lillian says

    I am a stay at home mom and I also attend college online. Now there’s a lot for you. Caring for my family and also trying to better the quality of my life also. Stay at home moms need for recognition for all the hard work they do from homeschooling to housework and everything in between. I say we deserve a holiday to be named after us. LOL

    • Beth says

      Lillian, in response to your comment regarding a holiday named after us, we do have one, it is called “Mother’s Day”. :)

      I was a stay at home mom until my youngest was 5. Then when she was about to start high school my hub and I felt God leading me to quit my $400/week job to home school her. This was in 1994 so that was a lot of money for a clerical job with great insurance/holiday/vacation benefits. God always supplied what we needed and we were fed, clothed and had a place to live and 2 vehicles to drive. My daughter and I used to listen to the radio wherever we went and they had a saying about the station being “your constant Christian companion”. One day when we were in the van she heard that and looked at me and said, “that’s you, Mom, my constant Christian companion”. I knew right then it was worth it all.

      There are plenty of things as a stay at home mom you can do to help the financial situation if needed. Can you sew? Crochet/knit? Cook well? Garden? Any and/or all of these things (plus a whole lot more) can bring in money. Think of unique ways you could help. I have a few other ideas but do not want to take up any more of your time or any more space on here.

      So think about it, brain-storm with others, and have a blessed day with your family.

      • says

        For anyone thinking about becoming a stay at home mom or are a stay at home mom we do have our Stay at Home Mom kindle book with all kinds of ideas, tips and support. We really cover all the emotional ups and downs of being a stay at home mom and try to answer almost every question ever asked about it. It might help many of you with your decision to stay at home or go to work and clear up many silly myths.

  8. Brandy says

    Thanks for the post! I’m very excited that you will be creating a new section on the website for stay at home moms. I’m a stay at home mom and got on the website/blog today for some motivation. I’m having one of those days where I’m feeling like the guy on the old Dunkin Doughnuts commercial, “Time to make the doughnuts…” “Time to do the laundry, the dishes, the floors, etc…” It’s all never ending. Most days I can give myself a check-up-from-the-neck-up, and be thankful that God provides for us so that I can stay home and do these things so my husband and my boys can live in a clean and welcoming home. And most days I can see the value and importance of this. Today I was having a hard time of it, and reading the post and comments from the other ladies, I know I’m not alone and there are ladies out there working outside of the home now who would love to be feeling like the Dunkin Doughnuts guy today. :) By the way working moms, I have all the respect in the world for you, your strength and stamina to work AND take care of your home amazes me.
    So thanks for the boost and looking forward to the new “housewife” section!

  9. kbud says

    As a working mom, I would still be very interested in the “housewife” section. Many working moms do not make lots of money either and although i work fulltime I also cook, clean , take care of three kids (with the help of my wonderful husband. No such thing as sex segregated chores in my house), eldery parents and inlaws so believe me, my hands are full! I am glad to see this post is not one of those SAH vs working debates, which can get nasty. We all deserve respect and recognition for the hard work we do.

  10. Kellie says

    TWO THUMBS UP!!! I don’t understand why women feel that they MUST work outside the home. I work at home. IDK. Different mindset I guess.


  11. Jan says

    I guess you could say I am a stay at home Mom, now that I am almost 60. My 30 something kids live at home and are back in college to earn an employable degree. I take care of the home front and my 88 y/o mother. I made a lot more money working as a nurse, but had less self-satisfaction. I always wanted to stay home and take care of my family but needed the income. Andrea is right I do the same job as when I was working and got more recognition.

    • Birdie says

      Jan! I feel like I am having a “flash back” from your comments!(or you are my long lost twin! I worked at a very well paid job before I married; then about ten years ago I had a chance to go to college (all paid) to take health care courses. I turned it down and as of today I have not regretted that decision. Thank you for sharing. We too are looking after a loved one that is over 80 years. Thanks to all of the rest of you for sharing your heart on this matter. We are sisters in the Lord :->

  12. Jade says

    Personally, I’m a housewife and a feminist. To me, feminism is about equality. A woman should be able to chose whether to be a housewife or a career professional, whether to marry or not, whether to become a mom or not…as should a man. The decision to become a housewife, for me, was exactly that; a decision. It wasn’t because of any pressure from society or my family, or my husband. When my husband and I discovered that we were expecting our first child, we sat down and discussed our options. I was the one who was terrified of daycare (I’ve heard tons of horror stories about daycares). Plus, I didn’t and don’t want anyone elseraising my kids, let alone a stranger. I want to be the one who experiences all of the milestones with my kids and makes sure they grow up with good values and a good head on their shoulders. I do still plan to go to college once they are both in school, but because it’s something I have always wanted to do. It’s been a tough road, but so much more than worth it and I haven’t had to compromise any of my feminist (or other) beliefs. That gives me a sense of pride that noone can take away. :)

  13. Rachel H says

    Grandma, I like your story. Once my husband was flying to Puerto Rico for business, and he was on a plane with women who were attending the National Organization for Women convention in Miami. He was talking with the woman next to him, and she asked what his wife did. “She cares for the kids and the house” he told her. He said her jaw dropped! Oh well, that’s okay. I think he was actually proud to say that, although the lack of income always worried him more than it did me.

  14. getforfree says

    When I was working, I still had to do all the housework. My husband would never wash the dishes or even touch the laundry. I cooked, shopped for groceries, mowed the lawn, cleaned, all the stuff I do today. I even did most of the frugal things like hanging my laundry, planting a garden, couponing, hunting for the good deals. My MIL was watching the kids in my house and every day I would come home to a disaster. Tons of dishes and laundry, mess everywhere, plus the kids wanting my attention because they haven’t seen me a whole day. Also I had to put up with my mother in law, because “she watched the kids so I could make tons of money” and I would have to spend it on the staff she wanted. So now, I am staying home, taking care of my kids and the house, do all the frugal things to save money, have a huge garden, lots of chickens, and always available for my kids. Now I have time to take them to the library and other activities. Now that they are all in school, I could maybe work a few hours. I just don’t want to end up in the same mess I was in before. I don’t want anybody in my house watching my kids. I want to control what is going on in my house. Plus if I would go and earn money, my husband is not going to help me with any housework, he is just thinks because he is a man, it’s not a mans job to do dishes or clean.

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