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I wanted to let you know how to use the new site. I know that it’s totally different from the old one and I wanted to give you a few pointers. (Note to mom: be sure to read this! :-) )

The recent posts in the center our site displays the newest articles. This way you can just scan and see if there is an article you want to read and not have to scroll through each post.

If you want the newest posts sent to you inbox each day, be sure to sign up for our email feed on the top right, under the newsletter sign-up.

If you want to see where everyone is and what we are chatting about, check out the Recent Comments on the right and jump right in and chat with us!

If you want to leave a comment you can do it at the bottom of each post/article under Leave A Comment.

If you are looking for something specific on our site use the Search on the right. (please note: We don’t have everything loaded from the old site yet.)

I hope that helps you figure it out a little bit better. Please feel free to leave a comment below and we will try and help!






  1. Bea says

    I missed you too, Jill. I’m glad I am getting more familiar with how this works now, because your comments are such fun and I look forward to them.

  2. Stephanie says

    I just loved your newsletter that I got this week about decluttering your house. I am fairly good about going through clothes and toys and trying to weed things out. I hate stuff. But I have an attic. And sometimes I just put stuff in there so I don’t have to deal with it. So about once a year I clean out the attic. So this past month in my annual attic cleaning I finally decided to let go of some books that I had since I was about 10 years old. Now, just so you know, none of them were any of what I would consider “classic titles”. And from the looks of them no one ever taught me not to write in books. There were in good shape except for all the drawing, writing and scribbles from my childhood. I couldn’t bear to throw them away. So I took them to the local library, where I donate a lot of books and they know me pretty well, and told them that I didn’t know if they thought they were worth trying to sell and if they had to throw them out I would understand, but I just couldn’t do it myself. And I also told them, if you do throw them out, I do not want to know about it. So with that said, when I got my email newsletter, I just died laughing when I saw that about not giving your stuff to someone else to throw out for you. I wish I had thought of saying the little prayer about my books and saved my poor librarians the hassle of throwing them away for me.
    Thanks for your great information. I really do look forward to getting your newsletters every week.

  3. Cora-Sue says

    Liked the old site better.Much easier to just read the posts which is what I am really interested in.So many of the sites I go to are changing and most of them are not for the better. Guess it will just take some getting use to.

  4. Diane says

    Thank you, Tawra, for answering my comment about the new site so nicely. I am checking it out each day and becoming familiar with it. As soon as I saw comments from Rose and Bea and Grandma again, I knew I was going to like it. I’ve talked about how I missed the comments, yet never have entered a comment until that first one. Will do my share from now on. I ordered your Dining On A Dime and Dig Out of Debt books and am enjoying both of them. Now if I could just convince my 4 daughters and 1 son that living frugally is freedom: freedom from worry, freedom to go after one’s dreams, freedom to be. Jill, I just have to put this in, I absolutely love laundry day so you have a friend in that with me.

    • says

      Diane, sorry I’m so slow in answering was not feeling to perky over the week end but back on track now. I am so glad someone else likes laundry day. At times when I tell people that I feel I should duck my head in shame or something. : )

      Glad you are getting the feel for the new site too. I am doing better now too with it. I have to agree with you when we didn’t hear from Rose, Bea and Grandma I was starting to worry thinking we had lost everybody but things feel almost normal again with them posting and it’s fun to have new ones like you starting to post. Thanks.

  5. says

    Would anyone that has received the free e-cookbooks be willing to send a copy to me in Canada? Every time I try and get one the site says sorry this offer is not available in your area. Come on you must be joking. It’s an ebook why can’t Canadians have it and yet if I were to use my email at my dad’s in the states I could get it. This is so on fair and he’s only down in the states in the winter.

  6. Elaine Reynolds says

    So, it’s looking like the old ‘blog’ is gone. That was the best part of your web site. I’m so sorry.

  7. says

    Elaine, we are still here it just looks a little different. You can comment and read the posts but now when you want to look something up it’s much easier. Tawra

  8. Barbara says

    I’m sorry that the old blog is gone; that was the best part of the site. I don’t need another email every day; I enjoyed checking the blog when the newsletter came out. I really don’t like to be a naysayer, but I have tried to like the changes, but I just don’t. I’m really disappointed. I don’t want to have to look up something, I just want to read the blog.

      • says

        Oops! Except that was me (Tawra) who accidently posted under David’s name. Sometimes the post get messed up under my name (another wonderful computer glitch) so I go in under him and fix and I forgot to log out. Sorry!!! Tawra

    • says

      David is my son, Tawra’s brother. He has been our behind the scenes tech guy and does all of our art work when we need something. When we say it is a family affair it really is all of the family. He is the one when the rest of us get stuck on something we call him and he bails us out. Yeahhhhh David!!!!

    • says

      He also is the one who drew our lady on the home page. Our original lady on Not Just Beans he drew too and I really loved her. He based her picture on Tawra. Since she held a pan which was in flames I thought it was perfect. He really knows his sister. : ) When we went with a publisher they said we had to change the cover and remove all pictures.

  9. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    I finally figured out your website. Previously you listed items by subject and date. Now you appeer to be doing so mostly by recipe. I understand it now and am enjoying yoru new site.

  10. Bea says

    I like that “Lady” on the Homepage and didn’t really know why I felt a “connection” to her. I was wondering who she was, and thought she was sweet. Now I know. It seems like David and Tawra have a great brother and sister relationship, and those publishers should mind there own business. The drawings are sweet.

  11. Nancy Bell says

    Just been scanning your sight. Haven’t had time to keep up with what you’re doing – we are originally from Peck/Mulvane area, but bought an RV park in LaFeria, Texas about 5 years ago – has kept us pretty busy. We sold the park the lst of Sept – still helping the new owners with some things till they get familiar with the routine – they wanted to keep it just as we had been running it. Anyway, I seem to have much more time on my hands, so maybe I can keep up with your website now. Glad to see you are doing so well – started with you many years ago when you were just starting out, but too many irons in the fire. Told my hubby – I’m tired of business – just want to play like other Seniors our age do. Don’t know how long that will last – probably till he gets antsy again…….

  12. Barbs says

    I am rearranging my shelves now before I go grocery shopping. When the can goods go on sale 10/$10 I stock up and the little saoles as well.
    What can you put in icebox or freezer to last longer-someone tolod me nuts, batteriespI can’t remember. Refresh me please?

    • says

      Barbs some other food items you can put in the freezer are coffee, coconut, butter and milk. As far as batteries and other none food items, well there is a funny TV commercial with two people talking about how you can’t believe everything you find on the internet and the gal agrees then says she has a date with a French guy who she meant over the internet and in walks this ugly, klutzy guy trying to talk with a French accent. Why do I bring up this commercial? Well there are tons of what we use to call old wives tales floating around about things out there that have absolutely no truth to them at all but yet so many still do them and swear by them.

      One of those things is putting batteries in the freezer. If you ask any battery company they will tell you do not put them in the freezer. The condensation that occurs in the freezer will do more harm then good and it also causes them not to work as well. Then there is the panty hose myth that if you put panty hose in the freezer they will last longer. That advice may have been true 30 years ago but not for the materials and the way they are made today. Another is your nail polish will last longer in the fridge. Not true either and most of the time when they get cold they thicken and are harder to put on. The main enemy of polish is air so just make sure your cap is on tight.

      Personally I am very freezer shy because the freezer does 2 things I don’t like. One it causes condensation on everything and there are very few cases where the moisture like that is good for anything (one example is many like putting their sugar in the freezer but that just causes it to lump up). It also causes ice crystals which is not good for anything.

      The second is,as far as food is concerned, everything even if well wrapped eventually absorbs odors from the other foods. So you see I know many of these things sound great but usually they really don’t work.


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